Ryerson University Scholarships for International Students

Ryerson University has been one of the leading universities in Toronto due to its historic past as one of the pioneers of the Canadian public education system. As a co-educational public research university, Ryerson University has proven its dedication in the field of research education through various publications and successful research and extension programs.

When planning to study at this university, here are some of the Ryerson University scholarship programs that you might consider applying for.

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Ryerson University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Ryerson University

1. President’s Entrance Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Annual tuition fee waiver amounting to $10,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with at least 90% grade point average
  • Scholarship Link

Aiming to attract academic achievers and potential community leaders overseas to study at Ryerson University, this scholarship program provides financial assistance to qualified international students to take an undergraduate degree in any field of study. This competitive and merit-based scholarship program is offered annually to 12 outstanding students-applicants.

The selection committee for the President’s Entrance Scholarships selects grantees based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, original thought, and creative ability. Applicants interested in applying for this scholarship must have at least a 90% general average from their secondary schools, calculated by averaging their six best Grade 12 subjects. To support the applicant’s academic merit, applicants shall submit an academic reference letter from any concerned office.

Applicants with strong leadership backgrounds are also given merit, screening leadership roles and positions held during the last two years of their high school. An accompanying reference letter from any qualified office shall be submitted to support applicants’ assessed leadership potential, demonstrating the applicant’s leadership endeavors.

Original thought and creativity are also among the qualities searched for by the selection committee among the applicants. This quality is demonstrated by submitting a piece of creative writing or a summary of any creative project the applicants may have undertaken. Literary articles for submission should be at 750 words maximum.

These documents shall be submitted to the AwardsSpring portal of Ryerson University in a single PDF file, alongside filling out the online application form. Once submitted, qualified applicants will be notified of the process of receiving the scholarship offer. Upon acceptance, grantees will receive an annual tuition fee waiver of $10,000, subject to renewal conditions each academic year.

2. International Secondary School Merit Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Entrance tuition fee waiver of $5,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with an offer to an undergraduate degree
  • Scholarship Link

The International Secondary School Merit Scholarship program of Ryerson University provides financial assistance to international students with commendable academic and leadership profiles in their secondary studies, intending to take an undergraduate degree overseas. This scholarship is an entrance, merit-based scholarship program offered exclusively to a handful of applicants qualifying for the grant.

Interested applicants must be a graduate of a recognized and approved international secondary curriculum within their countries and have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership skills. Applicants must also have not taken any credit units or any other post-secondary coursework before application. Applicants must also be an offer-holder to a full-time undergraduate degree program. Collaborative Nursing applicants would not be considered to apply for the scholarship.

This Ryerson University scholarship requires a minimum of 85% grade point average in their secondary studies is required for all applicants. The selection committee will use the applicant’s admission requirements to screen eligibility, along with a requested personal statement to students passing the minimum requirements of the scholarship program. Applicants should demonstrate academic merit and leadership potential in the personal statement requested for the qualifiers.

The selection committee will notify applicants satisfying the qualifications to confirm acceptance of the scholarship offer through email. Upon approval of the offer, grantees will receive a tuition fee waiver of $5,000 on their entrance tuition fees and shall not be renewed in the succeeding academic years.

3. Geoff Boyes International Entrance Award

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition Fee reduction of $2,500
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with an offer to an undergraduate program offered in Ryerson University – Faculty of Science
  • Scholarship Link

A graduate of undergraduate degrees in Math, Physics, and Chemistry, the late Geoff Boyes was one of the remarkable faculty members of the Ryerson University – Faculty of Science. As a mathematics professor, Boyes contributed to the advancement of mathematics education at Ryerson until his retirement in 2014. In his passing, he endowed Ryerson University with a grant to financially support academically capable but financially challenged international students wanting to study for an undergraduate degree at Ryerson University.

The Geoff Boyes International Entrance Award is one of the faculty-based entrance scholarships open to international students with an offer to an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Sciences at Ryerson University. As an entrance scholarship, this award is automatically given to qualified students based on the Student Awards and Scholarships Office screening.

Interested applicants must pass the minimum admission requirements for an undergraduate degree in Ryerson University – Faculty of Science. Admission requirements include a certain level of English language proficiency and a passing secondary school grade point average. However, as a merit-based scholarship, applicants must present grades above average to compete with other applicants.

All enrollees of undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Science are assessed for eligibility to receive the scholarship. With only two slots available per year, the selection process evaluates all applicants based on their academic merit and financial need in the event of multiple candidates. Two successful applicants will be selected and immediately notified to accept the entrance scholarship grant of $2,500, in the form of a tuition fee waiver in their first year of study.

There is a myriad of scholarship programs available for undergraduate international students of Ryerson University. To know more about them, visit the Scholarships and Awards page of Ryerson University – International Undergraduate Admissions webpage.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Ryerson University

1. Ryerson International Student Scholarship (RISS)

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee waiver of $7,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with an offer to a doctoral degree in Engineering
  • Degree Offered: Doctoral Degrees in Engineering
  • Scholarship Link

The Ryerson International Student Scholarship at Ryerson University remains to be the only exclusive graduate scholarship for international students. It provides financial support to international students with an offer to a postgraduate doctoral degree in Engineering at Ryerson University – Yeates School of Graduate Studies.

All international students with an offer to an engineering doctoral degree are automatically screened for eligibility to receive the scholarship offer from Ryerson University. However, as a competitive scholarship grant, students must demonstrate a strong academic record to compete with other students vying for a slot in the scholarship grant. In cases of multiple candidates, financial need is taken into consideration.

Only a number of applicants will be selected by the scholarship committee, with slots depending on the total amount of funding from other sources provided. Qualified students will be notified to accept the scholarship offer, amounting to a non-refundable, non-renewable tuition fee waiver of $7,000.

There are other scholarships available at Ryerson University – Yeates School of Graduate Studies. Most scholarships are offered to both Canadian and International students. To know more about them, visit the Scholarships and Awards page of Ryerson University – Graduate Studies website.


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