Lund University Scholarships for International Students

Lund University repeatedly ranks amongst the top 100 universities in the world. It was established in 1666 making it one of the oldest universities in Scandinavia. Around a quarter of the university’s student population are from overseas, perhaps because it offers the most subjects taught in the English language in Sweden. So why are international students so drawn to Lund University?

If you are from a country within the EU/EEA, Sweden does not require any tuition fees! However, if you are from a country in the rest of the world, do not worry as the below scholarships at Lund University could help you out with living expenses or tuition fees, or both!

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Lund University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Lund University

1. Lund University Global Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: full or partial tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility Criteria: hold citizenship in a country outside the EEA/EU, and completed a full application for either a bachelor’s or master’s
  • Degree Offered: bachelor’s or master’s
  • Scholarship Link

Lund University offers an impressive $1.8million to students through this scholarship each year. This scholarship is intended to attract students with consistently high grades from all over the world. The university wants to acknowledge these students and reward them by covering their tuition fees in full or part. The amount of tuition fee covered depends on the amount of funds available and not the performance of the applicant.

To apply for this scholarship at Lund University, you must have completed a full application to the university. You will then have to upload a 600-word letter of motivation that explains your previous academic performance and why you are applying to Lund University. Those chosen will be able to demonstrate academic excellence and a strong passion to study at the university.

2. Good Lawyers/ Good People Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $1,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: currently studying or accepted to study Law
  • Degree Offered: bachelor’s

Simeone and Miller are personal injury attorneys based in Washington DC. They are offering a one-off scholarship payment of $1,000 to bachelor’s students of Law.

The application process is straightforward, all you need to do is submit a written statement of no more than 1000 words or provide a 3–5-minute video presentation. The content of the application must explain how you believe the law can be used to improve people’s lives. You can explain this through your personal experiences, people that inspire you, or your future accomplishments.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Lund University

1. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee waiver, a monthly payment of SEK 10,000 along with other benefits
  • Eligibility Criteria: hold citizenship in an eligible country, completed a minimum of 3,000 hours of work experience, and demonstrate leadership experience
  • Degree Offered: master’s
  • Scholarship Link

This is a unique scholarship available at Lund University as it aims to develop future leaders who will contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Awardees are also expected to contribute to the creation of positive and sustainable development in their home country. There are 42 eligible countries, featured on the scholarship’s page. Applicants must hold citizenship in one of the countries but do not have to be living there.

To prove you have an excellent work ethic, you must have completed 3,000 hours of work experience at no more than three different places to qualify for this scholarship. On top of this, you must prove leadership experience where you have influenced development or strategy in a workplace, this could be as part of your employment.

2. European Joint Master’s Programmes (Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters scholarships)

  • Scholarship Amount: tuition fee, travel, and living allowance (amount varies depending on the course)
  • Eligibility Criteria: studying at master’s level and obtained a first higher education degree or equivalent
  • Degree Offered: master’s
  • Scholarship Link

Each department offers a slightly different variation of this scholarship, so ensure you are looking on your department’s page for more specific information. Hopeful applicants should also apply through their department’s page. Erasmus+ funds this scholarship and they are looking for the best-ranked student applicants worldwide.

A joint master’s experience means collecting your degree from more than one university. So, if you love to travel and want to experience studying around the world, apply for this scholarship available at Lund University!

3. Ingvar Kamprad Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: SEK 104 400 per year (about EUR 10 000) and/or a full tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility Criteria: admitted to the Master’s Programme in Industrial Design
  • Degree Offered: master’s
  • Scholarship Link

The Ingvar Kamprad scholarship offers two awards to those studying for a master’s degree in Industrial Design. One is a tuition fee waiver, and the other offers help with living expenses. Applicants are permitted to apply for one or both. The living expenses scholarship offers about €10,000 for each year of study which aims to cover accommodation and other expenditures.

To apply for this Lund University scholarship, upload an application form and a letter of motivation explaining why you could benefit from the scholarship money.

4. The Söderberg Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee waiver
  • Eligibility Criteria: completed an application to study a master’s degree in Management and hold citizenship in a country outside the EU/EAA and Switzerland
  • Degree Offered: master’s
  • Scholarship Link

You will be able to apply for this Lund University scholarship once you have completed your admission to the master’s degree in Management. It offers a full tuition fee waiver to those who can demonstrate a strong academic history and a desire to study at Lund University.


Lund University offers many more scholarships on its website. There are loads of grants and scholarships available that target students from specific countries. So, check out the list to see if your country is featured.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.