5 Free Business Schools that Charges No Tuition!

Business is an activity that has been present ever since humans came into existence. From the initial exchange of goods in ancient times to the big-scale multinational trading today, business is of interest to people because one can profit from it. For those interested in this field, business schools are great for them because they are the provider of knowledge and skills training in business and management.

Tuition fees are often in the way of promising students an excellent education. Fortunately, many universities worldwide offer free education. Some are free to citizens of a certain area, while others are free for all. This list is here to introduce free business schools in the world for students who wish to study in this field, and established professionals looking for additional training.

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Free Business Schools in the World

1. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

The recommendation that starts this list of free business schools takes us to Denmark’s Copenhagen Business School. EU/EEA citizens can study here for free, while international students from other countries will have to pay tuition fees.

CBS has a reputation of being one of the best, and its performance in world rankings prove that. In 2020, it is ranked by QS subject rankings as the 15th best business school to study business and management worldwide. Not to mention that its master’s program in management is #5 in the world.

This prestigious business school offers a wide range of degree programs, including bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and Ph.D. programs. With an international mindset, CBS offers English-taught programs across all levels of its degree programs, and some are taught in Danish as well. In its never-ending quest to improve itself, CBS will certainly provide its students with education and training that is nothing less than excellent.

2. The University of Mannheim Business School (UMBS)

The following free business school is the University of Mannheim Business School (UMBS). Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, international students at UMBS have to pay EUR 1,500 per semester. However, there are no tuition fees for EU/EAA citizens and international students who have taken Abitur (a qualification exam taken in the final year of secondary school) in Germany.

UMBS, according to QS subject rankings, is one of the top 100 business schools in the world. Its scale is also among the largest in Europe, and it has partner universities all over the world with which it offers double degree programs and exchange programs. UMBS is dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of the school, and its efforts are reflected in world rankings and the accreditations it received.

UMBS is one of the few business schools in the world that have obtained the Triple Crown, which means it is accredited by all three of the most prestigious business school accreditations (AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). With its excellence being internationally recognized, UMBS is certainly a top choice for business students.

3. The University of Cologne Business School

The third business school on this list is the University of Cologne Business School. This business school is among the top 10 in Germany according to QS subject rankings. It is a great choice for international students because its degree programs are free for all regardless of their country of origin.

Being a business school within the third-largest university in Germany, students at this business school have access to the vast array of resources the university has to offer. Whether it is its excellent degree and continuing education programs or its job and internship opportunities, its students benefit from all of them.

Having a global outlook, this free business school offers programs in English, like its EMBA program. This helps to boost students’ and professionals’ employability as well as cultivate their international mindset. Having such excellent attributes, The University of Cologne Business School is definitely a business school worth going to.

4. School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) – Aarhus University

The next business school is also located in Denmark, and it is the School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) within Aarhus University. Like the Copenhagen Business School, BSS is free for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, but international students from other parts of the world are liable to pay tuition fees.

The school’s mission is to make a real positive change in the world, and it achieves this by conducting world-class research and teaching its students with the highest standards. It also offers consultancy services for the public sector, and it has a wide range of degree programs at all different levels.

Being within a university that is constantly ranked as a top 100 university in the world, BSS guarantees quality in its teaching, training, and research. With a promise of excellence, BSS is certainly a top choice for those who are after outstanding education and training in this field.

5. NHH Norwegian School of Economics

The last free business school on this list takes us north to Norway, and it is the NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Due to the education policy of Norway, all public universities are funded by the government, and there are no tuition fees even for international students.

NHH is in partnership with 170 universities worldwide, and together they provide exciting opportunities for exchange programs and double degree programs. Students can gain international experiences from these programs as well as develop professionally and elevating their employability.

Being part of the CEMS Network, an international alliance comprised of top business schools, international companies, and NGOs, NHH is dedicated to training and educating responsible leaders. With outstanding teaching and training and countless opportunities for students, NHH is certainly a great choice for those who want to study business and management.


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