How to Study in Belarus for Free (8 Steps)

Some of the less common countries in Europe also hold some of the top universities that international students can choose to go to. Belarus is one such country. Belarus is located in between Russia and Eastern Europe. Studying as an international student in Belarus can help you gain a degree that is recognized internationally in most countries. The good news for international students is that it is entirely possible to study in Belarus for free! Having the privilege of studying in a premier university in a foreign country, all while paying affordable tuition fees is an opportunity that most would be mistaken to pass upon.

Belarus is open to accepting international students into their educational system by filing applications with universities via their own educational portals for internationals. Belarus is also considered to be one of the safer countries for students to study in, which definitely makes it an attractive choice.

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How to Study in Belarus for Free

1. Choose your career path

During the first few days in primary school, you probably never would have thought of certain careers you are considering taking once you reach university level. The career paths we ultimately end up choosing can be influenced by a number of factors, such as social status, peer response, peer acceptance, and personal preference.

Choosing a career path is important when it comes to applying to universities since certain universities have specializations in certain areas while others do not. By choosing your own career path, you will be able to narrow down the choices of universities in Belarus that you will sift through when you try to determine where you should apply to.

2. Determine Belarus universities that match your chosen career

Narrowing down choices when it comes to universities really involves matching your chosen career to the opportunities and programs that universities offer. Some universities focus on research and development, while others focus on other areas of expertise such as engineering or medicine. Depending on the choice you make in terms of your career path, universities can be a better or worse choice for you when it comes to narrowing them down.

This process of elimination is easier when you have a list of all the programs each university offers, as well as a good picture of where you want to be once you graduate. Choosing is not always easy, especially since this might define your life for the next few years, though this step is always necessary at this point in your life.

3. Strive to have better applications

Written essays and drafts that are exemplary were not written in a day. Drafting your application to any university you plan on applying to should be done on a regular basis, with revisions being made even more than once. Rough drafts are helpful in creating better applications because they can be refined until they prove to be better than your previously written entries. Consequently, having someone proofread whatever you have written is also an effective way to polish up on any mistakes you have missed yourself, and add ideas or ways on how to improve your university applications.

Being able to submit applications that are written properly and concisely is key to having better chances in getting accepted into the university of your choosing. Thus, in order to study for free in Belarus, a good start is you need to strive to submit better applications, which also includes a good GPA and test scores.

4. Apply for Scholarships in Universities in Belarus

Financial constraints should never be a hindrance to those who deserve to study in prestigious universities. Most universities recognize this fact, which is why they opt to offer more than a few scholarships and financial aid programs to those in need. These scholarships will definitely help you to study in Belarus for free if the scholarships are large enough. Applications for programs like these also involve screening and certain criteria due to limitations on the part of the universities, which is why knowing your options and choosing the one that best suits you is important.

In Belarusian State University, which is located in Minsk, one of the most populated cities in Belarus, they are part of the Erasmus + program, which is a European Union program that is focused on carrying out bilateral agreements for developing academic mobility. For students who wish to avail of the program, they list down the requirements needed to apply on their website.

Another university is the Brest State Technical University, which offers programs geared towards the scientific aspect of modern day careers. According to their website, they are part of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree program, which offers financial aid to qualified applicants, as well as other benefits such as program funding, travel allowance, and the like.

5. Look for Cheap Universities in Belarus

The average cost of tuition in Belarus is at US$2000-3500 a year, which is expensive for those who do not earn money while studying, or for those who come from countries with lower exchange rates and income rates. There are some affordable universities to help you study in Belarus for free, and you can find more by looking at 5 Cheap Universities in Belarus for International Students. Coupled with tuition fees are the normal amount of expenses used for living conditions, which is pegged at an amount of $435 a month for a single person in Belarus. Thus, having an estimate of the minimum possible expenses for your stay in Belarus can give you a good idea of whether or not you will need financial support to pursue studies in this country.

6. Work Part-time in Belarus

To study in Belarus as an international student, you would have to go through certain steps to obtain a student visa. Most countries require this, which means it is no surprise that Belarus also requires international students to obtain a student visa as a prerequisite to their studies. Working as a part-time student can be a good way to earn money and save enough to pay school fees and buy books you might need, which can help you to study in Belarus for free. Working part-time is not prohibited when it comes to student visas, with no prohibition listed on their site.

7. Enjoy your time as an international student through affordable means

Part of being a student in a country that is foreign to your own is being able to enjoy all the cultural sites and characteristics of the said country. However, you can also enjoy all these things while still lessening costs by choosing to enjoy through affordable means. This can be done by choosing cheaper restaurants and sites to visit, and lessening the frequency of such visits.

8. Do one or more steps listed above

To study in Belarus for free, you should do one or more of the steps above to achieve that. Your best bet is getting big scholarships from universities in Belarus, but you can additionally go to affordable universities and working while studying.


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