How to Study in Poland for Free (8 Steps)

Poland is one of the oldest countries founded in the world. For centuries, they have been prioritizing their citizens, heeding their calls for change, and adjusting the system for the betterment of their country. That’s why at the current period, their education system offers free education to the Polish citizens of the country. They had made this far from listening and taking action.

Although international students still pay several fees from studying at a university in Poland, there are ways to also receive the benefits the Polish are receiving. Just follow and remember these tactical tips to get the free education in Poland.

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Study in Poland for Free

1. Have a good application form

Exellent applications are your tickets for studying for free in Poland. Write about all your good points including your achievements. Make sure that your portfolio highlights your academic attainments, test scores, and high GPA so the authorities will think that you will be a good asset for their country. Of course, to execute that, you must have a good background in your previous education. Your forms must reflect that you are a good and law-abiding citizen with good behavior and a good sense of morality.

With these requirements, your chances of being welcomed to Poland will be favorable for you, so give your best effort.

2. Submit early

Having outstanding requirements could mean nothing if you submitted them late. You might be judged as being irresponsible or even lazy and might get you flopped this opportunity. So, you best be responsible and proactive in sending your applications because you can fail anytime with a single mistake. By submitting early, you will get a better probability of being accepted in Poland.

3. Apply to several universities in Poland, and not just one

After preparing for your applications, you now need to find the university where you will be spending the next 2-4 years of your student life. Inquire about universities around the area or city you wanted to pursue your education. Being in a comfortable environment while you go after your degree could be positive for your emotional, mental, and physical health, especially if you are in a foreign land.

Some of the popular universities in Poland are Warsaw University of Technology and Jagiellonian University so inquire about them on their websites.

4. Apply for scholarships offered by Polish universities

Two of the universities that also favor and financially support international students through scholarships, aside from their local or domestic students are the University of Warsaw and SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Scholarships for international students are the best way to study in Poland for free. So, try to get financial assistance and see if you qualified for the scholarships.

5. Register for government scholarships

The Poland government offers scholarships for international students called Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Programme. There are some eligibility criteria associated with this scholarship, but if you are eligible, you should apply for this scholarship.

Also, your government can offer you with programs that can assist you with your academics overseas. Every country now has special assistance programs for students who wish to study abroad. Countries believe that this will be a good investment for them because the knowledge that will be received by their students abroad can be used for their own.

Getting government scholarships, whether from your own country or Poland, is an awesome way to study for free in Poland. So, take advantage of this!

6. Look and apply for private organizations offering scholarships

Many organizations in Poland offer aides and assistance especially to students who have degrees in line with their businesses or works. Engineering firms in Poland, for example, provide monetary aides in exchange for their employment after their studies. The benefits you will receive come with a price. But, if working in Poland after getting your education is a part of your plan, this will be a great opportunity.

7. Enroll in affordable universities in Poland

Once you have the set of universities you want to enroll at, take your time to think about your restrictions and financial capabilities if you can afford to study in such universities. Consider your living expenses and the environment around all those universities and evaluate if you would not experience any major problems once you settled there. Always pick the most affordable university over any other. The average studying cost of universities in Poland ranges from 2400USD to 4800 USD. Check out the list of 7 Affordable Universities in Poland if you are interested!

8. Get part-time jobs if your university allows them

Getting a part-time job can be a great way for international students to study in Poland for free. To support the education of its students, Poland allows and encourages its students to get jobs as they study. They believe that this can help their students mature in terms of time management and being organized. However, for international students, they have to be enrolled in a university or campus and they must hold a valid residency permit for them to work. They are allowed at most 20 hours per week of work during the academic term and full-time during holidays.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.