How to Study Nursing in Qatar for International Students

Qatar is known for having some of the best educational facilities in the region. In addition to a number of local colleges and universities, it also hosts a plethora of international institutions’ campuses. One of such institutions, the University of Calgary, is the only higher education facility that has an undergraduate and graduate program available for the students looking to study nursing in Qatar. Although, it must be noted that following a recent expansion, Qatar University may be offering undergraduate and graduate degree nursing programs in the near future. In this article, we will be looking at how to study nursing in Qatar for international students.

In most cases, only Qatari or GCC nationals are allowed to study in Qatar, even though there are exceptions and additional possibilities for international students. While it may be challenging to enter the University of Calgary or any other university in the country, successful applicants get to enjoy a number of substantial benefits and future career opportunities.

Not only does studying nursing in Qatar lets international students gain a fresh perspective on the academics, but it also helps them to explore and merge with unique society and culture that are noticeably different from those in other parts of the world. Qatar also offers its visitors some breathtaking sites and sightseeing destinations.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in Qatar?

For the international applicants who wish to study nursing in Qatar, there are three major degrees available: a diploma level education, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. Diploma level courses are available through various medical institutions and companies.

Having a diploma in nursing allows its holders to work in local hospitals and medical facilities. It also grants a certified nurse an opportunity to apply for a Bachelor of Nursing, Post-Diploma (PDBN) program. The program covers all the main subjects of undergraduate nursing education and lets the students build up their knowledge and confidence, introducing a variety of practical out-of-the-classroom activities.

Typically, students choose to acquire a diploma first, then they proceed to work in a local hospital or a polyclinic while studying in a nursing school in Qatar, gradually working on their bachelor’s and master’s degree. It is important to note that because of the limitations imposed by the current state of nursing education in Qatar, the number of available programs is extremely limited, only accessible through the University of Calgary in Qatar. International students can receive a nursing diploma from Hamad Medical Corporation.

Cost of Studying Nursing

The cost of education in Qatar depends on the degree and the educational facility. Since nursing education can only be acquired through the University of Calgary in Qatar, the average tuition fees range from $3,000 to $6,000 per annum.

The least expensive is the Bachelor of Nursing, Post Diploma program. Students pay around $2,500-3,000 per year, with the program lasting 2-3 years. Bachelor of Nursing Regular Track (BNRT) can take up to 4 years to complete, and students are expected to pay $5,000 a year. A detailed description of the fees and additional charges is accessible via the link.

While studying nursing in Qatar, it is a rare event to see any form of financial support offered by higher education institutions in Qatar, however, many private nursing schools in Qatar provide their students with financial aid. For example, Hamad Medical Corporation has a solid scholarship for prospective individuals willing to get their diploma from the corporation’s school. Although the institutions themselves typically do not provide any monetary aid or reliefs, students at universities are allowed to receive financial support from sponsors.

Requirements to Study Nursing

There are several strict requirements and limitations that forbid foreign nationals from studying in local educational institutions. The government of Qatar strictly monitors all the international students entering the country. As per admission requirements of the University of Calgary in Qatar, to be considered for admission, the applicant must possess Qatari Citizenship, a Resident’s permit, or be in a position to acquire permanent residency through the help of a family member to be able to study nursing in Qatar. The university mentions that it does not provide its students with student visas. Hamad Medical Corporation also lists GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) nationals and children of Qatari mothers as those who are eligible to study within the institution.

On top of the restrictions listed above, the applicant must have completed a 12-Year Secondary school program. They are also expected to be proficient (65% success rate of above) in subjects such as math, biology, chemistry, etc. If the applicant comes from a country where English is not considered the official language, they will be asked to present a proof of their English language proficiency in a form of IELTS or TOEIC examination’s results.

Additional information on the subject of admission requirements to study nursing can be found on the University of Calgary’s website.

In What Languages Do You Study Nursing in Qatar?

While the official language of Qatar is Arabic, the primary higher education institutions’ academic language is English. This achieves multiple goals for the Qatari, including an easier integration of the international students who come to the country.

Since the language is required to study in local colleges and universities, all the students who do not come from an English-speaking country have to prove their English language ability, which is often achieved either though an international examination, such as TOEIC or IELTS, or via internal testing. The required level of proficiency in order to be considered for undergraduate and graduate programs differs. The University of Calgary in Qatar has a detailed description of the issue.

Even though English is a popular language in Qatar, many of the locals still converse exclusively in Arabic. For that reason, international students are advised to be familiar at least with the conversational Arabic language.

Best Nursing Schools in Qatar

1. The University of Calgary in Qatar

The University of Calgary in Qatar is the only higher education institution that offers undergraduate and graduate program in nursing. There are two types of bachelor’s degree: a regular track and a post-diploma variety. The University of Calgary is considered the best nursing school in Qatar.

The post-diploma one is shorter and is only accessible to the students who have completed a diploma level education. The regular track program lasts four years and covers all the major aspects of nursing education: patient care, administration, research, etc. The Master of Nursing is divided into three major types: course-based leadership and clinical stream programs, as well as a thesis-based program.

The graduates of the university have many professional opportunities in Qatar and around the world. The graduates are highly respected within the industry and are able to find employment in hospitals, clinics, organizations.

2. Hamad Medical Corporation

The corporation provides a variety of health-related services to the people of Qatar. This nursing school in Qatar has many medical and research facilities across the country and is well-known their work to promote health, help patients and prevent decease.

The school of Hamad Medical Corporation offers a diploma level education. The students of the facility get a chance to learn all the essential nursing skills and continue their education at the University of Calgary, or to begin their careers.

The school promises to make attractive scholarships to the applicants who show a high degree of potential.


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