Ewha Womans University Scholarships for International Students

Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea is a Catholic, women-only university poised to propel women of succeeding generations to great heights. Established in 1886 by American missionary Mary F. Scranton, the university believes that women can learn and achieve so much, guided with the spirit of Christianity and equipped with professional and scientific education. Today, the university has expanded to a full education spectrum fit for the women of tomorrow, spanning from kindergarten to doctoral studies. The university offers a range of specialized courses across its 14 undergraduate colleges and 20 graduate faculties. The university features unique courses on translation, interpretation, and foreign language, honing its expertise as well as facilitating globalization through inter-cultural communication in partnership with foreign universities.

Ewha Womans University takes pride in being a pioneer – for both Korea and the world. The university was the first South Korean university to be recognized in 1945 and was also the first university in Korea to open an International Studies Division and offer courses entirely in English. The university also rose to fame on the world stage in establishing the world’s first women’s engineering college in 1996, breaking stereotypes for women to enter STEM courses.

One look at the university’s beautiful underground campus will convince anyone that this university is made for the big leagues. The Ewha Womans University is not only the largest in Korea but is also an architectural feat in itself. Furthermore, the campus is in the middle of bustling Sinchon, Seoul, and surrounded by a bustling student community right outside campus, making it a perfect balance for university life.

Guided by its motto of truth, goodness, and beauty, the university strives to combine scientific truth and Catholic philosophy to mold creative women graduates who will become movers and shakers of society while encouraging harmony through an omnidirectional education. For international women students looking for a holistic, world-class education with a heart, the following scholarships at Ewha Womans University are available.

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Ewha Womans University Scholarships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships at Ewha Womans University

1. Ewha Global Partnership Program

  • Scholarship Amount: full tuition and admission fees waiver, plus housing fee and stipend.
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students from developing countries with leadership potential.
  • Scholarship Link

Women leaders from developing countries will greatly benefit from the university’s Ewha Global Partnership Program. This comprehensive scholarship at Ewha Womans University offers full tuition and admission fees waiver, as well as a housing fee and a stipend to accepted students of all degrees of higher study. Interested applicants must apply through the special admissions process for international students.

The scholarship is valid for eight semesters for freshmen undergraduates, and four years for transfer undergraduates. For Master’s and Doctoral studies, the scholarship lasts for four and six semesters respectively. These durations hold provided students maintain a minimum GPA requirement.

2. International Students Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition and admission fees waiver
  • Eligibility Criteria: All international students
  • Scholarship Link

The International Students Scholarships is a range of tuition-free scholarships of varying durations for students of all degree programs. Interested applicants must apply through the special admissions process for international students. Note that awarded students must maintain a minimum GPA requirement to continue the scholarship.

The ISS F4 scholarships offer accepted undergraduate students a full tuition waiver for a maximum of 8 semesters, while ISS F2 and F1 offer full tuition waivers for undergraduate and postgraduate students for two semesters and one semester respectively.

Finally, the ISS FH1 awards all students with a TOPIK score of level 6 or up. To qualify for this Ewha Woman University scholarship, students must submit a TOPIK score report alongside their application.

3. International Students Scholarships M

  • Scholarship Amount: Varies
  • Eligibility Criteria: All students with TOPIK level 4 score and up; Undergraduate students passing 15 credits in the previous semester or postgraduate students with a GPA of 3.5 and up.
  • Scholarship Link

The ISS M is a merit-based scholarship at Ewha Womans University available for continuing students. All students currently in the university may apply for the next semester. All students must have a TOPIK level 4 score and up, except for the undergraduate Division of International Studies and the postgraduate course on Asian Women’s Studies.

Undergraduate students passing 15 credits in the previous semester or postgraduate students with a GPA of 3.5 and up are eligible to apply. Applicants’ grades must also show high academic performance, as the tuition coverage per student varies based on the ranking of all applicants. The scholarship will be awarded automatically to accepted students.

For more scholarship options, do check out their official website.


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