European Commission Scholarships for International Students

Europe is a great opportunity to develop anyone’s career. Luckily, Europe opened its doors to students under the European Commission Scholarships.

European Commission Scholarships is a fully-funded scholarship grant by the European Commission. This scholarship is widely available for all scholars from all fields as long as they are under European countries. The objective of the scholarship is to develop the excellence of European higher education. They also aim to have equal education for all. This scholarship program allows numerous European institutions to draw highly qualified scholars.

Should you wish to pursue your studies from one of the exclusive countries in your chosen major, you should consider studying in Europe.

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Scholarship Awards for European Commission Scholarships

European Commission Scholarships is a fully-funded program for European countries by the European Commission. Aside from funding the tuition fee of the scholar, they offered added privileges and grants to its deserving scholars while fulfilling their academic program.

The awarded candidate is granted a yearly stipend amounting to EUR 1,000-18,000. This amount will support the living expenses of the student while completing the program. If a scholar attends a conference, there will also be a fund for their participation. A scholar is also entitled to residence funding while having the program.

Moreover, the scholarship will waive the fees for books, literature, and other materials needed by the scholar. The tickets for traveling will also be awarded to the scholar.

The benefits and awards will be given for the entire duration of the European Commission Scholarships program.

Eligibility Criteria for European Commission Scholarships

For aspiring students to be eligible for the program, they must possess the qualities Europe is looking for in its candidates.

Any applicant who wishes to study under European Commission Scholarships must be willing to start their studies on the year of application. It is a requirement that they should be proficient in speaking and writing the English language and must be justified.

On the other note, the eligibility criteria and age limitations depend on the course chosen by the applicant. To know more about the course available, please check your country’s profile on European Commission official website.

European Commission Scholarships Deadlines

The deadline for the application of European Commission Scholarships varies according to the country of origin of the applicant.

The filing of an application for European Commission Scholarships can be before, during, or after the admission process.

To know more about the important dates for the application process, please check your country’s profile on European Commission official website.

How do I apply for European Commission Scholarships?

A procedure should be followed when applying for European Commission Scholarships. It is prescribed for applicants to start their preparations for the scholarship at least a year in advance to have a smooth flow during the administration process.

To start your application process, search for the official website of the  European Commission. Under the country profiles, choose your country of origin. You will see all the important information for your application in that section. The country profiles are the 33 European countries that are in the Erasmus+ program.

Erasmus+ offers a variety of opportunities to the students. It also offers the chance to have a traineeship while completing your study. The following opportunities are being offered by the Erasmus+ program.

  1. For the Studying Abroad Erasmus+ program, they offer to enhance your communication, language, and cultural skills. It is also guaranteed that you will gain soft skills that are an edge for your application with your future employers. The duration of this program can range from 2 months to 12 months.
  2. For the Traineeship Abroad Erasmus+ program, you will be supported to undergo internship, work placements, or anything similar while you are completing your higher education program. The duration of this program can range from 2 months to 12 months.
  3. For the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters program, students should be in a study program for a master’s degree. The duration of this program can range from 12 months to 24 months.
  4. For the Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans,  students can apply for study loans with favorable pay-back terms. This program will help aspiring master’s students support their Master’s courses.
  5. Lastly, the European Commission also offers scholarship grants to students with physical, mental, or health-related conditions under the Erasmus+ program.

Choose a study program and institution that you like to apply to. You will see here the requirements needed for your course or program. Requirements per institution differ. That is why you need to check it from time to time. For a higher level of education, you can check the Higher Education in Europe.

For visas and permits, check the immigration procedure if it is applicable to your program. If it is, prepare the necessary documents given by the immigration authorities. To know more details about the procedure of filing of visa, you may look up the embassy of your country, national information portal, or the  EU immigration portal.

In other programs, accommodation is not provided by the scholarship. It is best to check the information for accommodation on finding accommodation before the start of the school year. For more information, you may contact the international office of your chosen institution.

Different documents need to be prepared for the scholarship.

For the cover letter, the applicant should specify the type of funding they are applying for. For the motivation letter, the applicant should explain why they want to study under the program and why a scholarship is necessary for their studies.

Aside from this, the applicant also needs their curriculum vitae, a copy of passport, transcript of record, diplomas available such as bachelor’s degree or degrees in higher education. Letter of recommendations with the available contact details of the referees is also required.

Moreover, an English language certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS, or any similar certification is needed. All the documents should be in either German or English. If in another language, a certified translation is required for every document.

These documents for the application must be submitted online to the European Commission’s official website.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Europe Scholarships Page.