Commonwealth Scholarships for International Students

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is an executive Non-Departmental Public Body in the United Kingdom that administers scholarships on the government’s behalf. The organization’s mission is to assist outstanding students from Commonwealth nations who would otherwise be unable to study in the United Kingdom. They provide financial assistance to students to accomplish their goals and improve their abilities via various courses.

There are 800 aspiring students who attempt to get a post-graduate degree through this scholarship grant yearly. If you are looking for an opportunity to study in one of the best institutions in the UK, you should consider applying to Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

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Scholarship Awards for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

There are various types of scholarship grants in the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. It ranges from the degree to the income per country.

Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarship (for least developed countries and fragile states) aims to help with the economic growth of commonwealth countries by financially supporting the students with their scientific research. This curriculum benefits students who possess the capacity and drive to do world-class developmental research.

Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarship (for high-income countries) is for applicants from high-income nations interested in studying for a doctorate at a UK university. TheUnited Kingdom’s Department of Education supports the applicants financially.

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship is a grant where students with limited financial capacity have access to the education system in the UK. It allows bright and motivated recipients to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable development.

Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship’s main objective is to enhance high-quality Ph.D. candidates from low- and middle-income Commonwealth nations’ access to UK equipment and knowledge. Individuals who qualify must be graduates who do developmental research and have acknowledged their potential to become famous and outstanding researchers in their respective countries.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarships is intended for applicants from the Commonwealth’s least developed and lower-middle-income nations for full-time master’s study on chosen programs at UK institutions.

Commonwealth Professional Fellowship is advantageous for professionals in their mid-career stages from low- and middle-income countries to spend time working in their area of expertise as part of a professional development program.

Aside from various types of scholarships, recipients are also entitled to different benefits. These benefits depend on the program chosen by the recipient.

For students who are taking a Master’s Degree, free airfare from their country of residence to the UK and a return flight are provided. A living stipend of GBP 1,084 per month will also be awarded to them. Moreover, a warm-clothing allowance, study travel grants, and thesis allowance are applicable with the scholarship grant. If the student is widowed, divorced, or a single parent, a child allowance for the first up to the third child will be given.

For students who are taking a Doctorate Degree, they have the same benefits as the Master’s students starting from airfare to child allowance. Added to these benefits are fieldwork grants, airfare for a midterm visit, and family allowance (spouse and children).

Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission

For the applicants to be eligible for the Commonwealth Scholarship, requirements must be met.

The applicant of any scholarship awards must be a citizen of any commonwealth country or a permanent resident of a developing Commonwealth country. All applicants must be able to start within the given dates of the academic year.

For Ph.D. programs (least developed countries and fragile states), applicants must possess a master’s degree or be in the final year of their program. They should not previously apply to a Ph.D. or MPhil program at another university. The applicant must also have a minimum GPA of 60 percent or higher in social sciences and 65 percent in science. They should not be financially able to attend a university in the United Kingdom.

For Ph.D. programs (high-income nations), candidates must have earned a master’s degree or be in their last year of study. They should not have already applied to another university’s Ph.D. or MPhil program. They should be financially capable of attending a United Kingdom university.

For a Master’s degree program, an applicant should not be enrolled in a master’s program at any university. The age limit is under 40.

He/she should possess a bachelor’s degree and have a minimum score of 60% in Social Science and 65% in science subjects.

For Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships and Commonwealth Shared Scholarships, an applicant should possess a first degree with an upper second class (2:1) honors level and a suitable post-graduate certificate. Finally, the candidate must be financially unable to study in the United Kingdom without this scholarship.

For Commonwealth Professional Fellowship, candidates must have worked full-time for five years. Their work experiences must be linked to the Fellowship course on a part-time or appropriate basis. Volunteer experience is not counted. They must be employed at the time of application and intend to return to that position after the fellowship. The candidate must not have previously held a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship.

Aside from the following criteria, documents are necessary for the application process and shall be uploaded to the online application system.

These documents are proof of citizenship, a transcript of records, two reference letters, and a supporting statement. These documents should not reach the maximum size of 5 MB and must be in the supported format for the application.


Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Deadlines

Different deadlines are set depending on the scholarship program.

The application process for Ph.D. programs (least developed countries and fragile states), Master’s degree program, and Commonwealth Split-site Scholarship start from late September to early November. The deadline for submitting necessary documents is by late November. The deadline for nomination is by late December.

The deadline for the application process for Commonwealth Shared Scholarships and Commonwealth Professional Fellowship normally ends by early April every year.

How do I apply for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission?

To be considered for Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, the applicant must apply via a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), a National Nominating Agency (NNA), or a university. The applicant may begin their application by visiting the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s website for their nation and completing the online process. Applications will be sent directly to the nominating agency in the candidates’ respective countries.


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