How to Study in France for Free (11 Steps)

Bonjour! Everybody wants to get to be in the country of passion, love, and romance. A place where art speaks to the people, a scenery of beauty and mind clashing with each other — France. For ages, France has been the destination of many travelers and lovers because of the abundant and rich history the country has. But these aren’t the only things France is known for, it is also the homeland of many successful scientists and philosophers who all graduated from prestigious universities in the country. In this article, we will be looking at ways of studying for free in France.

Many students around the world wanted to pursue their higher education in France with the hope of learning their love language and becoming successful in their careers. Yet, it is also known that studying in France is quite expensive. But, you do not need to worry, money is only one of the few stones along the road. There are other ways to pursue an education in France most cheaply!

Study in France for Free

1. Prepare an excellent application

In any type of application, the one that stands out among other applications are those who have excellent background content, have many achievements, have attended training, and have good behavior. These are the things you must have if you wanted to increase the possibility of your acceptance in France. If you have academic awards, extracurricular activities, or academic achievements, note that on your CV.

Preparing your application to be the best starts in your previous institution. Please note that it is vital that you have good test scores, resume, and GPA in order to study for free in France.

2. Get government scholarships supporting international students

Currently, France has the most number of connections with countries throughout the world because of its flourishing tourism. Many countries want to partner with France because of the benefits they might get from the country. Establishing connections with France includes exchange student programs and international programs. To check if your country is one of the partners, go to your government website and look for an international or external affairs section. There might be several education programs for you to choose from and scholarship offerings for students trying to study abroad.

3. Get scholarships from universities in France

After preparing your application for studying abroad in France, without further ado, draft another application for a scholarship to any university that you see as a prospect. There are many universities in France offering benefits that will be enough to finish your degree while there are still some that will partially aid you along your journey. No matter what a university offers, send them an application.

Students can avail of multiple scholarships but only from one university. Some universities offer to pay a part of your tuition fees in exchange for being a scholar student such as the University of Aix-Marseille.

Getting a scholarship from a French University is a best way of studying in France for free. Make sure that you take advantage of that opportunity.

4. Get private scholarships from businesses and companies

Businesses, companies, and other private organizations have foundations and scholarship offerings because these are alternative ways to lessen their taxes. If you are fortunate enough, some even cover your transportation expenses aside from your educational fees. The only difficult thing about getting these kinds of scholarships is finding one. But, for starters, find companies that are in line with your career path because most likely, they have programs that let you study or train abroad in exchange for your service in their company.

5. Look for affordable universities in France

As we’ve said, not all scholarships offer full payment of your tuition fees, but some do. If your scholarship doesn’t cover all of the expenses, one of the ways that you should implement is attending affordable universities in France. If you are interested, check out the 9 Affordable Universities in France for International Students.

This method can be used in conjunction of other ways listed in this article for you to study in France for free. We’ll now look at other ways.

6. Have a wide variety of choices by sending your applications to several universities

You have composed your applications, you have a list of scholarships to apply for, and now you are set and ready to go. Then, you just need a university! If you could still not decide on the university you wish to study into, send your applications to several universities. This will give you a huge set of options.

Once you got accepted from the universities you applied for, select the university depending on your preference. Do you prefer to study in rural areas? Enroll in Grenoble Alpes University! Do you prefer to have state-of-the-art facilities? Enroll in Université PSL! It will all be up to you.

7. Send early application

Once you have prepared the best application form you can write, immediately send it to your aspiring university or agency in France to make your paper process fast and efficient. Also, early applications have the advantage of getting reviewed thoroughly. So, if you applied early and you already have what they need, you will be accepted at once without waiting for other applicants. Rise early, do early, and success will follow.

8. Get extra income as you study

Part-time jobs are common, especially for international students. The money they earned from those jobs can be used for whatever expenses or desires they have. In France, all foreign or international students have a right to work like any French citizen if they have a residence permit. This permit can be availed from the French embassy from your country in the form of a visa. Once you have a permit, you can work in France for at most 670 hours during a regular academic year. This extra income can definitely help you to be able to study for free in France.

9. Work Online

There are ways that you can supplement your income through working online. Becoming a freelancer can be lucrative, so search for ways where you can work remotely.

10. Lessen your living expenses

Get cheap apartments, share a room with your colleagues or classmates, change your expensive lifestyle, and let go of your vices and unnecessary desires. These are the tips and techniques you must learn and master to survive your academic journey until achieving your dream of finishing that degree in France. Yes, it might be burdening, demanding, laborious even, but all these sacrifices will come back to you as fruits of your achievements.

11. Use one or more of the methods listed above

To be able to study in France for free, you need to implement one or more of the methods above. I hope that this article was informative! Definitely prepare to make your dream come true.


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