Macquarie University Scholarships for International Students

Macquarie University is a public university that’s located in Sydney, Australia. It’s a highly prestigious university that ranks among the top in the world. It features an amazing array of studies to choose from, with five faculties, a hospital, and a graduate school. The campus itself attracts many students because of its parkland view. There are also many top companies around the vicinity of the campus, allowing students to have more hands-on experience.

This university is popular among international students because of the number of scholarships available at Macquarie University for international students. Macquarie University also boasts the largest student exchange program in Australia. The university is widely renowned for producing highly capable graduates. It is no mystery why many national and international students, both national and international, seek admission to this University.

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Macquarie University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Macquarie University

1. Europe – Macquarie University Early Acceptance Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to 10,000 AUD
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to European Nationals only. Eligible applicants must have already received and accepted an admission offer into the university, meet the university’s English language requirements, and must have already paid the commencement fee.
  • Scholarship Link

There are deadlines for when the commencement fees must be paid. The deadline varies depending on the students’ choice of study. Please refer to the University website to find out the exact deadline.

There will be no separate application for this scholarship. Applicants will automatically be assessed for eligibility for this Macquarie University scholarship when applying for admission to the University. Applicants will immediately be informed of their eligibility once they’ve received their course offer letter.

2. UAC International Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: 10,000 AUD
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to Most Nationals. Eligible regions include North America, the Middle East, Oceania, or East Asia. Eligible applicants must apply for admission through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and be accepted into a Bachelor’s Degree at the University. They must also meet the University’s Academic and English requirements.
  • Scholarship Link

There are only limited slots for this scholarship. The university recommends applying and accepting your admission offer as soon as possible to have a higher chance of securing a slot.

Interested applicants do not need a separate application for this scholarship at Macquarie University. Applicants applying for University admission will automatically be assessed for their eligibility for this scholarship. Those who meet the criteria will receive the scholarship along with their University admission letter.

3. Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to 10,000 AUD
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all Nationals. Eligible applicants must exhibit academic excellence, meet the GPA requirements for their degree level, meet the English requirements of the University, and must have received and accepted an admission offer from the University.
  • Scholarship Link

This is a highly competitive scholarship and will be awarded to students with high academic merit. Any student that has received any other scholarship at Macquarie University will not be eligible for this scholarship.

Applicants must complete an online scholarship form. The scholarship form requires a Macquarie University Student Number, which can be attained by applying to a separate online course application form.

Macquarie University has a wide range of scholarships available to international students. There are many more options that we have not included in this article. If none of the scholarships mentioned above is what you are looking for, please refer to the University Scholarship Page.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Macquarie University

1. Australian Government Scholarship – Australia Award Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition Fees
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to most Nationals. Eligible regions are Asia, the Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East. Eligible applicants must meet and maintain a specific GPA and must be prepared to take extra English courses.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s or Research
  • Scholarship Link

There are different opening dates and deadlines for each country. Please refer to the Australia Awards website for your country’s opening and closing dates. This is a highly competitive scholarship at Macquarie University. Scholars that are awarded this scholarship will be expected to leave Australia for a minimum of two years to give back to their country.

This scholarship includes full tuition fees along with the student’s airfare, living expenses, medical insurance, extra English course fees, and a study material allowance.

2. MGSM Scholarship and Awards

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to 25% of Full Tuition Fees
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all Nationals, including Australian Nationals. Eligible applicants must have a strong university record from their undergraduate degree that demonstrates a high Grade Point Average (GPA). Or alternatively, a minimum of 5 years of work experience if the student has no undergraduate degree. They must also be able to provide proof of financial need, leadership accomplishments, and a proficiency in English.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

This Macquarie University scholarship is highly competitive and the Committee does not award scholarships to all applicants. Along with the Scholarship Application, the applicant will be required to write an essay on why they should be awarded this scholarship.

Shortlisted applicants will also be required to undergo an interview, either face-to-face or online.

3. Fulbright Program

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition Fees for one year
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to U.S citizens only. Applicants must exhibit academic, professional, or artistic excellence. They must also maintain a specific Grade Point Average (GPA) throughout their course of study, and showcase leadership potential.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s or Research
  • Scholarship Link

The application process is lengthy. Applicants will be shortlisted through a National recruitment process, an open competition which will then lead to an even more stringent selection process and will be subject to by the Board.

Applications for this scholarship will be open once a year, yearly. The application deadline is generally in October but is subject to change.

This Macquarie University scholarship is also open only for specific courses of study. There are only 8,000 grants to be awarded each year, which means that this scholarship is highly competitive and merit-based.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Australia Scholarships Page.