How to Study Nursing in Greece for International Students

Do you feel eager to pursue a nursing career in Greece? If so, then be ready to go through the process of obtaining a nursing qualification in Greece. Throughout the last years, the government of Greece frequently reported on the shortage of professional nurses in the country. Therefore, graduates that have a nursing degree should have no problems finding a job in this field.

Foreigners that do not have any nursing degree will have to complete a basic course in this field. It consists of 8 semesters, with the last semester being focused on clinical practice. Besides, all international applicants are obliged to pass the Greek high school examination. This should be done before applying to high education institutions of Greece.

All graduates without exception need to obtain a nursing license. Moreover, knowledge of Greek is crucial. It means that future nurses and/or care workers that do not know the language will have to learn it. Fortunately, many universities in Greece offer special Greek language courses.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in Greece?

At present, Greek high education institutions offer many basic nursing courses. Postgraduate degree programs are significantly less in number.

Foreign applicants interested in nursing bachelor’s degree programs should pay attention to the courses offered by the University of Nicosia, Peloponnese University, and Technological Educational Institute of Epirus.

Besides, there are several postgraduate degree options. For example, check the programs offered by the University of Nicosia or by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Cost of Studying Nursing

Education in Greece is cheaper than in countries like New Zealand or Finland. However, the fees expected to be paid for each academic year are not low. In the case of foreign students, the question of funding their studies may involve more issues than in the case of local applicants.

Firstly, international students need to have additional money for living in the country. They will need to pay rent and cover food/services and entertainment expenses. Learn more about student services on the official page of Epirus Institute.

Secondly, they are charged higher tuition fees than applicants from EU countries. In order to help students with covering their education expenses, some universities of Greece offer scholarships. Eligible candidates are brilliant students with outstanding academic achievements. Further information can be found on the official page of Nicosia University.

On average, students are expected to pay not less than 9,200 euros/per year. The fee is set for a basic program in nursing. For additional information, visit the website of Nicosia University.

Master’s degree programs may imply a lower fee. Students applying to the program of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens are expected to pay 500 euros per semester.


Requirements to Study Nursing

Undergraduate degree applicants should submit a high school significate with their application form. Language Proficiency Certificate is also necessary. The University of Nicosia has many programs taught in English. Therefore, fluency in this language is essential. You can learn more on their official Admission Requirements page.

Greek is the main language of teaching in many universities. Therefore, foreign applicants may be asked to show a certificate of Proficiency in this language as well.

In What Languages Do You Study Nursing in Greece?

Many European countries offer undergraduate and postgraduate education programs in English. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Greece. In this country, the majority of courses are offered in Greek.

For example, the educational programs offered by Peloponnese University and the Technological Educational Institute of Epirus are taught completely in Greek. However, Epirus Institute offers a set of modules in English.

Some universities offer programs in both English and Greek. For example, the bachelor’s degree program offered by the University of Nicosia is taught in English. Nevertheless, it is also available in Greek.

As for master’s degree programs, they are also often taught in Greek. One of the examples is the program created by the University of Nicosia.

International students that do not know Greek should start learning it. It is better to do it before the start of the studies. Firstly, because all foreign applicants need to pass certain exams conducted in Greek. Secondly, fluency in Greek may be necessary throughout the course of the studies.

Best Nursing Schools in Greece

University of Nicosia

  • Nursing Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master

Rapid growth and development of the healthcare system require all professionals working within the field to face and adapt to changes quickly. It is exactly the changing nature of the nursing profession that calls for diversity-based nursing degree programs. The programs offered by Nicosia University can be included in the list of such degree programs.

Graduates making the first steps in their career are able to use their knowledge and skills in the fields of care, education, management, and even business. Students planning to continue their education after the basic course completion can apply to a master’s degree course. The contemporary nursing postgraduate program is designed to provide a deeper insight into the aspects of community nursing, oncology, and general nursing.

University of Peloponnese

Nursing is not the one and only activity professional nurses may be occupied with. This is the main principle of Peloponnese University. Inspired by the need to follow it, the university aims to educate nurses of a higher level. Nurses can also spread their knowledge and engage in researches.

Every module within the program involves a set of lectures. Some of the modules imply practice in the form of laboratory exercises. At the end of each module, students need to pass a written examination.

Each semester students are expected to complete certain compulsory modules and several elective ones. The introduction of elective courses into the program has many benefits. The biggest of them is that each student can choose an aspect s/he wants to learn more about.

Technological Educational Institute of Epirus

The success of the program is largely based on the vision of lecturers sharing their knowledge with future nurses/care workers. They all believe that growth within the profession depends on the willingness to care for patients. Not all students may have this ability in the beginning, but absolutely all of them can develop it.

Students get theoretical knowledge by completing module-based courses. The main aim is to enable students to learn and get insight into various aspects. Therefore, there are two types of courses: nursing-related and general. The first category of courses involves community nursing, surgical/adult, and other fields of nursing. The second category consists of the subjects like pharmacology, nutrition, pathology, and cardiology.

The university aims to educate professionals able to use modern technology in their work. The goal is realized by the introduction of the subject called “Application of IT technologies in nursing”.

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Certain benefits make this university different from other Greek universities offering master’s degree courses in nursing. It is the first higher education university to offer nursing postgraduate programs taught completely in English.

Moreover, there is not just one but a whole set of master’s degree programs focusing on nursing. Each of them allows students to improve their knowledge and skills relating to a particular aspect of nursing. For example, oncology nursing, nursing of cardiovascular diseases, and nursing management of diabetes of children and adults.

The program is available for qualified professionals in medicine, general nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry.


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