How to Study in Belgium for Free (9 Steps)

Chocolates, waffles, beer, fries, and all the other premium delicacies were several reasons why Belgium is known throughout the world. Little do these people know that Belgium also excels in academics and that they were the source of popular theories about the creation of the universe, particularly the big bang theory.

Therefore, many students around the world, especially scholars, have been wanting to study in this country. They aspire to gain the same enlightenment that the philosophers in Belgium acquired. And this could be received free of charge if one knows the direction he or she should be looking in. Some of the ways you might consider having the opportunity of studying in Belgium for free are listed here!

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Study in Belgium for Free

1. Prepare so that you have a good application

Application forms, portfolios, and resumés are the first and only things that employers, authorities, or human resource management look at. These are the representation of who you are, what abilities you have, and what skills you possess. They can also be the reflection of your personality and behavior so make sure to be careful about the things you will include there.

Have a proofreader or an editor that will check and modify your content to make it easier. Lastly, do not forget to insert your previous educational achievements and attainments along with your GPA and good test scores. The grades and test scores are important, so make sure that you prepare well to get these! This will impress them and will help you study for free in Belgium.

2. Create a list of universities in Belgium to apply

As we know, many universities are waiting to be discovered by you. You just need to know about them by investigating and researching every detail about them. Start by finding out about their location and the surrounding area around them. For instance, if you want to study at a university inside a city or nearby one, look for Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In contrast to that, if you want to study in a rural area, try visiting Hasselt University. These will not be enough so look harder and explore all the universities you can found.

3. Also, check the tuition fees and choose from those with affordable tuition

However, even though seeking and exploring for universities seems fun, the real problem lies with the limitations you have in hand, particularly with limitations on your funds. As you settle at a university, you will later realize the huge expenses you will be paying before you even found an apartment to rent. The bills will pile up and on top of that, your expensive university fees will bother you.

So, to avoid getting drowned by the expenses you will need to pay. Select the university that will be most financially affordable to help you study in Belgium for free. On average, the tuition fees of universities range from 1100 USD up to 5000 USD per semester. You definitely need to check the 9 affordable universities in Belgium for international students.

4. Early apply and send your requirements

Preparing your requirements and qualifications is only the start of getting accepted to your dream country. The next step will be as important as the previous one that’s why you must never neglect this because this is a part of your responsibilities and obligations if you want to study in Belgium. Be mindful of your time and the announced deadlines for the submission of your requirements. Make sure to send them on time but it would be better if you do it ahead of time.

Early requirement submissions have a great positive impact and higher chances of acceptance. They are favored and appreciated because it is an indication of how seriously you can take your responsibilities.

5. Apply for Scholarships in Belgium universities

Many universities in Belgium offer several scholarship programs mostly for their citizens but some also have programs for international students. Two of these universities are the Ghent University and the University of Liége. They have scholarship programs that particularly cater to international students who have promising potential yet limited funds. These scholarships from universities can make your goal of studying in Belgium for free possible. So, apply for scholarships from institutions like these because they offer great benefits to your academics.

6. Find government-supported scholarships

In Belgium, not only universities do offer programs to aid international students but also their government. Belgium has been hospitable to foreign students and wants to help them finish their studies. Government scholarships for international students are one of the proofs that they also favor students pursuing education in their country. They are proud that these students chose their country as a place to grow and learn.

7. Apply for scholarships provided by a private organization

Private organizations, institutions, businesses, and companies have their ways of giving back to their country and those are through helping its citizens by providing financial assistance. Some companies don’t do this willingly because some just wanted to lower the government taxes they are paying. This financial assistance is also available for active students. Having a private scholarship is not new in Belgium. Most of the students get their allowances from private companies. They use the money to cover the remaining expenses in the universities and a part of their living expenses so you can do the same.

8. Look for allowed part-time jobs for students

Belgium, especially in Brussels, is very hard to live in because its living expenses is almost twice from other countries. This is also the reason why their government encourages its students to look for jobs that will help them support their studies. For Belgian students, they are allowed to work with no restrictions as a benefit from being a citizen of Belgium. For foreign students, they are first required to have a student visa before being allowed to work.  This extra work can definitely help you to study in Belgium for free. During a regular academic term, students are permitted to work for 38 hours every week.

9. Be efficient with your money

Having all these benefits and scholarships will be for nothing if you do not wisely and efficiently allocate your allowance from your scholarships and salary from your job. Once you got yourself a room to crash in, find a roommate that will share the expenses of your housing rent and utilities with you. Also, knowing how to cook is not just a skill but also a way of saving up money as well as knowing how to do laundry. Small sacrifices are a part of your journey to getting your free education in Belgium. Thus, let them never go to waste and study well until you get your degree.


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