5 Best Master’s in Public Health Careers: What can you do with MPH Degree?

So, you already finished your studies, got your degree, paid all your student loans and you are now ready to go off and venture into the world by starting your career. But the problem is, you do not know what career path you should take and how should you assess if that path is right and enough for you. You know that you have the skills and the eligibility (your degree) for you to take any job that you are passionate about and is related to the education you have taken. From there, this article is here to help you to choose and take the career path that will be suitable for you and your conditions. And in this article, people who have a master’s degree in Public Health should be glad because we are here to help you take your first step towards success.

First, before applying for a job or a career, you need to consider and fully understand what your degree means and what kind of people will hire those who have this degree. A Master of Public Health is a professional, non-thesis graduate degree that is used to improve the health of the public or the population worldwide. With that said, it means that being a holder of this degree means that you are committed to helping people than saving lives. So, with that in mind, your line of work lies in careers in a field that will improve the social, economic, and environmental health of the public so you will have a wide variety of careers available to choose from.

Currently, the main issues involving public health are food security and lack of access to good nutrition, violence, and trauma for the members of the community that experienced them, and inaccessible healthcare systems that need improvement to help the population. So, here are some of the jobs or careers for Master’s in Public Health graduates.

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How much can a Master’s in Public Health Graduates Make?

With a master’s degree in public health and landing a good job or career in line with that degree, you can earn at least 40,000 USD a year as a starting salary and may have ended up earning 162,000 USD at most. This salary range is for when you find a decent job and ended up being a regular at it. Many jobs could you more or less of this salary depending on the conditions of the job. You will also see how Master’s in Public health careers are evolving because of how the governments support the public health systems of the countries to focus on preventive care for the masses. With this said, below are some of the possible careers that you might take interest in.

Possible Careers for Master’s in Public Health Graduates

1. Biostatistician

  • Average Salary: $86,000
  • Possible Employers: Government, Scientific Research Institutions, Colleges and Universities, and Private Companies

We start our list of the Master’s in Publich Helath careers with Biostatisticians, which are an important asset to the public healthcare system of a country. They interconnect biology to different branches of sciences which are mathematics and statistics. Collection, analysis, summary, and hypothesis of data that are done through biological research in medicine and agriculture.

They are trained to take measures and analyze the factors that could affect the well-being of the public and population, including anything that lives in an ecosystem. They are the brains and strategists of the public health sectors in a country and they take actions when they determine what elements should be discarded or added to the public to have the best health course for the community.

2. Environmental Health Scientists

  • Average Salary: $63,000
  • Possible Employers: Government, Science Research Institutions, Personal

Another possible career for MPH graduates is environmental health scientists. They, on the other hand, focus on outside extremities, particularly the environment, that might and could affect the public positively or negatively. One of their tasks is to collect data such as environmental samples for scientific analysis. This will help them assess threats to the environment. Moreover, from this data, they could develop sustainable plans that could help the environment and prevent disasters that might endanger the general public and other relating factors for such matters.

Currently, there are more than 90,000 environmental health scientists employed throughout the United States, and they are mostly employed by either any of the three branches of the government. They will have a huge responsibility once they got hired in the government because the choice of what to do in the environment depends on them.

3. Healthcare Administrators

  • Average Salary: $99,000
  • Possible Employers: Government, scientific research institutions, and private sectors

Those who oversee the operations of a company’s, an organization’s, or even the country’s healthcare system is the job description of healthcare administrators. They are responsible for organizing, developing plans, and managing the system for the benefit of the public. They try to find ways to give people access to the greatest quality healthcare system services available that could, in any way, help the general population.

They are usually found working in hospitals and government offices in which their main goal is to ensure smooth operations of the system. Aside from this, one of their objectives is to reach everyone who needs and requires healthcare assistance. However, being an administrator means that you have at least two or more years of experience in jobs related to the course. Healthcare administrators are another type of job that Master’s in Public Health graduates can pursue.

4. Registered Nurses

  • Average Salary: $72,000
  • Possible Employers: Government, military, hospitals, private sectors, and businesses

Registered nurses are the most sought out profession by many students after graduating or getting their Master’s degree in Public Health. Aside from the high salary that they could get, working as a nurse, particularly in public hospitals or government-owned health facilities could get you many benefits and help from the hospitals.

Most nurses have their free full medical check-ups regularly when they get to work at public hospitals and in some lucky cases, they even got to receive medications for free. Their main objective when they will be assigned in hospital wards was mainly for nursing and caring for the patients, giving them medication and necessary needs for recovery. The people who want to get on this profession should be flexible and fast with their abilities because most of the time, they would face war especially if emergencies will be often.

5. Dieticians and Nutritionists

  • Average Salary: $61,000
  • Possible Employers: Government, military, hospitals, private sectors, businesses, colleges, and universities

The last on our list of top careers for Master’s in Public Health graduates is dieticians and nutritionists. Their responsibilities lie in suggesting a patient’s diet and nutrition and make them have a longer life after assessing his or her current condition. Their main goals or objectives are to create meal plans might it be weekly, monthly, or even yearly. They try to improve not just the body’s condition but also the lifestyle of the patient.


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