How to Study in Finland for Free (9 Steps)

In this modern-day progress and industrialization, all should have free access to education no matter who they are. The government must know that educated citizens can make their country prosper. Yet, no matter how many people call for free education, some countries still do not have the empathy and initiative to do this. But many ways are still available for the public to have free education. You just need to be wise, patient, and hard-working.

In Finland, education is very near to being accessible to everyone. Programs for domestic and international students are implemented and ready to assist students in their studies. So, to guarantee that you study in Finland for free, here is a list of the things you must do.

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How to Study in Finland for Free

1. Impress universities with good application

No one will be disappointed if you presented or submitted an almost perfect application with outstanding content or background. Academic, artistic, and even athletic achievements, these must be included in your application form to truly impress the authorities who will check your profile. Put the skills and things you were good at so they can further have an understanding of your worth and potential. Prove in your portfolio that you have so much to give and it will be wasteful if your gifts will be unutilized.

This step is the most important part to accomplish and get your free education in Finland so make sure to put all your efforts here.

2. Research different universities

You can’t study if you won’t have anywhere to study to so research about the famous and prestigious universities in Finland that captures your attention. Find out about the degrees they are offering, the location of their campuses, the reviews of other students, and the lifestyle you will be dealing with once you got there.

Do you want to peacefully study with a relaxing environment? Then take a look at the University of Lapland. Do you want to study at a popular university with great facilities? Then research about Aalto University. There are so many good universities in England offering prime educations. Go and explore them now!

3. Choose among the most affordable universities in Finland

Now, after collecting all the information you need about the universities you wanted to study at, consider the limitations that will hinder you from studying at that university. Consider housing costs, utility fees, signal availability, and food abundance. Always check if you can live comfortably without any problems. Finally, make sure to enroll in a university that has affordable fees. There are many that you can choose from, and here is the list of Affordable Universities in Finland if you are interested.

4. Submit your applications early

Done with writing your application? Send it right away! Do not waste time in prolonging your submission by thinking about being too early or excited. If you are fortunate enough, you might get accepted soon.

Always remember that being early will never be a disadvantage. It gives you the edge of being the first in line. This means that your application or portfolio will be reviewed the most. Your application will not be in conjunction with other applicant’s form and will have priority over those who are late. So, be responsible for submitting your applications.

If you don’t know how to apply, we’ve created a guide on How to Study in Finland for International Students. I highly recommend that you take a look!

5. Get Scholarships from Finland universities

Getting a university scholarship is the most common way for students ot study in Finland for free. Scholarships offered by universities are the conveniences that could make any student survive their stay in a foreign country. Two of the universities that are popular with students because of their scholarships and financial assistance programs are the University of Helsinki and Tampere University. Check them out if you can receive any of their scholarships because it will be your lifeline in dire times.

6. Get financial assistance from the government

Government financial assistance for international students is common these days. Countries around the globe establish ties with each other to deepen their relations and create alliances. One of their strategies to make connections is by having student exchange programs between them.

Usually, the government aids the students with financial assistance, transportation fees, or even monthly allowance to support their education. If you are in luck, they might even pay a huge part of your tuition fees. However, this type of offers and programs are hard to come by. You need to diligently search your government websites to find these proposals, so start now.

7. Look for private scholarships

More will always be better if less will never be enough.” Increase your scholarships aside from those offered by the university and the government by applying for private scholarships. Private scholarships are educational aides provided by organizations, businesses, and companies by offering financial assistance to those in need. Even though the main reason for other companies is to reduce their tax, this type of program will still be a huge help in your time in Finland.

8. Get a job to support your studies in Finland

As days go by in your stay in Finland, you will realize the expenses you have every day and how easily money can be spent. To address this situation, you need to learn how to earn by applying for jobs as a part-timer or a freelancer.

Getting jobs while you study, even if you are an international student, is allowed in Finland with restrictions. They must only work at most 25 hours a week during the academic term and full-time during holidays. Also, international students without permits are prohibited to take a job so get a student permit at once. With addition jobs, you can definitely study for free in Finland

9. Always be in the budget

Budgeting will be the hardest thing you will ever face while staying in Finland. Things while your away from home will make you realize how it is so good to have someone to lean on. But life must go on and your bills would not be paying for themselves so always manage your expenses. The money left from your scholarships and jobs shall be used for your living expenses including your necessities and bills.

If you are living alone in an apartment, get a roommate to split the expenses. Cook your meals. Do your laundry. These small tasks and responsibilities can let you experience studying in Finland for free.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.