Johns Hopkins University Scholarships for International Students

Johns Hopkins University is a university located in Baltimore, Maryland, and is named after its first benefactor. Founded in 1876, it is a private research university and considered to be the first of its kind in the United States. The university has 10 campuses across three different continents and under these campuses are 10 divisions. The campuses are located in Homewood, East Baltimore, Peabody, Harbor East, Washington D.C., Italy, China, and Montgomery County, Columbia, and Laurel in Maryland.

The university aims to encourage research and develop scholars who are excellent in their field through the high-quality education brought by distinguished professors and mentors. Johns Hopkins University is home to excellent and well-rounded scholars who have succeeded and greatly contributed to society. With this, Johns Hopkins University offers various scholarships for International Students in order to spread their excellence and legacy, globally and to make their programs affordable and accessible.

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Johns Hopkins University Scholarships

1. Hopkins Funding

Johns Hopkins University is aware of the need for funding for many students, including international students, thus they provide direct funding for these students themselves in addition to possible private scholarships. About 10% of incoming international students are able to receive this Johns Hopkins University scholarship through their application. Although the average amount received by these students is $25,000, this can be less or more depending on the financial need of the students.

Thus, international students can apply for Hopkins funding depending on whether they feel they have a need for it or not. To apply, students will have to state on their admissions application that they are applying and submit their International Student Certification of Finances Form with the bank verification with the application.

Additionally, they need to submit their CSS Profile and signed copies of the latest income statements of the parents and students in US dollars to the College Board’s IDOC Service. These statements can be a tax return or any other official forms of annual income verification to date. The university will then assess how these students can be provided any financial assistance by the university.

2. Dean’s Master’s Fellowships

  • Johns Hopkins Scholarship Link
  • Eligible Degree: Degrees under the Whiting School of Engineering
  • Scholarship Amount: Half of the tuition for every semester

There are also available scholarships for international students studying for Master’s Degrees at Johns Hopkins University, such as the Dean’s Master’s Fellowships. This is a financial aid program offered for those studying for a Master’s Degree under the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering.

The fellowship is given automatically to those who enroll under the Whiting School of Engineering provided that the student obtained their undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University. This financial aid pays off half of the tuition for every semester, typically for four semesters, but may be extended through a request filed at the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Academic Affairs. This request is still subject to approval.

3. Johns Hopkins SAIS Scholarship

  • Johns Hopkins Scholarship Link
  • Eligible degrees: All Master’s and Doctoral degrees under the School of Advanced International Studies
  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition

This scholarship is given to students who have outstanding performances. It is given specifically to US-minority groups, such as African Americans, Hispanic, or Native American students as long as they are based in Washington, D.C.

As long as the financial aid office deems you eligible in your first year, you may immediately qualify for it in your second year with the same amount, given that you continue meeting the qualifications that they require. Additionally, you may apply for it in your second year for the first time, provided that you have been performing excellently in academics in your first year.

4. Davis United World College Scholars

In partnership with Davis United World College (UWC), this Johns Hopkins University scholarship program is available to students who have graduated from a UWC school. Graduates from any UWC schools who proceed to Johns Hopkins University will automatically be considered as Davis United World College Scholars and they may apply for further need-based financial aid with the Office of Student Financial Services.

5. Siebel Scholarship Program

  • Johns Hopkins Scholarship Link
  • Eligible Degrees: All bioengineering degrees under the Whiting School of Engineering
  • Scholarship amount: Full tuition

Five Siebel Scholarships amounting to one year are given to Hopkins Engineering students whose research is within the bioengineering field and are at the top of their class. Prioritized for this scholarship program are those who showed excellence in their experiences before their graduate program at JHU, and must have finished at least one year of their graduate program at JHU.

If interested, students should contact their department staff in regards to how the internal nomination process will go and it will be depending on the department staff.

6. Assistantship Programs

  • Johns Hopkins Scholarship Link
  • Eligible Degrees: All graduate degrees depending on availability
  • Scholarship amount: Full tuition with a living stipend

There are various teaching and research assistantship programs available at Johns Hopkins University. Graduate students may apply for these different assistantship programs and could be renewed depending on their performance and the recommendation of the academic departments. Students will be receiving full tuition payment and a living stipend for these assistantship programs.

The qualifications for this Johns Hopkins University scholarship will vary depending on each department and the workload may also have different coverages depending on what field the program is for. It is best to contact your department’s financial aid office for any further questions on this and on how to apply and be qualified for these programs.


There are more scholarship programs available for international students at Johns Hopkins University aside from the ones mentioned above. They can be given to undergraduate bachelor’s students, Master’s studies students, or Doctoral students. You can check them out here: Johns Hopkins Scholarship Link and search for the one that is most applicable to you.


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