5 Best Master’s in Data Science Programs in France

Today’s fast-paced and information-driven environment has made Data Science one of the most popular university programs across the world. The field focuses on in-depth analysis of information to formulate insights that are invaluable across industries. Because of its increasing demand, many professionals are now looking towards a Data Science-related career path. In this article, we will be looking at top Master’s in Data Science programs in France.

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Is France a good place to study Master’s in Data Science?

In France, universities offer programs in various fields such fashion, medicine, food and cuisine, as well as science and technology. On average, French universities cater to over 1.5 million students annually, ten percent of which are international students from different parts of the world.

According to a report published by Indeed, the demand for data scientists increases by 29% year-on-year. There are many Data Science-related job opportunities in France. A Payscale report showed that an entry-level data scientist in France earns about EUR 39,000 (USD 45,479) annually. Glassdoor also noted that the average salary of a data scientist based in the French capital, Paris, reaches EUR 46,000 (USD 53,629) per year.

Due to France’s high number of international students, English is often the language of instruction in most universities, although the ability to speak French is an asset.

Cost of Studying Master’s in Data Science in France

The cost of studying Master’s in Data Science in France typically starts at EUR 20,000 (USD 23,322) per year. The cost, however, will depend on several factors such as miscellaneous fees, location of the university, and the cost of living in the specific French city or town.

Undergraduate programs in French public universities typically cost around EUR 190 (USD 222) annually. Meanwhile, the average fee for a Master’s and Doctoral degree is around EUR 260 (USD 303) and EUR 396 (USD 462), respectively. Specialized degrees have higher fees but will still depend on the structure of the program.

In private universities, tuition fees start at EUR 1,500 (USD 1,749) and can reach up to EUR 20,000 (USD 23,322) per year. Costs in business schools range between EUR 5,000 (USD 5,831) and EUR 7,000 (USD 8,163) per year.

Universities in France with Master’s in Data Science

1. CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School

Managed by faculty members from two of the most prestigious universities in Europe (ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupélec), this Master’s in Data Science program offers a wide range of knowledge, including in business analytics and digital strategy. CentraleSupélec and ESSEC Business School is the best university in France to study Master’s in Data Science.

Due to its top-notch structure and quality, the program was ranked 3rd worldwide and 1st in Europe by QS. The Master’s degree is also accredited by the French government, which means that students can readily work in Europe or pursue doctoral studies after graduation. Most of the students in this program have educational background and work experience in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Economics.

Other world-renowned ESSEC programs include its Master of Science in Management, which ranked 3rd worldwide in 2019. Meanwhile, QS Global World Rankings 2021 placed CentraleSupélec at rank #138.

2. École Polytechnique and HEC Paris

This two-year Master’s in Data Science program is perfect for international students who want to hone their skills in various fields, especially in data science and business management.

The first year of the program, which centers on scientific and mathematical courses, is conducted at École Polytechnique. There will also be a four-month internship in well-known companies in the data science field. For the second year, students will stay at HEC Paris to apply their new theoretical and strategic knowledge to solve complex problems in different fields. In the second semester, three specialization tracks are also offered: data manager, data entrepreneur, and data consultant.

3. EDHEC Business School

The next university in our list of top Master’s in Data Science Programs in France is EDHEC Business School. EDHEC Business School’s Data Science program is effective in preparing students in the workplace having a 91% employability rate in Europe. The program is focused in developing decision-making and critical thinking skills. It also provides opportunities in the field of research as it hones students’ quantitative analysis skills.

The program has two special features. First is the 4 to 6 months internship that helps expand networks and set career paths at an international scale. Second is the Master Project, wherein students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in doing applied research. Some of its focus fields are artificial intelligence, customer intelligence and analytics, data visualization, web analytics, and data security.

EDHEC Business School’s other programs have also been recognized internationally. Its Master’s in Finance program was ranked 5th worldwide in 2020 by The Financial Times.

4. SKEMA Business School

This program was awarded the SMBG Innovation Award in 2015 and is known for being multi-disciplinary, giving students the knowledge across lucrative fields such as marketing and information technology. Its structure has been built in coordination with big companies to ensure that enrollees will have better job opportunities. There are available scholarships amounting to about EUR 5,400 (USD 6,296). As a result, we consider SKEMA Business School as one of the best French universities with Master’s in Data Science.

SKEMA operates in various campuses internationally and its France campus, which has over 2,000 students, is located in Lille.

5. Toulouse Business School

The final university in our list of best universities in France with Master’s in Data Science is Toulouse Business School. Its Data Science program was developed in collaboration with top-notch businesses and industry leaders to give students a competitive edge on the fields such as computer science, economics, and management. The program’s strength includes two certifications that are recognized worldwide – Data Visualization: Tableau Desktop Specialist and Data Science: DELL EMC Data Science Associate. It is also CGE-quality certified, which means that it is one of the top business schools in France. The CGE label is also an advantage for those who plan to work in France or other French territories.

The Toulouse Business School has partnerships with over 200 universities worldwide, creating more international exchange opportunities for students.


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