5 Best Computer Science Universities in Italy

To say that technology has revolutionized our way of living may be an understatement. Our “new normal” in the future may include modern technologies such as robots in the workforce, wearable screens, self-driving cars, and robotic guide dogs. In this digital age, where almost everything is possible and available at our fingertips, technology companies are constantly developing products that will enhance our daily lives. Convenience is usually the end goal.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO and one of the pioneers of the personal computer era, once said, “Computer Science is a liberal art”. He further stated that everyone should be exposed to Computer Science and master it to some extent. Computer Science goes way beyond the world of programming. One cannot simply define it as the study of computers. It opens several doors to various industries. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

For students who want to pursue Computer Science, there are various universities, local and international, that offer this academically competitive course. One of which is Italy, the birthplace of renaissance art, good food, unrivaled fashion, and holder of several UNESCO World heritage sites. In this article, we will be going over top computer science universities in Italy.

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Is Italy a good country to study Computer Science?

Italy has numerous private and public universities. Due to its intercontinental learning environment, it is one of the most popular countries for international education.

How much is the cost of studying Computer Science in Italy?

Studying and living in Italy is comparatively affordable compared to other European countries. The average annual tuition for almost all degrees ranges from 850 to 1,000 EUR. Students can choose to study and live in cheaper cities such as Turin or Pisa, or they can indulge in more expensive locations like Milan and Rome.

What Degrees are offered for Computer Science in Italy

Several universities in Italy offer a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. For those who want to pursue higher education, a master’s degree is also available. Computer Science graduates have several options for a professional career. Systems Analyst, Game Developer, Software Engineer, or Web Developer are just some of the many professions they can choose from.

Top Universities in Italy with Computer Science

1. University of Trento

  • Computer Science Program links:
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelors (Italian), Master’s (English)

Founded in 1962, the University of Trento focuses on developing and strengthening its international alliances. Currently, the university consists of more than 16,000 students and around 600 professors. They have strategically partnered with highly distinguished research centers and universities all around the globe and established bilateral agreements. University of Trento is the best computer science university in Italy.

Computer Science students will learn how to solve challenging problems and manage information. Basic computer skills and mathematical knowledge will be highlighted in the fields of information management, programming, and algorithms.

2. Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano)

The Polytechnic University of Milan is Italy’s biggest technical university and the oldest institution in Milan. The University significantly values its quality of research and teaching. It has 7 campuses located in the cities of Como, Lecco, Piacenza, Milano, Cremona, and Mantova. Politecnico di Milano gained a high ranking in the QS World University Rankings for the subject areas of Engineering and Technology, Civil and Structural Engineering, Architecture, Design, and Mechanical, Aerospace Engineering.

As a top university in Italy with strong computer science program, Polytechnic University of Milan has produced several notable alumni and a previous survey indicated that more than 80% of the graduates secure a job within six months.

3. Sapienza University of Rome (Sapienza – Università di Roma)

  • Computer Science Program links:
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Language of Instruction: English

The Sapienza University of Rome, next on our list of best computer science universities in Italy, is one of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The university has more than 113,500 students and 3,300 teachers, and more than 280-degree programmes. The university also prides itself on its several structures. It currently has 54 libraries, 18 museums, 2 sports facilities, 2 hospitals, and a 30-acre Botanical garden, which is one of the largest in the country.

Graduates of the Bachelor’s degree programme will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of applied computing and artificial intelligence. They will not only master the fundamentals but will also be provided with technical training.

Students of the Master’s degree programme will gain the vital skills needed to manage, design, implement, and assess a variety of IT systems. The course will prepare them to effectively handle complex problems and be active contributors to the development of technology.

4. University of Bologna (Alma mater studiorum – Università di Bologna)

  • Computer Science Program links:
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Language of Instruction: Italian

Founded in 1088, the University of Bologna is one of the oldest universities in the world. The university has consistently been listed as one of the top in Italy. It has 5 campuses: Cesena, Rimini, Ravenna, Bologna, and Forlì. The institution has more than 87,000 students, 221-degree programmes, 78 international degree programmes, and 28 libraries.

Students of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes will be furnished with the knowledge, necessary tools, and methods that will help them develop new applications and systems.

5. University of Padua

We end our list of best universities in Italy with computer science programs with the the University of Padua. This university is one of the oldest universities not only in Italy but also in the whole world. Founded in 1222 by a group of teachers and students in the pursuit of academic freedom, this prestigious university has been consistently on the list of the top universities in the country and is also one of the leading institutions in the field of research.

The university offers an extensive list of programmes and has been actively participating in international scenes. There are currently 2 Master’s programmes being offered, one is taught in English and the other in Italian.


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