7 Best Master’s in Public Health Programs in Switzerland

Switzerland is associated not only with chocolate, watches, and knives but also with prestigious educational institutions. Most universities in the country have international relations and worldwide recognition. Therefore, studying in Switzerland is an excellent way to improve one’s social networks and attain high-quality degrees. Last but not least, both adventure lovers and nature addicts will enjoy it here, due to extreme sport opportunities and the scenic landscape.

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Cost of Studying Master’s in Public Health in Switzerland

In general, studying medicine in Switzerland is one of the costliest programs. As a result of this, yearly tuition fees for a Master’s in Public Health are between 10000 and 29000€. It is good to know that several courses are advertised online, which can reduce costs. For instance, Robert Kennedy College offers the Public Health online training for 12000 CHF (11200€), while the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute charges 31000 CHF (29000€) for the offline course.

Besides tuition fees, students also have to pay for living costs, which can be rather high due to the advanced standards of living. Monthly expenses for students might range from 1200 to 1700€. Not surprisingly, the two most expensive countries are Zurich and Geneva, so students living in the countryside might be able to budget more effectively.

Requirements to Study Swiss Master’s in Health Programs

Requirements for studying Public Health Master’s in the country are generally high and taken seriously, but they might vary depending on the institution. ETH Zurich requires applicants to hold a BSC or BA degree in a medicine-related discipline. In the specific admission description, many courses are also listed in which the candidate needs to have achieved excellent results. Also, as that particular course is in English, proof of C1 knowledge of English is a preliminary condition, but exam types are not prescribed.

At Robert Kennedy College candidates need to present a BSC or BA degree, some years of professional experience and at least band 6.5 in IELTS, but those who do not meet these conditions can still prove to be successful based on the interview.

In What Languages Do You Study MPH in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, most Public Health Master’s are based on international perspectives and cooperation. For this reason, international students are welcome and the language of instruction is English in these cases.

A quick look at the homepage of the International Health Management program run by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute confirms this. However, there are some exceptions, such as another course by the same organization, MPH ‒ Master of Public Health, where the language of studies is German.

Universities in Switzerland with Master’s in Public Health

1. University of Bern

The University of Bern can be found in the capital of Switzerland and is one of the best Swiss universities that offer a Master’s in Public Health. It currently operates with 8 faculties and over 150 institutes. One of them is the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM), which is in charge of public health education, but in reality, the program is the result of a cooperation between the universities of Basel, Bern, and Zürich.

Due to the expertise of different universities, the Interuniversity Public Health Education course integrates a variety of perspectives and is mostly practical and problem-focused. Areas covered are health management, promotion, prevention, policies, and economics. In possession of the certificate attained here, individuals can take jobs in the healthcare system, at non-profit organizations, at research facilities, etc.

2. Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is one of the best institutes in Switzerland that offers a Master’s in Public Health. This institute is a public organization related to the University of Basel. Five departments operate within the institute, focusing on epidemiology, public health, infection biology, diagnostics, and parasitology. The school aims to make an impact at the national and international levels and concentrates its activity mostly on low- and middle-income countries.

The Master of Public Health training program’s primary focus is to investigate public health issues from a variety of perspectives. These include epidemiological considerations, scientific findings, and policies. The aim is to prepare attendees for problem-solving and health management in different countries.

3. Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute

Another program advertised by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute is more for international applicants, as the language of instruction is English. The course prioritizes international cooperation interdisciplinary approach as solutions to public health issues. It is highly recommended for managers, future leaders, and educators in the health sector.

4. Robert Kennedy College

Robert Kennedy College, located in Zürich, is a private school specializing in high-quality online courses. The flexibility of time schedules and the latest online methodology can make the school attractive to those considering attending courses while working or studying something else full-time. At present, about 5000 students take this opportunity from 130 countries. The college can also be proud of its partner institutions, like the University of Cumbria, the University of Salford, and York St John University. With the help of these schools, students can also combine their online courses with offline ones.

The MBA Public Health Management course is one of the online courses offered by Robert Kennedy College. This training’s main principle is the holistic approach to health issues, but it also teaches students to analyze, evaluate situations, and take action to improve health conditions in a certain region.

5. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

ETH Zurich cherishes values that are traditionally Swiss: individual responsibility, freedom, open-minded attitude, and entrepreneurial spirit. Even at its foundation, in 1855, the institute was born as a place to promote innovation and knowledge. The school creates the ideal settings for research, motivation, and critical thinking. Another purpose of ETH Zurich is to help tackle global problems.

Those who would like to learn how science and technology can be of effective service for human health should attend the Health Sciences and Technology Master’s course at ETH Zurich. The course encourages students to picture the entire human body as a whole and also in detail, and investigate how the contemporary lifestyle, technology, and society can influence our lifestyle. Several specializations can be chosen at the Master’s: Human Health, Nutrition, and Environment, Medical Technology, Human Movement Science and Sport, Molecular Health Sciences, and Neurosciences.

6. BVS Business-School Switzerland

BVS Business School belongs to the Benedict Schools, the biggest network of private schools in the country. The centers of the institutions are in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, and St. Gallen.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Health Management is a program aimed at health professionals willing to take on leading roles. Lectures emphasize the balance of theory and practice, as well as international dimensions.

7. FHS St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences

FHS St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences is committed to supporting economic, technological, and social development in Switzerland. About 3300 students attend the university, which maintains interdisciplinary perspectives in all disciplines.

According to the course description of MAS in Health Service Management, successful health management practices can mitigate tensions between individuals and organizations. Knowledge about health management and the law is inevitable to achieve these goals. FHS St Gallen equips course participants with all the necessary skills and knowledge needed for this.


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