How to Study in Qatar for Free (7 Steps)

Studying in countries around the Middle East can be a novel experience for most people since travel to these places is not as common as in other countries. In the heart of the Middle East is Qatar. Qatar is a country known for its magnificent landscapes and architecture, as well as modern structures that contrast well with the desert environment. Qatar is also home to a number of top universities in which international students can opt to choose to study. Qatar also has a cluster called the “Education City,” which houses a number of internationally recognized universities.

There are definitely a number of ways to study in Qatar for free, which we will go over in this article. Studying in this country provides you with many opportunities to cease, and putting yourself out there by studying abroad can definitely widen your horizon and build your career globally.

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How to Study in Qatar for Free

1. Be a Responsible Student

Being a university student can entail a lot of responsibilities. Academic responsibilities might involve passing assignments, papers, and exams on a specific deadline, while extra-curricular responsibilities might involve leading a specific organization or conducting activities outside the classroom. Being a responsible student means balancing all the imposed deadlines while performing to the best of your abilities.

The responsibility of an international student is even greater, since you will be in charge of other multifarious aspects, such as living accommodations, tuition fees, and the like. Thus, being a responsible student even before entering a university in Qatar equips you with the skills to handle multiple challenges at once.

2. Do Diligent Research on the Student’s Life in Qatar

Living abroad can be a difficult experience if you have never done it before, and more so in a country that might be culturally different from your own. However, by diligently studying all the material available with regard to a student’s life in Qatar can help you get ready for living in Qatar for the duration of your studies.

International students have to adapt to the way of living in the particular country of their choice, and being prepared by informing yourself of all the aspects of life as a student can prevent any difficulties from occurring. Thus, studying and researching on certain topics like tuition fees, student accommodations, and available universities that teach in a specific language are just some of the things that are part and parcel of doing diligent research on a student’s life in Qatar.

3. Practice for Exams and Interviews

The best preparation for any difficult endeavor is to practice for a few hours a day. Some students have never had the opportunity or chance to be interviewed before admission into a certain school since some local universities accept applicants based merely on their performance on entrance examinations. Thus, if you want to increase your chances of studying in Qatar for free, it is in instances like these where you must dedicate a good amount of time for practice.

Doing well in interviews and exams requires practice in different areas. For interviews, you will need to practice thinking on the spot and creating coherent sentences to answer the question asked. For exams, practicing on reading exam questions and answering with the best choice possible in the limited amount of time requires practice to allow you to get used to answering these kinds of tests.

4. Apply for Scholarships in Universities in Qatar

Scholarships allow students from all walks of life to have an opportunity to study on the same level as those without any financial difficulties in some of the top universities in a certain country. Qatar has a number of top-tier universities that offer more than just one scholarship, which helps international students get a chance to study in Qatar for free, especially if students get big scholarships. Applications are made easier now with the advent of the internet since applicants can search for scholarship requirements and find ways to comply with them.

The University of Qatar is one of the top universities in Qatar, specifically located in Doha, Qatar. It offers competitive and non-competitive scholarships. The scholarships they offer generally cover tuition fees and provide other benefits to scholars, such as free books and accommodations in its dormitories.

Another university is the Georgetown University in Qatar. This university is a branch campus of the School of Foreign Service in Doha as well, and offers a number of scholarships to deserving students. According to their website, it states that in order to qualify for financial aid, you would have to apply with the university in order for their financial office to assess your financial needs and determine whether you match their criteria.

5. Look for Affordable Universities in Qatar

Knowing the average cost of tuition in a particular country as well as the cost of living is a good way to gauge the amount of money you would have to save up for prior to university life, as well as the amount you can expect to spend. The amounts may change over the years due to inflation and other factors, but as of this moment, the cost of tuition in Qatar is at an average amount of 72,100 QR per semester, while the cost of living in Qatar is at an amount of around 12,000 QR per month. There are many affordable universities in this country that will help you to study for free in Qatar along with other steps listed in this article. If you are interested, learn about 10 Affordable Universities in Qatar for International Students.

6. Work Part-time in Qatar

Oftentimes governments require international citizens to apply for student and work visas in order to study and work in a particular country. For Qatar, they allow international citizens to work in Qatar as long as they apply for Residence and Work Permits. However, for international students who are women, they would need to have prior approval from their husband, if married, to register to work in Qatar. Working while studying can be a way to supplement other ways listed in this article for you to study in Qatar for free.

7. Spend Mostly on Necessities in Qatar

Have you ever wondered whether small unnecessary purchases affect your capability to study? In the long-run, making smart choices about where you spend your money can actually give you better chances of studying in a university of your choice. Having more money saved can help you pay for increased tuition costs in case you are not granted a scholarship, which is why you should consider on holding off on buying unnecessary wants for the time being.


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