Konkuk University Scholarships for International Students

Konkuk University has been one of Korea’s most internationalized universities due to its ability to host large numbers of enrollees from different parts of the world. Konkuk University has also displayed immense academic growth in the past years, succeeding international recognition from distinguished academic agencies.

To help international students waiting to pursue their studies in one of the comprehensive private universities in Korea, here are the scholarship programs available at Konkuk University.

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Konkuk University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Konkuk University

1. Seoul Metropolitan Area Scholarships for Private Institutions

  • Scholarship Amount: a minimum of 30% tuition fee decrease
  • Eligibility Criteria: International Students with Excellent Academic Standing
  • Scholarship Link

Offered as one of the leading scholarship programs for currently enrolled international students, Konkuk University awards the merit-based Seoul Metropolitan Area Scholarships for Private Institution to students with exceptional academic performance throughout their studies. This scholarship program is also known as Scholarship Type A and is given throughout institutions within the Seoul Metropolitan Area.

Applicants must be currently enrolled bachelor’s degree students, enrolling complete credit units as prescribed by the university depending on the degree program. Students must also demonstrate exceptional academic standing as reflected in the applicant’s general point average. Other considerations include character records and other program-specific educational policies within the faculties and programs.

The university automatically awards this scholarship grant to students meeting the criteria mentioned. Academic merit is given a great emphasis in choosing the grantees. The institution’s financial capacity is taken into consideration when determining the number of grantees to receive the scholarship grant.

Qualified applicants will receive a minimum of 30% tuition fee discount, automatically reflected in the school billing of applicants per semester. Grantees may enjoy the scholarship benefits for succeeding years, given that grantees remained enrolled full-time in their bachelor’s degree and maintained their good academic standing.

2. Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee scholarship, language course tuition fees, living allowances, and other financial assistance
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with an offer to a bachelor’s degree
  • Scholarship Link

The Korean Government Scholarship Program is the leading scholarship program given by the Korean Government to assist international students with academic merit and financial need. This scholarship program remains one of the prestigious scholarship grants awarded to students of Korean universities due to its highly competitive scene and generous benefits.

Interested applicants must be of good physical and mental health and shall be not older than 25 years old at the time of application. Applicants must also have a grade point average of at least 80% and have attained a level of Korean proficiency required by the university admissions.

Once minimum requirements are met for this scholarship available at Konkuk University, applicants may submit their application forms and documents to support their application through courier mail for assessment. Qualified applicants will receive a full year of Korean language training for free. They shall be granted financial assistance to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs that may incur upon their stay at the university.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Konkuk University

1. Daewoong Foundation Global Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship Amount: Scholarship grant amounting to approximately $1,600
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with an offer to a postgraduate degree in Korean universities
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and Doctoral degrees
  • Scholarship Link

Dedicated to incentivizing students with excellent leadership potential in the fields of global human resource and medical technology development, the Daewoong Foundation, through the Global Scholarship Program, invests in the talents of international students to help them become leaders themselves.

As one of Konkuk University’s prestigious scholarships, the Daewoong Foundation Global Scholarship Program is open to all international students taking up postgraduate degrees, both master’s and doctoral, in medical technology development and allied health sciences. Aside from financial aid, the scholarship program provides its grantees with sufficient social networks and resource-linked platforms, among others, that can help them grow professionally. The foundation aims to build leaders that will start the change within their respective countries through these benefits.

Applicants interested in applying for this Konkuk University scholarship need to achieve a certain degree of Korean proficiency, specifically at TOPIK level 4 or above. Students must also demonstrate a great understanding of Korean culture and have displayed excellent academic performance in their previous years of study. Documents such as a TOPIK certificate, transcript of records, certificate of alien registration, and other documents will be required to screen applicants based on the mentioned criteria.

Applicants with commendable credentials will advance to the series of interviews. Two levels of interviews will be conducted, with applicants passing the first phase going through the second phase interview. The interview sessions will help the selection committee better view the applicant’s character and personality.

After the second interview, the selection committee will select a handful of applicants to receive the scholarship offer and be notified via writing. Upon acceptance, grantees will enjoy a scholarship grant of approximately $1,600, sessions of professional networking, and an opportunity to join the summer work program at Daewoong.

2. POSCO TJ Park Foundation: Scholarship for Asian Students in Korea

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee reduction and a monthly living allowance of $900
  • Eligibility Criteria: Asian Bachelor’s degree holder with an offer for a Postgraduate Degree in Korean universities
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and Doctoral Degrees
  • Scholarship Link

With the great emphasis of POSCO on its corporate social responsibility towards the youth as the future of every nation, the company, through its subsidiary, TJ Park Foundation, offers a scholarship program that capacitates Asian students demonstrating great potential as change-makers with a chance to have free higher education. This scholarship also aimed to unite Asian students and provide them with an opportunity to experience Korean culture.

This scholarship available at Konkuk University is highly competitive. It is only given to selected individuals displaying excellent potential for leadership within their fields of expertise and having demonstrated interest to be immersed in Korean culture and society firsthand. This scholarship program is also geographically bound, exclusively open for Asian students holding a bachelor’s degree and an offer to a postgraduate degree in any Korean university, both master’s and doctoral degrees.

Applicants will undergo a rigorous selection process, which will start with submitting a duly filled application form and other supporting documents such as curriculum vitae, copies of previous publications if applicable, and other documents to support their application. These documents will be the basis of the selection committee to select applicants with demonstrated academic and leadership potential to advance to the next selection stage.

Selected candidates will undergo a series of individual interviews to narrow the selection further. Qualified applicants will be notified about the procedures of accepting the scholarship grant via writing. Upon acceptance of the scholarship, grantees shall enjoy a full tuition fee scholarship and a monthly stipend of $900, which can be received by the applicants from two to three years, depending on the duration of their study.

There are more scholarships programs available to both graduate and undergraduate international students wanting to study in Korea. To know more about them, visit the Study in Korea’s Other Scholarship’s page.


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