Lakehead University Scholarships for International Students

As one of the universities of the Province of Ontario, Lakehead University remains to be one of the flagship universities within the province and has shown some promise in the field of education and research. Dedicated to fostering a dynamic and diverse learning community, Lakehead University also invites international students to experience Canadian higher education through their university.

If you plan to study at this prestigious university, read along to find more about Lakehead University scholarships.

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Lakehead University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship at Lakehead University

1. Lakehead University International Entrance Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee reduction ranging from $6,000 to $40,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Incoming international students for a bachelor’s degree
  • Scholarship Link

Offered as the university’s sole undergraduate financial assistance program, the International Entrance Scholarships provide aid to privately funded international students with exemplary academic performance in their secondary education. This Lakehead University scholarship is competitive and is only given to a handful of applicants with standout academic merit.

With screening procedures reliant on the applicant’s academic standing, the International Entrance Scholarship aims to incentivize international students with remarkable academic achievements by assisting them financially in receiving quality Canadian education. The amount and conditions of the scholarship depend on which grade brackets the applicant’s general weighted average on their secondary school falls into.

Applicants with at least 75% Canadian-equivalent grade will receive one-year financial assistance amounting to $6,000. Those with grades within the bracket of 80% to 89.9% will enjoy a tuition fee reduction of $7,500 per year, amounting to $30,000 for four years of stay. Meanwhile, applicants with commendable Canadian-equivalent grades of at least 90% will be receiving a yearly financial aid of $10,000 automatically discounted in their tuition fees. The slots for each bracket are only limited to a specific number of applicants depending on the university’s fiscal budget.

The International Entrance Scholarships are automatically granted to students based on their academic placing, thus needing no separate application. Grantees will be receiving financial assistance solely in the form of a tuition fee reduction. Encashment of these scholarships is virtually impossible. Grantees may also receive the scholarship in their succeeding years of study given that their grades fall within the brackets set by the scholarship committee, and shall pass all enrolled units throughout their stay in the university.

Canadian Universities such as Lakehead University offer limited scholarship grants for undergraduate students. However, private institutions and education-funding organizations may open scholarships for international undergraduate students on occasions. You may check them on the Scholarships page of EduCanada’s website.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Lakehead University

1. Ontario Trillium Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Scholarship grant of $40,000 annually
  • Eligibility Criteria: Incoming international students with an offer for a doctoral degree
  • Degree Offered: Doctoral Degrees
  • Scholarship Link

To attract more exemplary international students to study in Ontario and to build capacity for universities to develop in various levels of expertise in different fields with a high degree of internationalization, the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development and Lakehead University co-funded a scholarship program tailor-fitted for graduate students from different countries around the world.

With the trend of educational globalization in mind, the Province of Ontario, through the Ontario Trillium Scholarships, aims to foster cultural diversity and uphold excellence in different learning fields by attracting international students intending to take a graduate program in Lakehead University possessing qualities such as leadership, academic excellence, and passion for education.

The mentioned qualifications will become the basis of the selection committee to handpick deserving candidates to receive financial aid and the prestige of being one of the grantees of a very competitive scholarship program. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development provides liberty to the scholarship selection committee in determining the number of grantees depending on their capacity to sponsor each financially.

Interested applicants are requested to submit a duly filled application form, and documents such as transcripts of records, curriculum vitae, certificates, and other documents as the university may deem necessary to apply for this scholarship available at Lakehead University. These application files shall be assessed based on the criteria mentioned beforehand and shall be shortlisted to a handful of applicants.

Successful applicants will be receiving a generous scholarship grant of $40,000 annually, for two to three years, depending on the applicant’s duration of the study. Grantees may receive the scholarship grant for subsequent years of study provided that they have enrolled full-time in their programs and have not failed a credit unit in the previous semester.

2. Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Annual scholarship grant of $60,000 (including an annual travel allowance of $20,000)
  • Eligibility Criteria: Offer holder of a Doctoral degree in a Canadian university
  • Degree Offered: Doctoral Degrees in Canadian Human Sciences and Humanities
  • Scholarship Link

In memory of Canada’s former Prime Minister, the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation has dedicated itself to being a platform for the youth to achieve their fullest potential and become cutting-edge leaders through higher education to help their institutions and communities. And as an extension to its vision, the foundation offers the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Scholarship for offer-holders of a doctoral degree intended to study further the Canadian nuances in the field of humanities and human sciences.

The scholarship in Lakehead University is open to both Canadian and Non-Canadian citizens holding an offer to a doctoral degree with an emphasis on humanities and human sciences. To be eligible, applicants will be enrolling in a doctoral degree full-time. Applicants must also be dedicated to conducting doctoral research that coincides with any of the four foundation themes: Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, People and their Natural Environment.

Applicants will be screened based on their academic excellence and intellectual capacity, commitment, and openness to engaging with diverse communities, agility and resilience, and leadership above all. As a leadership-themed scholarship grant, merits will be given to applications who have demonstrated the potential of being a leader through involvement with socio-civic and co-curricular organizations, leadership roles in community initiatives, and other similar engagements.

Interested applicants may submit their applications online or ask assistance from the Lakehead University’s Scholarships Office. Either way, a duly filled application form and supporting documents will be requested from the applicants for the selection process. Once submitted, applicants will go through a rigorous selection process, with phase one being shortlisting based on the credentials submitted. Applicants who successfully passed the first phase will advance to individual interviews, in which a final list of grantees will be made. Successful applicants will be notified to receive the scholarship offer and review the scholarship’s terms and conditions.

There are only limited scholarship programs offered for international students planning to study in Canada, and most of them are competitive in nature. To know more about other scholarship grants you may apply for, visit the Scholarships page of EduCanada’s website.


Please also visit the Canada Scholarships Page for more information about studying in Canada!