Russian Government Scholarships for International Students

Russian universities are well-known when it comes to education. They offer high-quality education with a wide variety of educational programs for their aspiring students. They are not only open with their local citizens but also provide opportunities for high-quality education for foreign students through scholarship grants. The Russian government scholarships are given annually to 18,000 Russians who decide to study abroad and for foreigners who want to study in Russia.

Studying in Russia is advantageous for someone’s career. If you want to get into a globally recognized yet affordable and has a quality education, you should consider studying in Russia.

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Scholarship Awards for Russian Government Scholarship

Anyone can apply for a state scholarship if they pass the entrance exam or Uniform State Examination (EGE). Once granted, the students can access free tuition for the entire duration of their chosen program. A monthly maintenance allowance of RUB 1,484 and dormitory accommodation, if available, can be awarded for students who were granted the Russian Government Scholarships.

Postgraduate students have a monthly maintenance allowance of RUB 2,921. International students who are finishing their internships in professional training or career advancement do not have maintenance allowance but are given dormitory accommodation in their university. Students can receive more financial assistance through applying to the embassy of their own country in Russia.

Russian is used as the main language in courses. There are some special programs which used English or French. Students who will choose between English or French are subject to an interview to know their language competency level.

A preparatory course in Russian will be granted if you need to improve your knowledge on your chosen field. You are also eligible to learn general education subjects. This course can only take a year. Failing to pass the examination will result in the cancellation of the free tuition.

On the other note, the grant does not include travel costs, health insurance, living expenses, and transfer to a university.

Eligibility Criteria for Russian Government Scholarship

Foreign students are eligible to apply for Russian Government Scholarships if the following criteria and standards are met.

If you are applying for Bachelor’s or Specialist’s Program, having a complete document on secondary school is necessary. For the Master’s Program, it is required to have a Bachelor’s Degree or Specialist’s Degree with a course span of at least four years. For Postgraduate Programs, you should have a Master’s Degree with a course duration of at least two years or a Specialist’s Degree with a course duration of at least five years. For Postgraduate Medical Program, it is needed to have a degree in any higher medical, dental, or pharmaceutical education.

Russian Government Scholarship Deadlines

Applications for the Russian Government Scholarship normally start in late June. Foreign students are expected to process their applications as early as February because of the requirements and procedures. Every October 1st of the year, the application dates are updated on universities’ websites.

Once you process your application, it would normally take around ten days for you to get a response from the university. Their reply will include all the following details that you need to know regarding your application such as programs offered, necessary requirements, fees, and deadlines. You can create your account for the scholarship grant at this link.

How do I apply for Russian Government Scholarships?

To apply for a scholarship grant, firstly, you need to look for the necessary information for international students. The details that you need can be accessed at study in Russia. You can get information about fees, scholarships, available programs, inclusion in scholarship grants, universities, courses, and other essential details. You can also check these postings at the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian Embassy in your country.

After that, you should contact the united operator (which can be the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo or the Russian Embassy) in your country to know the availability of programs and scholarships assigned to your country. The scholarship and courses allocation depends on the association of your country with Russia.

The third step for applying to Russian Government scholarships is to register on their website, answer the electronic form provided on the portal, and submit your application online. In the application form, you need to fill up your personal information (such as full name, date of birth, country of residence, e-mail, and contact number), profession or field of study you wish to apply, current education level, and level of Russian.

You are eligible to choose up to six universities you would like to study (universities available within the quota), but no more than three in one Federal Constituency, in Moscow, and St. Petersburg. You will also ask to list the universities you choose in descending order base on your preference. The hard copies of the documents needed can be submitted to the united operator – representative of Rossotrudnichestvo or the Russian Embassy.

After the registration, you need to wait for an invitation in the selection process such as examinations and interviews. The united operator can post the schedule on the official website or e-mail directly (this feature depends on your country of origin). The lists that state the results will be released through the same means – official website or e-mail for successful candidates.

If you see your name on the list of successful candidates, you need to prepare for a medical certificate confirming that you are physically healthy and there’s no reason for the country to not accept you based on your health, including the result of an HIV test. In submitting these documents, you can attach them in the electronic form and submit them online or send a hard copy to any united operator.

Your information will be sent to the central office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Moscow. After that, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation will add it to their database. You can access the information system and track your application status once you received your ID.

Lastly, wait for the confirmation letter regarding your application. You can get the confirmation letter from the united operator in your country.


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