How to Study in Estonia for Free (7 Steps)

Estonia is a pretty interesting destination for international students because this is not a common choice that a lot of people would make when they choose to study abroad. Despite it being a less common choice, studying in Estonia does has its perks, still. Estonia is located between the countries of Russia and Latvia and is home to a lot of good sights to see, among which are the beautiful architectures and natural scenery surrounding the country. In this article, we will be going over how to study in Estonia for free.

A lot of citizens in Estonia also speak English, so adjusting to the culture of Estonia might be less challenging as compared to other native language countries. Aside from this, there are more than a thousand islands that surround the country set for exploration, so on days when there aren’t a lot of academic loads, exploring these parts of the country can be a great experience.

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How to Study in Estonia for Free

1. Maintain a good support system

Studying abroad can be a challenging experience as it is exciting, especially since you will be living away from family and friends. There will no longer be a sense of familiarity with the place that you are in, mainly because it is a country in which you have probably never been before. As a student, you will have to learn how to cope on your own in said country, and how to make friends and acquaintances with people from all over the globe. Thus, having a good support system to begin with can help make the transition easier for you, since those who study abroad can tend to get homesick every once in a while. It is nice to have a support system to fall back on once you feel the homesickness creeping in at random intervals.

2. Reach out to your mentors and teachers

No one can guide you more than teachers and mentors who have been in the academe for a good amount of years in their life. Teachers and mentors can guide you in ways that other people cannot, since they know who you are as a student, and what you are capable of achieving. What’s more, these people are those who believe that education is important, seeing as they are contributing to the education that you have just experienced. Reaching out to them for support and for guidance can be helpful for you as an international student since they might have tips and suggestions on how to do good in university life.

3. Believe in your capabilities as a student

There is nothing more effective in achieving your own goals than believing in yourself without doubts as to what you can achieve. Without this belief, it can be difficult to see why any university would want to accept you as their student. Sometimes, believing in yourself can give you that added push and edge when it comes to writing essays about yourself that might be required for by the university.

This also gives you the confidence boost you might need when facing a panel of professors who are screening you for entrance into their university. Being confident in your capabilities can really help you achieve whatever you want to achieve. Do not sell yourself short when it comes to what you can do, since universities in Estonia will not know unless you show them everything you are capable of achieving.

4. Apply for Scholarships in Universities in Estonia

Though there are scholarships that might be available for you from the governments of Estonia or your own country, applying for scholarships from the Estonia universities themselves can help you get the opportunities you need in order to study in Estonia for free. Scholarships can be offered to those who need it based on financial capacities, while others may receive them based on academic merit and performance. In any case, applying for scholarships is definitely one way to getting free education in the university that you want.

In Estonia, you can start by looking at universities such as the Tallin University of Technology, otherwise known as TalTech. According to their website, they offer a wide range of scholarships to citizens who are in the EU, EEA and other countries. They also offer scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, so finding a scholarship that might apply to you will not be as difficult given the numerous choices to choose from regardless of where you are from.

Another university in Estonia that might interest you is the University of Tartu. According their website, they offer scholarships and allowances to students who deserve it. They offer scholarships that allow for the waiver of tuition fees, and they also offer scholarships that provide students with stipends for achievements and specializations.

5. Look for Affordable Universities in Estonia

The amount spent for tuition in Estonia can reach to an amount of 1660 EUR to 7500 EUR per year for a bachelor’s degree. This is no small amount, so trying to get scholarships and financial grants in order to get into universities in Estonia can be a good way to cut costs. If you are interested, check out the 7 Affordable Universities in Estonia for International Students. Attending these affordable universities in Estonia will help you to study in Estonia for free coupled with scholarships and working part-time. Also, the living costs in Estonia are at around 550 USD when it comes to accommodations alone, per month. And that’s not even including other expenses.

6. Work Part-time in Estonia

Thus, in order to add to the savings that you might have if you want to study in Estonia for free, you can also opt to work in part-time jobs in Estonia as an international student. According to their website, certain requirements must be submitted by graduates in order to allow them to work in Estonia while studying and even after studying.

7. Save your money in Estonia

Saving your money means spending only on things that you really need, and cutting costs where you can. For example, for accommodations, it is always wiser to share rooms with other people in order to cut the amount of rent into smaller denominations. Using saving techniques like these can help you save up on money that you can use to further your studies in Estonia. Thus, try to save as much money as you can so that you won’t have to worry about having too little for your education.


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