Cyprus University of Technology Scholarships for International Students

The Cyprus University of Technology is a public research university located in Limassol, Cyprus. Though it was established only in 2004, it had quickly become one of the top universities in Cyprus and ranks considerably high on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It was established to offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees that were not being offered by other universities in Cyprus.

The Cyprus University of Technology is part of the European University of Technology (EUt+), a league of universities around Europe that focus on technology. The organization promotes sustainable technological developments and a more human-centered approach to science and technology.

You will find in this article that the university encourages students to pursue further studies in technological fields. Most of the scholarships here are funded by the university budget, and any international student is welcome to apply. Below is a list of postgraduate scholarships offered by the Cyprus University of Technology.

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Cyprus University of Technology Scholarships for International Students

Postgraduate Scholarships at the Cyprus University of Technology

1. Scholarship of Academic Excellence

  • Scholarship Amount: fully-waived tuition fees, monthly allowance of €1,200
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be on your first year of any full-time doctorate course
    • must not be employed by the Cyprus University of Technology in any form
    • must not be receiving any other form of scholarship elsewhere
  • Scholarship Link

The Scholarship of Academic Excellence is provided by the Cyprus University of Technology to encourage taking up doctorate degrees. The university aims for at least three awards each year, though more can be given out by specific departments if the candidate is particularly deserving. These Cyprus University of Technology scholarships allow the student to focus on their studies and research without worrying about their financial situation.

Applications are conducted online on the university’s official website. There is an electronic application form you must fill out. You will be asked for your comprehensive resume in a Europass format; a short description (up to 2 pages) of your research topic; at least two reference letters with one coming from your research adviser; and other supporting documents like grades and certificates you feel will support your application. Opening and closing application dates differ each year, so keep your eyes peeled. It will be announced by the Service of Student Affairs and Student Welfare on the school’s website.

You will be evaluated based on the following criteria: your academic performance, extracurricular activities, research proposal and contributions, publications, resume, and letters of recommendation. Your entire application will be graded and ranked by the Special Committee, so make sure your application is as complete as possible.

If chosen, there are terms and conditions you must meet. For example, you must be able to teach four hours a week without pay, and you must also not be employed while under the scholarship. Failure to comply with terms and conditions may lead to your scholarship being terminated or not renewable. For a full list of terms and conditions, please click here.

2. Social Support Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: 50% or 100% of tuition fees
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be enrolled in a masters degree or doctorate
    • must maintain a 6.5/10 grade at the very least at the end of every semester
  • Scholarship Link

The Social Support Scholarship is granted to students taking up their master’s degree or doctorate. It is based on the student’s financial capabilities, and the scholarship can grant either a partial or full tuition fee. Every year, up to 10% of the total eligible student population will have their financial struggles alleviated because of this scholarship.

Much like the Scholarship of Academic Excellence, you will need to submit your application online. Scholarships will be given out after class has already started, so please do not enroll at the Cyprus University of Technology if you do not have sufficient funds to do so. You might not be granted the scholarship. Those who have already paid their tuition fees will be reimbursed by the scholarships team.

Expect the requirements to be more or less the same as those required for the Scholarship of Academic Excellence—comprehensive resume, transcript of records, reference letters, and the like. Because this scholarship is also based on financial need, you may also be asked to submit certificates signifying your situation. Examples of such certificates may be found here.

The start and end of the application period will be posted on the online university news portal or bulletins around campus. You may expect to hear back within a week of your submission.

If chosen for this Cyprus University of Technology scholarship, you must maintain a grade of at least 6.5/10. If you dip lower than that, you will have your scholarship revoked. In some cases, you may even be asked to pay the university back. You will also be required to submit annual reports to the Service of Student Affairs and Student Welfare so they can track your progress.

The Social Support Scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with the Scholarship of Academic Excellence.

3. Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation

  • Scholarship Amount: a variable amount that covers partial tuition fees
  • Eligibility Criteria: must have been accepted to a master’s or doctorate program at the Cyprus University of Technology
  • Scholarship Link

Anastasios G. Leventis (1902-1978) was a Cypriot businessman and philanthropist who dedicated his life to supporting the cultural heritage of Greece and Cyprus. Upon his death, the A.G. Leventis Foundation was established in his honor. Decades later, the organization continues to celebrate the culture and arts of Greece and Cyprus as well as provide philanthropic support to those in need. Every year, the A.G. Leventis Foundation provides scholarships that help Greek and Cypriot people study abroad and help international students study in Greece and Cyprus.

The organization’s educational grants are geared towards postgraduate students and doctoral candidates. They must have already received an acceptance letter from the Cyprus University of Technology before the scholarship deadline.

The application of this scholarship available at Cyprus University of Technology is made up of several sections and should be answered in English only. You will be asked for general information, course details, and academic history. You will also be asked for a personal statement explaining your need for the scholarship and how your chosen course is relevant to your long-term career goals. Additionally, all Ph.D. applicants must provide a summary of their research proposal.

There are supporting documents that need to be uploaded, as well. A reference letter is needed, but you may choose to submit two. Your references should be written in English and should be academic if you’ve completed your last degree within the last five years. For anything beyond that, a non-academic reference is fine. For more details on references, please click here.

Other than the reference letter, you will be asked for a comprehensive resume, an acceptance letter from the Cyprus University of Technology or registration document, transcripts of your grades from secondary school and your undergraduate program, and an ID. For more details on supporting documents, please click here.

You will be judged on your academic skills, financial situation, research proposal, and the clarity of your application. Thus, it’s recommended that you dedicate some time to composing an impressive research proposal and personal statement.

You may apply for the scholarship a maximum of three times.


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