5 Best Countries to Study Nursing

While it is more comfortable, and most likely more convenient, to finish a Nursing degree in the home country, students are still applying for visas and booking flights worldwide. And it is not merely because studying abroad is a fad.

Finishing a degree in a different country takes the challenge to another level. The opportunities for growth and learning seem endless, too. Thinking about the post-graduate Nursing profession gives another good reason to consider studying abroad as well. Students looking to find work outside their home country might find it sensible to finish their studies abroad.

Whatever the reasons are for taking a complete Nursing degree abroad, it is never wrong to be prepared. Choosing the school and working hard to get an acceptance is just the tip of the preparation iceberg. Beneath that lies other things the students must keep in mind while studying for a couple of years away from home. Since finishing a degree may take over three years, it is also vital to consider which countries can make the experience truly worth the sacrifice to be away from home. In this article, we will be going over the best countries to study nursing in.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Studying Nursing Abroad

Support System

As a Nursing student, interacting with people from different walks of life is the norm. Studying a degree in Nursing constitutes getting knowledge and familiarity with health problems, even psychological problems people encounter. It is unavoidable to get affected when people seek help for their medical issues, and Nursing students are no exception. Knowing that there is a support system available is essential when taking a Nursing degree abroad. After choosing the destination and university, knowing the support services available for international students is the next best step.

While people say that home is still the best place to be, technology makes it easier to reach loved ones these days. Aside from the school’s support services for international students, it is also necessary to have the means to connect with family and friends back home. Setting up a call, a video chat schedule or a family group messaging are just some of the sure-fire ways to stay connected to meaningful relationships.


With the long gruelling study hours nursing students have to undergo, every minute is valuable. Finding accommodation within or close to the university is a must for them. This way, they have more time to spend on worthy academic tasks or getting their much-needed rest, instead of enduring hours in commute.

An accommodation does not only refer to any private four-walled room. Consider personal factors in choosing housing such as proximity to essential shops, safety, possible sources of noise, etc. It is also recommended to check for customer reviews on accommodations through the internet to set proper expectations.

Extracurricular Activities

For workers in the health industry, it is generally difficult to maintain work and personal life balance. They are usually required to work long hours and use whatever time they have left to rest or do house chores. Starting a new hobby to get one’s mind off work during rest days sounds like a chore, too.

As a Nursing student, it is recommended to engage in extracurricular activities as these may serve as precursors for future hobbies and activities. Extracurricular activities can also help make essential connections and friendships within the university, as these may also play the role of a support system. As an aspiring international student, check out the extracurricular activities available within and near the campus and choose according to preference and current skills. Make sure that it brings fun and color to academic life, too.

Top Countries to Study Nursing in

1. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is indeed one of the top countries for a Nursing degree. The country is famous for its pristine countryside, majestic manors and elegant cities. Since the pop culture has been conquered by the U.K. arts and literature, living in the country invites a glimpse into the world of Harry Potter, the music of The Beatles, and the classic literature of William Shakespeare. These are just some of the evident charm of the country.

The universities in the country attract students from around the world because of its high-quality programs. Nursing graduates are also one of the most employable in the country, which promises a diverse and stable career. The University of Edinburgh, the Cardiff University, and the University of Liverpool are some of the country’s top schools in Nursing.

2. Australia

Australia is another top countries to study nursing in. It does not come with a high price since the state offers free health services through tax-funded Medicare. With this in mind, international students go to Australia to study Nursing. They are ensured with teaching and practice aligned with the country’s globally competitive standards. Its modern facilities with advanced medical equipment serve as an excellent training ground, too.

Aside from that, job opportunities in the country never seem to run out. Other perks of studying in Australia include its standard of living, beautiful nature spots, and attractive income for medical professionals. Some of the country’s top schools are the University of Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, and Monash University.

3. Sweden

Another top destination for a Nursing degree is Sweden. Hailed as one of the safest countries on the planet, Sweden also offers life-changing opportunities to international students. Its practice-based education ensures that nursing students have more hands-on experience and can handle realistic medical field scenarios. The government is also supportive of Nursing graduates who wish to stay in the country since their visas are extended for six months to allow job hunting. Nursing is a lucrative profession in Sweden, forecasting an increased need for nurses in the 30 years.

All these reasons, along with the country’s gorgeous green countrysides with lush forests and beautiful lakes, palatable cuisine, familiar pop culture and international brands such as IKEA and H&M, it is easier to feel at home in Sweden. The University of Gothenburg, Linkoping University, and Karlstad University are some of the universities that offer the best Nursing programs.

4. United States of America

Finishing a degree in Nursing while staying full-time in the United States can bring many benefits and career growth opportunities. As one of the world’s top producers of competent professionals, the United States is also home to some of the best universities globally. Among the best destinations for a Nursing degree are John Hopkins University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Aside from its schools, many reasons make the U.S. a magnet for international students. The country is known for its diversity, which makes adapting and adjusting easier. The primary language is also English. Thus, students looking to improve their second or third language have the best chance to do so in the U.S. Lastly, the U.S. has one of the world’s best economies. A future career in health services looks promising to international students.

5. Canada

There are many reasons why Canada is one of the top choices to study for a Nursing degree abroad. Its healthcare system is among the best globally, which guarantees an enriched academic experience for Nursing students. Living and studying in Canada is also an advantage in itself. The tuition fees in Canadian schools are more affordable compared to other top destination countries for Nursing students. Meanwhile, some Canadian cities’ cost is considered one of the lowest in North America. These and the beautiful climate, welcoming people, and stunning nature make Canada a favorite international student destination.

Top schools and universities in Canada consistently rank high globally. Students looking to gain their degrees in a top school can choose from the University of Toronto, University of Alberta, and the University of British Columbia. The outstanding quality of education in these universities prepares students for a high-earning career in health services.


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