How to Study Nursing in China for International Students

Being the fourth largest country in the world, China facilitates over 3,000 universities and colleges. International students from all over the globe come not only to gain knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else but also to learn more about the unique culture, seek out future business prospects and settle down.

Nursing diplomas, advanced diplomas, and degrees that can be obtained in China hold a high value both domestically and overseas. The graduates enter the job market with a number of options: from working in local hospitals to teaching and consulting organizations. Basics of traditional Chinese medicine, which are integrated into many courses, allow the students to explore techniques and methods unfamiliar to a Western mind.

The unique ways the nursing programs are often presented, attract applicants from high schools, colleges, and foreign universities. The high number of English-taught programs allows for easier integration of international students, compared to some other countries in Asia. In this article, we will be looking at how to study nursing in China for international students.

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What Degrees are there for Nursing in China?

China allows for three levels of nursing education: diploma; advanced diploma; and an undergraduate or a graduate degree. Please see Zhengzhou University’s webpage to see the variety of degrees available. While a high number of Chinese nurses still hold a valid diploma or advanced diploma, with only as few as 10 percent of the working professionals being university graduates, diploma level training has been on a decline for the past few years.

Graduate education in China, however, differs from its Western analogues. Master’s degree shifts the focus away from professional nursing, allowing for an integration of studies that are built around the field of international communications, as well as the English language. Doctoral programs, on the other hand, train nurses in management and education.

Most diploma and advanced diploma level programs are available exclusively to the Chinese students who have graduated from a local high school.

Cost of Studying Nursing

An international student looking to study nursing in China shall take into consideration that most of the higher education facilities do not provide tuition-free programs. The average expenses within the Chinese public universities range from $2,500 to $10,000 per annum. While scholarships and financial aid may be available to some students, an applicant must be prepared to pay the tuition fee. The tuition expenses will depend on such factors as the university’s location, ranking, as well as the degree.

There is also an admission fee to most of the universities, with an average price being $150-200.

Requirements to Study Nursing

There are several requirements to take into consideration if a student wishes to study nursing in China.

Most of the higher education institutions will require one to be under the age of 40 and in good health. If an applicant wishes to receive an undergraduate or graduate degree, they need to have been graduated from high school. If one is applying for a Chinese-taught program, passing a university-held internal examination or HSK may be necessary. This requirement does not apply to English-taught programs, even though all non-native speakers of English will have to present proof of their language proficiency.

Feel free to see the Guangxi Medical University’s homepage for more information on general application procedures. Please keep in mind, however, that overall requirements and application process may differ depending on a university.

In What Languages Do You Study Nursing in China?

China offers a wide variety of programs across its numerous colleges and universities. Some of the programs may be presented exclusively in the Chinese language (for example, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine’s graduate programs), some – in English. Huazhong University of Science and Technology offers an All-English nursing program. There is a high volume of universities that offer courses in two or more languages. As strong knowledge of English is considered to be an advantage both domestically and internationally, even the locals often find themselves seeking an English-only program, which plays the major role in the popularity and availability of such courses. Also, it is important to note that most of the universities’ webpages have a localized English version.

Best Nursing Schools in China

1. Guangxi Medical University

The award-winning university has been known as the most prestigious educational institution in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It offers its students top-of-the-line facilities, training over 15000 professionals each year. The university is constantly growing and developing. It plays an essential role in haemoglobin research, liver cancer prevention study, oncology, and many more medical fields. Guangxi Medical University is considered the best nursing school in China.

Nursing students who receive their degree from the school are often found working in the province, supporting local hospitals and polyclinics. A student can acquire a bachelor’s degree in 4 years and a master’s in 3 years.

2. Jilin University of China

The university works under the direct jurisdiction of China’s Ministry of Health. The programs presented have been developed in close cooperation with foreign professors, and to this day the school works in tandem with the leading nursing institutions of the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and more. This nursing school in China facilitates a splendid environment, in which terrific nursing talents can be discovered and trained.

Jilin University of China boasts to have an international English-taught undergraduate nursing program, but it also has an undergraduate program in rehabilitation and all-English master’s level research education in nursing.

3. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine prides itself for being well-known for its main subjects, such as Chinese Materia Medica and traditional Chinese medicine. Additionally, it has 8 affiliated hospitals, which are all located within the region. On top of 12 bachelor’s degree programs, the university offers 42 doctoral degree programs and 46 master’s degree programs.

Presently, this Chinese nursing school does not offer any undergraduate courses for international students (although, diploma and bachelor’s degree level programs are available for Chinese students), but it is possible to apply for a Chinese-taught graduate program.

4. Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • Degrees offered: bachelor’s degree only.

The university is located in Wuhan, Central China. It is governed by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. It was founded in 2000, making it one of the newest nursing schools in China.

For an international student, it is possible to apply for a five-year all-English nursing program, as well as a four-year general nursing course, presented in the Chinese language. Both programs present different curriculums but allow for numerous prospects after graduation. Master’s and doctoral degree programs are also available.

5. The Nursing College of Zhengzhou University

The final school in our list of top nursing schools in China is the Nursing College of Zhengzhou University, which combines top facilities, well-experienced teaching team, and affordable fees into one stunning prospect. It has welcomed thousands of international students over the course of its history and stays one of the most popular students’ destination when it comes to receiving nursing education in China.

The university has all types of nursing programs, from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, as well as English-taught and Chinese-taught options.


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