How to Study Cyprus for Free (9 Steps)

Cyprus is widely known all across the world for its wine, sandy beaches, and culture, deeply engraved in the history of the Mediterranean region. As a student destination, it offers freshmen tuition-free education, as well as a cost of living that is significantly lower than that of many other countries within the European Union. Every year the government of Cyprus expands on its promise to make the country the pearl of European education. In this article, we will be looking at how to study in Cyprus for free.

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How to Study in Cyprus for Free

1. Provide a Terrific Application

The application you will have initially provided to the university with is the most crucial part of the entire process. You have to ensure the scores and GPA grades you possess reflect your ability closely. These will definitely help you to study in Cyprus for free.

If it is required by the educational institution for you to present an English exam score, make sure to take the examination on time and have the result ready. Organize the application to the best of your ability, have all the documentation ready, and present it on time.

2. It is Better to Get Set Early

Since the information is widely available online, you should consider getting started early. No matter if you are applying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, take your time and start to work on the application early. Improve your test scores, maybe take additional classes. Get insurance if it is required for the student visa. Also, ensure the correctness of all the supporting documentation you may have to submit. It is better to have everything ready and on-hand before you will have begun to submit the paperwork.

3. Enquire About University Scholarships in Cyprus

One of the tempting reasons to study in Cyprus is the selection and availability of the scholarships provided by local educational institutions. Most students who have chosen Cyprus as their destination are benefiting from discounted or even tuition-free education. To familiarize yourself with the opportunities offered by the schools, you can research the websites of Cyprus International University or the European University of Lefke. Scholarships from these universities will help you to study in Cyprus for free, especially if you get fully funded scholarships.

4. Receive a Scholarship from Your Government

Do not worry if you fail to receive financial support from one of the universities, as there is a high chance of you being eligible for financial aid from your country’s administration. Most countries within the European Union such as Germany and Denmark, have developed systems that allow citizens to receive monetary support while studying abroad. A high number of countries in Asia, Oceania, and Amerika have similar provisions in place. Please, research the laws in place and the possibilities provided by your own country before moving onto seeking additional help from external sources.

5. Remember the International Scholarships

The lack of government-run financial aid does not mean, however, that you cannot receive monetary support from an external source. There are many organizations that aim to provide help to scholars around the world. Foundations like the OPEC Fund for International Development typically revolve around the idea of bringing higher education to the masses, especially the regions where the locals may struggle to fund their studies, either because of troubling economic situation or inability of the local government to secure a necessary level of support.

Thanks to the contributions provided by these organizations, thousands of students each year can join the ranks of global freshmen, even in situations when it would have been completely impossible for them to afford to achieve their educational goals.

6. Look for Affordable Universities in Cyprus

Not all the universities in Cyprus cost the same. As in many other countries in the world, the local universities’ tuition fees range dramatically, depending on the location, status, and the overall popularity of the school. Attending affordable universities in Cyprus is one of the ways to study in Cyprus for free conbined with other ways.

Eastern Mediterranean University has created a calculator that allows the applicant to find out an approximate cost of their tuition. The website also considers such factors as the nationality of the person, as well as the scholarships the applicant may be eligible for. On average, however, you shall expect to pay $3,000 for an undergraduate degree, and $2,000 for a graduate degree, per annum. If you are interested for other universities, visit the Affordable Universities in Cyprus for international students.

7. Submit the Application

For most applicants, the submission process is the most low-impact part of the entire affair. If all the paperwork has been prepared on time and there are no more opportunities for improving upon the scores you hold, all that is left is to pass the documentation onto the educational institution and wait for the positive outcome.

Therefore, the time after the application will have been submitted shall be spent on researching the university, the program, getting set and ready to begin the studies when the semester starts. It is recommended, however, that you frequently check your online post-box, just in case the institution messages you regarding the submission.

8. Find a Part-Time Job

Only recently has Cyprus changed its laws and allowed the international students to engage in economic activities while holding a valid student visa. While there are certain limitations such as the number of working hours limited to 20 hours per week and students being able to work only in certain industries (e.g. manufacturing, hotels, etc.), it is a splendid opportunity for a struggling scholar to make ends meet.

Detailed information on the restrictions in place is available on the Cyprus Department of Labour website.

9. Lower the Cost of Living

It is true that Cyprus is one of the cheapest European countries when it comes to living expenses. With monthly living costs for international students being around $400-700, it is easy to understand why so many freshmen choose to come here to fulfill their educational endeavours. Lowering the cost of living is a great method to study in Cyprus for free. There are ways to enjoy even more inexpensive lifestyle.

It is worthwhile to check if your university offers a dormitory for its students, as in most cases the institution’s living quarters cost significantly less than other types of accommodation. If you have to rent an apartment or a room in the city, try to find one that is close enough to the institution, as it is a great way to save on public transport.


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