How to Study Nursing in Hungary for International Students

Unlike in many other professions, nurses have more opportunities to move and built a career abroad. This is understandable because nurses play a big role in local and international healthcare systems.

Qualified professionals willing to continue a nursing career in Hungary need to meet a set of requirements. If s/he already has a nursing degree diploma awarded by any European university, the process of transition will be easy. Such candidates may only be asked to pass certain Hungarian exams to prove qualifications. If a person’s nursing degree diploma is issued by a non-European university, the transition process requirements will be stricter. The whole process will take more time because it will involve more tasks to complete.

If a person has a degree not related to the field of nursing, then s/he will need to obtain a nursing degree in Hungary. After completing a full-time course, a graduate is awarded the status of a registered nurse/care worker. The process of studying nursing in Hungary implies many aspects that foreign applicants need to know about. This is what we are going to discuss today.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in Hungary?

As a rule, full-time bachelor programs last longer than master’s degree courses in nursing. Basic programs consist of 8 semesters whereas postgraduate programs take 3 semesters to complete.

At present, bachelor’s degree courses in Hungary are offered by Semmelweis University, the University of Pécs, and Szeged University. Higher degree courses offering advanced studies in the chosen field are offered at the University of Pécs and Semmelweis University.

Cost of Studying Nursing

The cost of studying nursing in Hungary is mainly comprised of tuition fees. On average, nursing bachelor’s degree students are expected to pay from 2,500 to 3,300 euros per semester. These are the fees set for the nursing programs created by Szeged University, the University of Pécs, and Semmelweis University.

As for master’s degree programs, they involve a higher tuition fee. For example, the University of Pécs charges nursing postgraduate students 3,500 euros per semester. The master’s course offered by Semmelweis University is a bit cheaper.

Apart from tuition fees, universities may charge additional fees. For example, the application fee. The fee of 200-450 euros must be paid at the time of application. Besides, students are expected to pay registration or enrollment fee. It should be paid after the official admission to the chosen university.

All transactions are carried out within 3-5 days. Therefore, students are not recommended to make them at the last moment.

Requirements to Study Nursing in Hungary

Persons applying to a basic degree program in nursing are expected to submit a set of documents with their application form. All documents and certificates should be translated into English. A standard set of documents involves an official (stamped) copy of a Secondary School certificate, transcript of academic records, and CV.

Additionally, applicants should write and send to the chosen university a motivation letter. In this letter, they should explain why they want to study nursing at this particular university. Copy of passport and medical documents (vaccination card and General Medical Certificate) is also necessary. More information can be found on the Application Requirements page of Pécs University.

Applicants seeking to obtain a master’s degree, also need to submit a passport copy and CV when applying to a program. Besides, they are expected to have a bachelor’s degree diploma and letters of recommendation (optional). These may be letters from a science instructor and/or mentor. Further information about the requirements can be found on the official page of Semmelweis University.

For international students to study nursing in Hungary, some universities may require students to pass entrance exams. These exams are necessary to choose the best applicants for future training and education. For example, Semmelweis University requires all applicants to pass tests in chemistry, biology, General/Biomedical English. Moreover, each student is invited for an interview as part of his/her application process. Learn more about that on the Entrance Examinations page of Semmelweis University.

Foreign applicants should apply for a student visa before arriving in Hungary. As it takes a minimum of 14 days to get the visa, students should apply to it as early as possible.

In What Languages Do You Study Nursing in Hungary?

If a program a person is applying to is taught completely in English, s/he must be ready to prove proficiency in this language. This can be done by means of either a certificate or language test conducted in a university.

For example, Semmelweis University organizes an English language test. The test is obligatory for all applicants whose mother tongue is not English.

Szeged University and Pécs University accept certificates of international language examination (TOEFL, IELTS).

The minimal level required is B2. Exams are carried out annually in centers that have a special license.

Best Nursing Schools in Hungary

1. Semmelweis University

The history of the university’s nursing department started with the college of health. It was this college that started to educate healthcare teachers. Later, the first part-time courses focusing on nursing were introduced. Demand for the programs led to the creation of full-time courses offering deeper insight into the nursing field.

Currently, this nursing school in Hungary has undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in nursing. The bachelor’s degree course involves 8 semesters. The time is believed to be enough to educate professional nurses with a solid knowledge base and essential skills.

The master’s degree course is meant for qualified nurses and care workers willing to improve their skills and specialize in a particular nursing field. The program involves theoretical and practical modules focusing on patient care, the basics of teaching nursing, and the fundamentals of management and planning in nursing.

2. University of Pécs

  • Nursing Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master

The next institute in our list of best nursing schools in Hungary is the University of Pécs, the first high education institution established in Hungary. Today, it is officially the largest Hungarian university. It can boast multiple faculties and training courses available in many towns.

Every year, Pécs University offers summer school courses that allow students and professionals to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. Besides, several exchange programs for students and teachers are available.

Within the 4-year course, students complete theoretical modules and perform numerous medical procedures as part of their practice. The basic course in nursing may be followed by a postgraduate degree program. This program is designed to foster specialization in the fields of intensive/emergency/primary or gerontological care.

3. University of Szeged

With more than 4,000 foreign students, Szeged University is one of the most popular Hungarian nursing schools. In fact, it has around 60 educational programs designed for international applicants.

Moreover, the university functions as a research center focusing on development and innovation. The staff directly involved in the research process has all the tools and equipment necessary to conduct scientific investigations in as many as 700 areas.

The basic nursing program available in this university lasts for 4 years. Apart from fundamental courses on a variety of subjects, attention is paid to the aspects of counseling, psychological care, and nursing research. Starting from the second year of studies, the focus is shifting to clinical practice.


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