Concordia University Scholarships for International Students

As one of the leading universities in Quebec observing English as the primary medium of instruction, Concordia University has since been one of the preferred universities of international students when planning to study in Canada. This comprehensive public university fosters a diverse academic community, highly regarded by international accrediting agencies.

For international students planning to pursue higher education at Concordia University, different scholarships are available.

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Concordia University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Concordia University

1. Concordia Presidential Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee waiver throughout the duration of the study, together with cash allowances for different expenses
  • Eligibility Criteria: Incoming international students with an offer to an undergraduate degree
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The Concordia Presidential Scholarship remains the most prestigious scholarship award at Concordia University. It is given to incoming international students of exceptional academic backgrounds and can bring out a change within their societies. This scholarship program is open for all international students intending to take any undergraduate programs offered at Concordia University.

Interested applicants for the scholarship must demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential throughout the selection process for grantees. Applicants must have a commendable academic performance in their secondary studies and meet the minimum admission requirements for their desired degree program. Applicants must also exude leadership qualities, as reflected in their engagement to extracurricular and socio-civic activities, assumption of leadership roles in different organizations, and the motivation to start a movement for change.

This scholarship award at Concordia University accepts applicants via nomination from school principals, previous teachers, and guidance counselors. Interested applicants must first seek nomination from any of the mentioned offices. Nominators must submit a completed nomination form and a personal statement of how their nominees fit the qualities searched for by the selection committee.

The nominator shall send the nomination documents to a designated email address as a single PDF file. Submitted papers for nomination will be screened by the ​​Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Committee based on academic merit and leadership potential. Shortlisted candidates will be notified about the process of scholarship offer acceptance through email.

Candidates accepting the offer will receive a full tuition fee waiver for the duration of their study. Other benefits include book allowance and residence and meal plan fees. The scholarship is subject to renewal conditions, which applicants may visit on the Concordia Presidential Scholarship page.

2. Concordia International Scholars

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee waiver throughout the duration of the study
  • Eligibility Criteria: Incoming international students with an offer to an undergraduate degree
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Concordia University offers the Concordia International Scholars Program to support international students with a strong academic background and high-spirited determination to further their education abroad. This scholarship grant aims to give financial assistance to qualified applicants in the form of tuition fee waivers throughout their degree programs.

This scholarship program of Concordia University is open to incoming international students applying for their first undergraduate degree, studying and enrolling full-time in any bachelor’s degree program offered at Concordia University. Applicants should also fulfill their financial obligations such as application fees and have received their eight-digit Concordia student ID number to access the scholarship submission portal.

Being a competitive scholarship, Concordia University selects only two grantees per year to receive the Concordia International Scholars award. The selection committee conducts a rigorous selection process to seek grantees with commendable academic performance in their secondary education, dedication for further education, and resiliency to overcome personal hardships.

The selection committee screens these qualities with the help of the documents included in the application packet of the students. Interested applicants would be submitting a duly filled application form, a current version of the applicant’s curriculum vitae outlining merits, work, and volunteer experiences, and a 1000-word limit personal statement demonstrating resilience in achieving academic excellence. Applicants shall save these documents in one PDF file to upload on the applicant’s MyConcordia student portal.

3. Amy Menon Marleau Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee waiver for one academic year
  • Eligibility Criteria: Incoming undergraduate students to take English Literature degree
  • Scholarship Link

Amy Menon Marleau, a passionate writer, and an active community development advocate, made a mark in the community of Montreal as a whole. Amy played a vital role in various community-based institutions such as Lissadell Ladies Club, The Centaur Theater, and the Montreal Neurological Institute Library. In her passing, his husband, Huber Marleau, endowed Concordia University with a grant to fund incoming undergraduate students that will continue Amy’s passion for English Literature.

To qualify for this scholarship at Concordia University, students must be incoming undergraduate students for an English literature course – either in honors, specialization, or a major. Applicants must also meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements upon admission, along with the academic requirements of the degree programs they have chosen. Applicants must also be willing to enroll full-time for the undergraduate course to be considered for this scholarship.

As an entrance scholarship grant, applicants need no separate application process to apply for this scholarship. The selection committee of Concordia University scholarships will screen applicants based heavily on their academic performance. In some cases, background in English literature, engagement with extracurricular activities relating to creative writing, and financial needs are considered when a decisive choice is needed.

Successful applicants qualifying to receive the grant will be notified of the process of accepting the scholarship offer. Upon acceptance, grantees will receive a full tuition fee waiver for one academic year and is non-renewable.

Other scholarship grants for international undergraduate students are offered in Concordia University, with the majority of them being field-based scholarship grants. To know more about them, visit the Concordia’s Awards List page.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Concordia University

1. Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fee waiver reduction to Quebec rate, amounting to $43,211.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Incoming international students with an offer to a postgraduate degree
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and Doctoral degrees
  • Scholarship Link

The Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence is one of the entrance scholarship programs offered by Concordia University to international students demonstrating academic excellence. This scholarship is only offered to a handful of applicants, holding an offer to any postgraduate degrees – either masters or doctoral degrees of any fields of study.

As a Concordia University entrance scholarship grant, interested applicants will not need to have a separate application process. Upon submission of requirements for admission, students would be automatically screened by Concordia’s Graduate Scholarships Committee for eligibility to receive the scholarship grant.

Qualifying applicants will be notified to accept the scholarship offer and receive a tuition fee waiver reducing the fees to the Quebec rate. The scholarship is valued at approximately $43,211 per grantee.

2. Top Concordian Graduate Entrance Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: One-time tuition fee waiver of $10,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Undergraduate Alumni of Concordia University, holding an offer to a postgraduate degree program
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and Doctoral Degrees
  • Scholarship Link

The Top Concordian Graduate Entrance Scholarships are open to students who have graduated from Concordia University for their undergraduate degree and intend to pursue graduate studies in Concordia School of Graduate Studies This scholarship is offered to alumni with an offer to a postgraduate degree with a thesis-based research program.

As one of the entrance scholarships offered at Concordia University for postgraduate students, applicants won’t need a separate application process. A selection committee will screen applicants based on their admission documents. However, the selection process still will employ minimum requirements, including a CGPA of at least 3.7 and enrollment to credit units for a thesis-based research program. The scholarship committee will notify qualified applicants to receive a one-time tuition fee waiver of $10,000.

Concordia Graduate School offers more scholarships for international students vying for a graduate degree. To know more about other scholarship programs, visit the Awards & funding page of Concordia School of Graduate Studies website.


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