How to Study Nursing in Israel for International Students

Healthcare professionals are in high demand the world over, and students seeking to pursue a career in the medical field may want to broaden their horizons and experience treating people from different cultures all across the world. For international students, Israel makes a good case as a study destination due to its vibrant culture and high educational standards.

Not only does Israel have some of the best universities in the world, but their dedication to and passion for innovation and technology sets this country apart from the rest. The World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index ranked Israel as the third most innovative country in the world and it is widely regarded as the Startup Nation of the World due to the fact that they have the highest investment rate per capita in startup businesses globally.

As we move into the modern world, our professions have to adapt, and as such nursing students that opt for Israel as a learning, destinations will find themselves ahead of the curve. In this article, we will be looking at the top nursing schools in Israel as well as how to study nursing in this country.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in Israel

Israel has some of the best universities in the world and the study of nursing has contributed in large to the growth of the profession in the country.

The most common degrees for nursing offered in Israel are Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing, such as those offered by Ariel University and The Sheba Academic School of Nursing, and Registered Nurse Diplomas (R.D.), such as those offered by The Stanley Steyer School of Health Professionals at Tel Aviv University and the Barzilai University Medical Center.

Some schools offer nursing students the opportunity to further their studies with a Master’s Degree in Nursing, such as the additional courses offered by Tel Aviv University.

Cost of Studying Nursing in Israel

For the most part, studying in Israel is relatively affordable and the overall cost of studying will mostly be impacted by the type of degree you choose to do. Diplomas or Registered Nurse Programs will be cheaper than Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees.

To study nursing in Israel, students should budget approximately $38,100 per year for their tuition fees, transport in and around campus, housing in a student dorm and basic meals cooked in the dorm’s kitchenette, as set out by Tel Aviv University.

Requirements to Study Nursing in Israel

In order to register as a student of nursing in a Bachelor’s Degree in Israel, you will need to have a high school or school leaver’s certificate with Mathematics and Science as subjects successfully completed. Most of the nursing schools in Israel offering Registered Nurse programs or Diplomas in Nursing are affiliated with larger university bodies and will have the same requirements.

Some institutions, such as Ariel University, also require a valid medical certificate that declares you fit for practise.

The majority of the schools offering diplomas or degrees in nursing, like Tel Aviv University, will also require an English Proficiency Certificate if the student is a non-English native speaker or from a non-English speaking country.

In What Languages do you Study Nursing in Israel

Israel is a hotspot of technological innovation and a big player in the global market, as such the educational prospects offered by this country is generally accessible to the world and tuition at the majority of the schools are taught in English.

Some universities, such as Tel Aviv University, teach almost exclusively in English, with only some subjects receiving Hebrew instruction.

The Nursing course at Tel Aviv University is taught in English, as are the courses offered at The Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions, a subsidy of TAU.

Best Nursing Schools in Israel

There are several universities and either independent or university-associated schools teaching various Degrees, Diplomas or courses in Nursing.

Students that are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare would do well with either a Registered Nurse course or a Bachelor in Nursing as both would offer the graduate the ability to gain employment and progress in a nursing career in Israel.

1. The Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions

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  • Courses Offered: Registered Nurse Diploma, Bachelor of Nursing, Masters in Nursing Education, Administration and Advanced Clinical Practice

The Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions is affiliated with Tel Aviv University and has contributed immensely to the growth of the nursing profession in Israel by producing knowledgeable, caring and well-educated healthcare professionals. Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions is considered the top nursing schools in Israel.

There are currently 1,200 students registered at this school and the focus of the curriculum is built in such a way as to better prepare students for postgraduate studies. The nursing course itself lays the foundation for those select students that wish to pursue a doctoral degree, and for this reason the curriculum is broad and varied and inclusive of a great number of relevant topics.

2. Ariel University

Ariel University applies a collaborative approach to its teaching of nursing as they believe that the cooperation and collaboration between their nursing students and the neighbouring Faculty of Health Sciences simulates the collaborative approach of a working hospital and will better prepare their students for the realities of their future career.

This nursing school in Israel is located in Samaria and was established in 1982. There are currently 15,000 students registered and studying various degrees across four major schools at the institution, two of which are dedicated to healthcare.

3. Barzilai Medical Center

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  • Courses Offered: Registered Nurse Course, Practical Nurse Complementary Program, and several short courses and seminars for trained nurses and hospital staff

The School of Nursing at the Barzilai Medical Center was established in 1967 and has grown in popularity to such an extent that the administration had to add two more nursing courses in 2006 and 2007 simply to match the demand from prospective students.

Graduates from the School of Nursing have the unique prospect of being employed within the medical center of Barzilai itself after they complete their studies, or of finding a placement in one of the many hospitals in the surrounding areas.

4. Sheba Academic School of Nursing

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  • Courses Offered: Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nurse Program, Advanced Practice Nursing Program, and several in-service courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Last on our list of top nursing schools in Israel is the Sheba Academic School of Nursing, which is affiliated with Tel Aviv University and has produced 2,400 registered nurses. The school was established in 1949 with a female Director and has been making headlines since that day with their innovative approach, high educational standards and top quality graduates.

The school has several high-ranking alumni which speaks to the quality of the tuition one can expect. In the year 2002, two students of the Sheba Academic School of Nursing represented Israel and the school itself at the International Conference of Nursing. The school was also featured at the European Council for Nursing Students where a fourth year student represented Israel.

In Conclusion

Israel is a hotspot of technological innovation and top quality education, and being such a big player in the global ecosystem, international students often look to Israel for study opportunities.

Healthcare is an integral part of our modern world and well-educated healthcare professionals with an understanding of other cultures is critical for our future. Nursing students that would like to study abroad cannot go wrong with one of the many fantastic educational institutions offering nursing teachings in Israel.

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