7 Best Master’s in Public Health Programs in Philippines

Diverse cultural heritage, tropical climate, fascinating scenery – the Philippines certainly has a great deal of experience and sights to offer to visitors. Also, if you are considering gaining some academic experience abroad, the Philippines is the perfect destination for you, since the structure and level of the country’s tertiary education system are rather impressive.

There is a great variety of courses to choose from, but the ones connected to the field of Medicine and Public Health are especially recommended. In this article, we will be looking at the best MPH programs in the Philippines.

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Cost of Studying Master’s in Public Health in the Philippines

Studying in the Philippines appears to be quite affordable as compared to other countries. Tuition fees for medical universities cost 80-1700 USD per year on average. To illustrate this, at the University of Santo Tomas, the annual fee equals 1540 USD (76753 PHP – Philippines Peso).

Living costs are also significantly lower than you would expect. About 370 USD (18000 PHP) can comfortably cover the monthly costs for anyone living in the Philippines. In addition, students opting for dormitory accommodation and making compromises can lower this amount even to 160 USD (8000 PHP).

Requirements to Study MPH in the Philippines

Applicants willing to be admitted to Public Health Master’s in the country must be in possession of a Bachelor’s degree. There is no general requirement concerning the type of BA or BSC degree; however, some universities require that it has to be connected to science/ medicine or the candidate has to provide proof of 1-2 years of health-related work experience.

For example, application conditions of the University of Santo Tomas also require a Bachelor’s degree, an IELTS exam (at least band 6,5), and a minimum of 2 years of work experience in a public health institution.

According to the rules set by the University of the Philippines-Manila, candidates should have graduation certificates from approved medical schools. Also, those who completed training in nursing, dentistry, engineering, veterinary medicine, hold a BSC degree in science, and have a year of experience in public healthcare, can also apply successfully.

In What Languages Do You Study Master’s in Public Health in the Philippines?

Another incentive for foreigners to study in the Philippines is the fact that the medium of instruction in university education is English. It is also stated on the website of several schools, such as the Gullas College of Medicine. Thus, international students with good command of English face no difficulties getting admitted.

Universities in the Philippines with Master’s in Public Health

1. University of the Philippines-Manila

The University of the Philippines-Manila offers a variety of degree programs, mostly in health-related subjects (Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc.). The institution tends to promote 21st-century learning and teaching strategies, as well as innovative programs.

One of the university units is The College of Public Health (CPH), which cherishes values like honor, excellence, nationalism, commitment, and professionalism. Students who enter the 12-month Master of Public health program will gain valuable knowledge about ways to improve community health and will be provided field practice and research opportunities.

2. University of Santo Tomas

The University of Santo Tomas in Manila is Asia’s oldest existing university and it can be identified with core values like commitment, competence, and compassion. The school offers 40 graduate programs in several disciplines, ranging from business and engineering to health. Community development is a prioritized area of the university.

This university in the Philippines offers Master of Public Health programs for international students. The training investigates public health issues from an international perspective with special regard to certain (mostly poor) Asian regions. However, students also spend 4 months in Leeds, in the framework of a collaborative program between The University of Santo Tomas and the University of Leeds.

3. Saint Louis University

Education at Saint Louis University in Baguio City targets the whole person, the mind, the spirit, and the heart, according to their mission statement. The institution is a well-recognized catholic university, the oldest ones in the Philippines. International relations are strongly present here as well; as a result, Saint Louis University has a campus in Madrid, too.

The Master of Science in Public Health program combines clinical research and analysis based on population-related data. Attendees can choose from two major specializations: behavioral science and epidemiology. Both branches incorporate public health education, but the first one focuses primarily on research methodology, whereas the second one deals with biostatistics and epidemics, too. Chances of finding a job after the training are quite high; 99% of graduates are successful in this respect within a year after graduation.

4. Ateneo de Zamboanga University

The next university in the Philippines with MPH degrees is the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, a Catholic university belonging to the Jesuits in Zamboanga. The institution is proud of its problem-based approach and experimental teaching and learning methodology. Also, the curriculum incorporates the flexibility needed to adapt to the changing community and healthcare system patterns.

The Master of Public Health program is a well-structured course that includes traditional topics of medicine and investigates them from political, economic, and cultural viewpoints. Critical thinking and analysis are key competencies to be improved here. The course also puts emphasis on leadership skills, system improvement, awareness-raising techniques, and prevention of illnesses.

5. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay

Integrity, commitment, social responsibility, and compassion are the key expressions that describe the vision of the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay, which is located in Quezon City. The institution is a renowned medical school and healthcare facility at the same time.

As for degree training, the institution offers a wide range of them. The Master of Science in Public Health has a highly theory-based curriculum that targets students who tend to continue their career in scientific grounds after the training. Epidemiology, statistics, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, strategic management, and research techniques are core parts of the program.

6. Jose Rizal Memorial State University

Jose Rizal Memorial State University can be found in Quezon City. Five academic departments are parts of the institution: the College of Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, and Graduate Program. This non-profit organization is also a memento for former president Jose Rizal. UERM Memorial Hospital, where different services and research facilities are available, is part of the university too.

The Master of Public Health degree is offered at this Filipino university and is part of its College of Medicine. The university is specialized in the training of excellent health professionals who follow the holistic approach and engage in lifelong learning. At the same time, programs meet the growing demands of the employment market.

7. Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

The final university in the Philippines with a Master’s in Public Health is the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, which promotes Adventist values besides high-quality courses. The school is situated in Silang, in the province of Cavite. Campus life and school events are also characterized by the Adventist spirit and a strong sense of community.

The Master of Public health degree is based on scientific principles as well as biblical studies. There are different specializations to choose from: Nutrition, Health Ministry and Health Promotion, and Nutrition.


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