Laval University Scholarships for International Students

Laval University is one of the critical Canadian universities contributing to cultural, social, and technological development. Founded in 1663 in Quebec City, Canada, the Laval University continues to be a renowned French-speaking university that ranks among the best universities in the world.

With over 45,000 students, 230 student associations, and 326,000 alumni, Laval University drives progress and development at the national and international levels. Its inclusive community provides a welcoming environment for local and international students. Fortunately, Laval University offers several scholarship and funding opportunities to prospective international students applying for undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

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Laval University Scholarships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships at Laval University

1. Scholarships in Canada (DFATD)

  • Scholarship Amount: CAD 12,700
  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must come from the eligible countries listed on the scholarship link. Applicants must be enrolled and fully paid in a full-time program at a tertiary institution or university during their exchange application. Applicants who are recipients of other Canadian Government Scholarships may not apply.
  • Scholarship Link

Funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development, the Canada Scholarship Program allows several students from eligible countries to pursue higher education at a post-secondary Canadian institution. Available to undergraduate and postgraduate applicants, this scholarship program grants CAD 10,200 for a 4-month academic program and CAD 12,700 for a 6-month program. Every year, the DFATD selects several applicants based on their academic merit and research potential.

To apply for this scholarship available at Laval University, you must first check and verify if you meet the requirements of the Canadian Scholarship Program and Laval University’s training or research internship. Once you are sure that you meet the eligibility requirements, you must submit a commitment form to Laval University and wait for an invitation. Furthermore, you must also complete the immigration procedures and secure an eligible Visa to study in Canada. Once the faculty has reviewed your application, a professor shall endorse you to the University’s International Office. Finally, the International Office of the University will decide whether to forward your application to DFATD.

2. Citizens’ Scholarship and Citizens of the World – Excellence Section

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000 to $15,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: International applicants who completed the admission process in a full-time Bachelor’s or master’s degree program at Laval University are welcome to apply. Waitlisted applicants may not apply.
  • Scholarship Link

The Citizens’ scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships at Laval University offered to international students wishing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate program. This scholarship aims to attract highly talented individuals from different countries to study at Laval University. Every year, the faculties of the Laval University select a varying number of applicants based on their academic merit and background. The scholarship amount ranges from $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the offering faculty.

To apply, you must complete your application at Laval University as soon as possible. For this scholarship, there is no separate application form to submit. Once you have completed your application at a specific faculty at Laval University, you shall automatically be considered by the scholarship board if you meet the requirements for the excellence component at your desired faculty.

3. Politis-Glezos Scholarship Fund for Greek Students

  • Scholarship Amount: $6,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must be of Greek descent or origin. Applicants must have completed the registration process for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program at Laval University. International and local applicants are welcome to apply.
  • Scholarship Link

The Politis-Glezos Scholarship grants applicants of Greek origin or descent to pursue a higher education degree at Laval University. This scholarship focuses on giving grants to eligible students facing financial difficulties or unfavorable circumstances. The selected applicant receives $6,000 in two equal installments. At the end of an academic term, the selected applicant may resubmit an application and receive this scholarship a maximum of two times.

To apply, you must complete a separate application form for this scholarship. You also need to submit other relevant documents, such as your birth certificate, to prove your Greek descent or origin on or before the scholarship deadline.

These are only some of the best scholarships offered both to undergraduate and postgraduate international applicants. If you are looking for other undergraduate scholarships specific to your desired faculty, you may visit Laval University’s official undergraduate scholarships page.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Laval University

1. Recruitment Scholarships for Doctoral Studies in Economics

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000 to $18,000 CA
  • Eligibility Criteria: Local and International applicants are welcome to apply. Applicants must have a strong motivation to pursue a master’s degree in their chosen field of study. Applicants who have taken courses in Economics are preferred.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

The Recruitment Scholarships for Doctoral studies in Economics aim to encourage students from different fields to pursue doctoral studies in Economics. Funded by the faculty of social sciences at Laval University, this scholarship program grants several scholarships both to foreign and local applicants yearly. Like most Laval University scholarships, the applicants are chosen based on their academic merit and research potential.

To apply, interested applicants must complete their registration at an eligible master’s program and submit the required documents to the registrar. Forward the same documents via email to the faculty member in charge of the scholarship program.

2. Citizen’s Scholarship and Citizens of the World – Commitment Section

  • Scholarship Amount: $ 20,000 (Master’s) to $ 30,000 (Ph.D.)
  • Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must have received a definite offer from a full-time graduate or doctoral program at Laval University. International applicants must show a strong commitment to one or more fields of study or activity. Applicants who received this scholarship may also resubmit an application for the next academic term.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Link

The Citizen’s Scholarship is an exclusive study grant given to deserving graduate and postgraduate applicants. This scholarship aims to drive civic engagement and instill leadership values to highly motivated individuals from different countries. Unlike other scholarships, you may receive this postgraduate scholarship even if you are a recipient of the Excellence component of the Citizen’s scholarship. You may also renew your application after one year of receiving this scholarship grant.

To apply, you must complete the online application form for this scholarship. It is advisable to complete your registration at Laval University before you proceed with the online scholarship application form. In your application, you need to specify the name of a qualified respondent, one who is not your relative or friend, to vouch for your involvement and achievements as a citizen. Furthermore, your referee must also submit a referral letter before the scholarship deadline. The university shall notify you thru email once your referee and respondent have completed their forms.

3. Université Laval Doctoral Admission Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $2,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Local and international applicants admitted to a full-time doctoral program for the first time at Laval University may apply. Furthermore, applicants must not be holders of other postgraduate scholarship programs offered at Laval University for international students.
  • Degree Offered: Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Link

The Doctoral admission scholarship aims to attract more prospective students to study doctoral programs at Laval University. Every year, several doctorate applicants receive this scholarship based on their academic excellence and research potential. The amount starts at $2,000 usable to pay the tuition fees.

To proceed with your application, you must complete your registration to a doctoral program at Laval University. No separate form needs to be submitted by the applicant. If you are eligible to apply, the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office shall notify you before the university’s scheduled deadline for withdrawing courses. If you are a part-time applicant, the scholarship office may still consider you for the grant. To verify your eligibility for this Laval University scholarship, you may also reach out to their office.

Laval University continues to lead development and innovation in multidisciplinary fields. The scholarships mentioned in this article are only some of the scholarships offered by Laval University. You may find other scholarships and study grants offered at Laval University on their official Scholarships database.


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