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IIE Varsity College is one of the private schools of the Independent Insitute of Education, an academic brand in South Africa. It has 8 campuses in the country, including Cape Town, Pretoria, Sandton, and Port Elizabeth. The college offers various degree and diploma programs, as well as short courses and higher certificates. As for the study fields, the college’s academic expertise covers Business Management, Education, Law, Engineering, and Computer and Information Technology.

IIE Varsity College Overview

IIE Varsity College Admissions

In this section, we will go over the admissions at IIE Varsity College. To apply to IIE Varsity College, it is essential that you follow the application procedure found in these pages:

Bachelor's Tuition Fees

The bachelor's tuition fee at IIE Varsity College is from 60,300 Rand to 95,500 Rand per year for domestic students and from 60,300 Rand to 95,500 Rand per year for international students.

Tuition Fee Pages

Here are the official tuition fee pages where we got the information from. Check out these pages for more information on tuition fee of IIE Varsity College:

Bachelor's Courses

Here are some of the bachelor's courses at IIE Varsity College that are being offered:

  • Accounting
  • Arts
  • Civil Engineering
  • Commerce
  • Computer and Information Science in Application Development
  • Laws
  • Social Science

You can take a look at complete list of bachelor's courses at IIE Varsity College in the Bachelor's Courses Page