5 Free Computer Science Universities that Charges No Tuition!

Ever since the age of digitalization began, computer science has become a crucial and fundamental part of our everyday lives. It is becoming more and more important as new technology gets introduced, and new soft wares are developed. Talents in this field are therefore in demand, and this subject has also become one of the most popular ones.

Financial concerns are often a problem for students, but luckily, there are many universities worldwide that offer excellent education and training with little to no cost. If you are interested in studying to become a computer scientist, read on to see the five free universities for studying compute science.

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Free Computer Science Universities

1. Technical University of Mittelhessen

This University offers two programs related to computer science, which are a bachelor’s program and a master’s program in computer science. In accordance with the policy regarding tuition fees in Germany, public universities in all federal states except Baden-Württemberg do not charge tuition fees. Hessen is one of them, so studying computer science at the Technical University of Mittelhessen is free.

For the bachelor program, the language of instruction is in German, and only a small number of courses are mandatory, so students can choose the subjects that interest them from a wide range of optional modules and carve out their own specializations. For the master’s program, the freedom of choosing one’s own courses and specializations remains, and each student can choose a professor to guide them through their postgraduate years. The language of instruction is mainly German with some modules in English.

The fields this university specializes in are currently bioinformatics, business information systems, information systems, technical systems, and web systems. This free computer science school offers an outstanding education in this field, and students will surely receive ample help to develop as professionals in this field.

2. Department of Computer Science – HTWG Hochschule Konstanz

Located in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, international students are liable to pay tuition fees (1,500 EUR per semester). German students, EU/EAA citizens, and refugees, however, do not have to pay tuition fees.

HTWG offers multiple choices in bachelor’s and master’s programs. There are five programs at the bachelor level and two master’s programs. Being a university of applied sciences, the computer science department focuses on the application of technology, and the programs are practical and will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and skills for students to build their careers on.

Being right next to the gorgeous Lake Constance, the border of Switzerland, and the charismatic old town, students can work with excellent academics in a supportive environment while having access to all that a university town has to offer. It is a great location for both academic and personal developments.

3. Department of Computer Science – Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)

The third university on this list is located in Austria, and it is the Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU). Students who are Austrians, EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, and refugees are exempt from paying tuition fees, but international students from other parts of the world are required to pay small fees.

JKU is a public university in Austria, and computer science is one of its strongest fields. The Department of Computer Science at JKU offers bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs for prospective students looking to learn and be trained in this field. There is also a secondary teacher training course for aspiring teachers who want to spread the knowledge of this subject.

JKU is globally recognized and its name can be found on many international rankings. It is also actively participating in exchange programs and is dedicated to giving students the best studying experiences they can have. With so much to offer, the Department of Computer Science within JKU is certainly a great choice for those who want to study in this field.

4. Faculty of Computer Science – University of Vienna

The following university is also in Austria, and it is the University of Vienna. For EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, there are no tuition fees unless they go over the standard duration of studies, while non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens are liable to pay a fee of EUR 726.72. All students, regardless of their country of origin, are required to pay the Student Union’s fee (EUR 20.20).

Being ranked #150 in the world by QS World University Rankings 2021, this university is clearly among the leading institutions worldwide. With programs at all levels, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, students at all levels can find suitable ones for them.

Located in the capital city of Austria, students can enjoy life in a major European city and study in a vibrant as well as a diverse environment. With so many positive attributes, the Faculty of Computer Science within the University of Vienna is definitely one of the top schools for studying in this field.

5. Institute of Computer Science – Masaryk University (MUNI)

The final university on this list takes us to Czechia, and it is the Masaryk University located in the city of Brno. Masaryk University is a free computer science university if you study in Czech (regardless of students’ country of origin) for programs taught in Czech. Programs taught in English are available but studying them will cost students tuition fees.

Not only is Masaryk University the second-largest university in Czechia, but it is also one of the leading universities in this country. The Institute of Computer Science also has a wide range of research foci, it is MUNI’s IT support, and it offers a large number of IT services.

The low cost of living makes Czechia an ideal country for international students looking for high-quality education. Along with its free tuition policy, Czech speakers can benefit from Masaryk University’s outstanding education and training without financial worries.


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