Romanian Government Scholarships for International Students

To develop better leaders and promote local culture, Romania offered the Romanian Government Scholarship to international students. It is a fully funded scholarship supported by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All expenses range from education and living costs are funded by the MFA. The programs proposed include a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctoral degree.

Applications are available to foreign citizens of non-European nations. Almost 85 scholarships are being awarded to deserving candidates every year. Romanian Government Scholarship is open for international applicants until late April every year. If you want to pursue your studies in your chosen field, you should consider studying in Romania.

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Scholarship Awards for Romanian Government Scholarship

Romanian Government Scholarship is a fully-funded program for international students by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The deserving candidates of the program are entitled to different awards and benefits.

The rightful recipients will have the opportunity to study the course they want to learn in Romania for free. Accommodation is also free of charge through the university dormitory. The program that the recipient applied to will determine the amount of the monthly stipend they will get.

For undergraduate students, 65 EURO are awarded to them monthly. For students who are taking master’s degrees, 75 EURO are given to them monthly. For postgraduate students, 85 EURO are allotted to them monthly.

On the other side, the scholarship grant does not cover the international transport of the student. Therefore, the student is the one responsible for the airfare. Also, students will shoulder additional expenses like domestic travel within the borders during the study period.

Eligibility Criteria for Romanian Government Scholarship

International students from non-EU countries are eligible to apply for a Romanian Government Scholarship. There is also an age requirement for the scholarship grant. Students can take the Bachelor and Master Degree if they are not more than 35 years of age and 45 years for Doctoral Degree.

There are different year lengths for each program. For a Bachelor’s Degree, the course runs for 3 to 6 years and ends with a bachelor’s exam. For a Master’s Degree, the course can range from 1, 1.5, or 2 years of study and ends with a dissertation exam. For Doctoral Degree, the program can be from 3 to 5 years and ends with a presentation of a Ph.D. thesis.

The Romanian Government Scholarship offered various academic fields to its applicants. The courses include Engineering, Architecture, Romanian Culture and Civilization, Visual Arts, Agricultural Sciences, Oil and Gas, Education Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Technical Studies, Journalism, Political and Administrative Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine. Not included courses in the scope of the scholarship grant are the fields of Medicine, Dental Medicine, and Pharmacy.

The language of study used in the whole course is Romanian. A candidate who takes a bachelor’s or master’s should take a year of Romanian language course if they do not know it. On the other hand, postgraduate students can opt for Romanian or a foreign language in studies set by the doctoral school.

To proceed, an applicant must submit the necessary documents needed for the application process and follow the set deadlines strictly. These documents are as follows: scanned copies of academic transcripts (either in English, French, or Romanian), birth certificate, letter of acceptance, scanned copy of passport, and letter of intent.

For applying postgraduate students, a curriculum vitae is a must. The list of the requirement for the scholarship is available in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Romanian Government Scholarship Deadlines

The enrollment period for the Romanian Government Scholarship starts on May 1 each year. On the other hand, the deadline for submission of application is March 31 in the following year.

Candidates have the responsibility to inquire about the relevant dates and conditions on the scholarship grant. They can ask for this through browsing the web or checking the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Failure to submit the required documents on time will be deemed ineligible.

How do I apply for Romanian Government Scholarship?

To start with the application process, the applicants may browse the list of universities that offer Romanian Government Scholarships to international citizens. Unlike other scholarships, the applicant doesn’t need to send an application separately to the accredited universities. The Romanian Government Scholarship will assign the applicant’s university according to their eligibility.

All applicants who want to apply for the Romanian Government Scholarship need to submit the application files in the electronic or physical format of the diplomatic missions of Romania.

Take note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not process the application process. Therefore, applications should not be submitted to them. When the candidate applied directly to the registry offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Research, or to the e-mail addresses of the MFA departments, it will not be taken into consideration and automatically rejected.

The application files are the different necessary documents for the process of application. It can range from educational-related records to work-related documents. The list of the requirement for the scholarship is available in the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the committee process the applications, the results will be announced on July 15 every year to each diplomatic mission. For awarded candidates, a “Letter of acceptance for studies in Romania” will be issued by the Ministry of Education and Research. This letter gives details on the obligation of the candidate – Romanian language preparatory year and the higher education institutions.

For a student to get a long-stay visa for enrollment, the “Letter of acceptance for studies in Romania” needs to be acquired. After receiving the letter of acceptance, the student must submit a letter of response about the acceptance or refusal of the scholarship or request a long study visa. The request will be sent through the Romanian diplomatic mission to which the student passed the application.

When the awarded student submitted the applications through foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Bucharest, the Ministry of Foreign Offers will contact them to ask about their response to the letter regarding the acceptance or refusal of the scholarship or request a long study visa.