How to Study in Russia for Free (8 Steps)

Exploration has always been one of man’s greatest adventures. In the old days, explorers would travel all around the world in search of more land and islands to discover. Through this, different cultures and ethnicities started to intermingle. In the world we know today, exploration might not be as grand, but it definitely still is as wide and vast as the adventures had before us. Through educational opportunities and international exchange programs, young and old people alike travel from one place to the next in search of a more diverse cultural experience as students in a foreign country. International studies in Russia may sound a bit costly at first, but in this article, we will be looking at how you can study in Russia for free. Although there are many logistics that might have to be considered, with new knowledge and skills on opportunities for studying abroad, studying in countries like Russia will be more affordable than ever before.

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How to Study in Russia for Free

1. Research about Universities in Russia that Offer International Student Programs

Researching about the types of universities that Russia has to offer is an effective strategy to discovering the ways in which you can study in Russia for free as an international student. Sometimes, opportunities that are available go unnoticed by many students who would have wanted to have the chance to study in a foreign place like Russia, but with the information available now, researching and finding all these opportunities online is definitely possible.

Today, most universities have online portals that allows you to search for offers that they may have for international students. Keywords such as “International Admissions” or “International Exchange Programs” are some of the more common types of words that can be used when trying to search for international student opportunities. The only limitation to finding these opportunities is the time you are willing to put in to pursue your international studies in Russia.

2. Choose Alternative Means of Transportation

International travel can be an expensive factor when choosing to study abroad, especially when said travel expenses are not covered by any financial aid or program that is offered by the university you plan to study in. Finding air fare discounts or sea travel arrangements that are cheaper or more affordable is a good way to lessen the expenses of studying abroad. Having more than one mode of transportation to get to and from places is a good thing for those who need to travel from country to country. Also, taking into account busy travel seasons helps in being able to find more affordable tickets, since prices tend to go down when only a few passengers travel.

3. Immerse Yourself in Russian Culture

One of the best things that you can do when studying abroad is to learn and to immerse yourself in the country’s culture. By experiencing Russian culture at its finest, you will be able to widen your knowledge about the country, its people, and its places. This helps in terms of being able to study for free in Russia since you will eventually become more knowledgeable about the things and places to do in Russia that are more affordable. Immersing yourself in their culture also opens up opportunities for you as a student, since meeting new people might help you in your endeavors down the road.

4. Find Which Universities are Affordable in Russia

By immersing yourself in Russian culture and doing the work by researching beforehand on the opportunities available for you as an international student, you will eventually be able to find certain universities that are affordable in Russia. Finding universities that are affordable in Russia can mean a lot for students who want to study in Russia for free, since this can help you to do so combined with other ways in this article. If you are interested, read the Affordable Universities in Russia.

5. Get Scholarships from Russian Universities

Another way to study in Russia for free is getting scholarships from Russian universities. Examples of these universities are the Moscow State University, which is a public research university founded during the year 1755. According to their website, students can apply in the Global Scholarship Program which aims to prepare experts in the field of electronics and computer technology. Some of the benefits of said scholars include full payment for tuition in their Master’s program in Computer Engineering Electronics as well as financial assistance with other needs related to research. To apply for said scholarship, students must reach a certain general waited average. They offer more than one type of scholarship, as do other universities.

Another example of a Russian university that offers scholarships for international students is the Higher School of Economics Campus in Saint Petersburg. According to their site, they offer an HSE Gold Scholarship that provides the student with free tuition and a monthly stipend. Students who get certain grade equivalents on the university’s entrance examinations may also get a percentage of their tuition reduced based on how well they fared in the test.

6. Apply for Scholarships and Grants from Your Government or Other Organizations

Scholarships are in abundance this time around. Education has been gaining much more significance today than it has in the past few decades, especially since more professionals are needed in order to develop new technologies and products. Today, being able to graduate from a good university and college can mean the difference between making a significant difference and failing to do so, which is why governments are now trying to fund the education of their citizens through scholarships and grants. As an international student, having these kinds of subsidies can allow you to study in other countries without having to spend too much on miscellaneous expenses.

7. Find a Job in Russia as a Student

An effective way to the meet the financial needs of your studies is to find a job in the country of which you have chosen as your destination of choice. For those who choose to study in Russia, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education states on their website that international students can work in their university during their free time, or do contract work. Permits may be issued but limited only to the region where their university is located. Working in Russia while studying is another way to help you study for free in Russia.

8. Budget Your Expenses Properly

The average cost of tuition for those who want to study in Russia is at around 13,000 rubles per year for public universities, and can go as high as 1.4 million rubles for private universities in one year. Thus, being able to budget your expenses properly may help curb the amount of money you have to shell out to study abroad, especially when choices such as studying in a private or public university must be made.


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