7 Best Engineering Universities in Korea

South Korea offers a wide range of opportunities in terms of engineering professions. Professionals in the fields of social media engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering are highly demanded. In this article, we will go over the best engineering universities in Korea.

As a rule, employees place a big value on candidates that have IT and technology skills. Besides, engineers in various sectors are expected to be capable of working in teams. Companies and organizations need people that are able to identify issues quickly and solve them efficiently. Finally, professional engineers should be good at project management. The ability is essential for a position in a big international company. This is understandable because such companies often work on a variety of projects simultaneously.

Fluency in Korean is not always a must. However, the ability to communicate fluently in the Korean language allows a person to find a job faster.

So what are the conditions offered in South Korea for engineers? On average, an employee is expected to work at least 52 hours per week. As for salary, it varies depending on location, experience, and set of tasks. As a rule, a qualified engineer earns at least 70-80,000,000 South Korean Wons per year.

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Top Engineering Universities in South Korea

1. Sejong University

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master/Doctoral
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral
  • Language of Instruction: English

The College of Engineering is one of twelve colleges forming the University of Sejong. The courses and programs it offers focus on various aspects of engineering.

At present, there are over 10 bachelor’s degree programs available. All of them can be followed by postgraduate degree studies.

Engineering courses are built to train professional engineers able to think critically and willing to positively change the life of society.

2. Chonnam National University

The school of engineering established in Chonnam University has been providing high-quality education for 50 years. In 2020, it successfully underwent the procedure of accreditation. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs aside, the school also offers many research opportunities.

At this engineering university in Korea, the first year of the course is devoted solely to general or basic subjects. They provide fundamental knowledge. Upon completing the 1st year, students are encouraged to choose a major. They can specialize either in mechanical or automotive engineering.

3. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instruction: English

KAIST is one of the best places to obtain a degree in the field of engineering. Prospective students can choose between education programs of different levels. Besides, the mechanical engineering department has double-degree courses.

Applicants are not asked to define their major at the time of enrollment. In fact, students are expected to do it during their second year of studies. In order to decide on specialization, they may attend academic fairs and seminars.

The bachelor’s degree course in engineering is to provide all the basics necessary for professional practice. The master’s degree course provides a deeper insight into leadership, business strategies, and a set of advanced mechanics subjects. These subjects focus on a variety of special topics within the field of engineering.

4. Chung-Ang University

  • Engineering Program Link: Master/Doctoral
  • Degrees Offered: Master, Doctoral
  • Language of Instruction: Korean

The next school on the list of best engineering universities in Korea is Chung-Ang University. The University’s main priority is to help students develop, grow and convert into professionals. Professionals are dedicated to their job and willing to provide high-quality services. Special attention within the education process is paid to flexibility, creativity, and experiments. Students have the right to create their own study schedule by choosing certain courses they want to study. Besides, they are free to conduct practical experiments to realize original ideas.

Currently, the university has two postgraduate programs focusing on architectural engineering. The master’s degree program lasts 2 years while the doctoral-level course takes up to 4 years to complete. Additionally, a combined master-doctoral program is available.

5. Yonsei University

The integrated science and engineering division was established to provide a solid foundation for an engineering career. The programs are designed so that to pay attention to all basic subjects. For example, nanoscience and energy. Apart from theory, students have many opportunities to practice. They have access to special laboratories and are encouraged to participate in diverse, practical-oriented projects.

The majority of the courses included in the nanoscience and engineering bachelor’s degree program are practical-oriented. Practice is crucial in any education. It is through practice that students learn to research, detect issues and find innovative solutions. The degree is acknowledged worldwide. In other words, graduates will be able to work in Korea and abroad.

6. Korea University

The courses available in the University are offered in two campuses. One of them is located in Seoul and the other one in Sejong. Even though the education process is very intensive and time-consuming, students are encouraged to participate in non-academic activities. Each campus has fully equipped gyms where students can do various physical exercises. Willing students have an opportunity to become student council members and/or volunteers.

At present, this engineering university in Korea offers bachelor and master degree courses in chemical/environmental/civil/mechanical/electrical, and materials science engineering. The courses are built in a standard way, with a 4-year basic program and a 2-year master program.

Students that have questions or need help with certain homework tasks can apply to a special tutoring program. The program is free of charge. As a rule, education within the program is organized in small groups. However, the peer-to-peer format is also available.

7. Yeungnam University

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instruction: Korean

The final school in our list of top engineering universities in Korea is Yeungnam University, which has a long and rich history. Since the very first day of its existence, this higher education institution has been occupied with intensive training and education of future engineers. The total number of students that have successfully obtained a civil engineering degree amounts to approximately 5,500. In the majority of cases, applicants are seeking bachelor’s degree options. However, the University also has postgraduate degree options.

The basic degree program covers general subjects related to engineering. However, students can choose some courses that they want to learn.

Further growth and development of engineers are organized within the master’s degree program. Apart from learning, students are engaged in research activities. Besides, the University’s lecturers take their time to inspire students to create and innovate for the sake of society.


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