Chevening Scholarships for International Students

Commenced in 1983, Chevening Scholarship started to develop potential leaders by giving them access to a one-year master’s degree in the UK. It is well-known due to its competitiveness and has a high standard in choosing the right applicant. This scholarship is awarded to a candidate who showcases leadership skills and has a strong academic background.

A fully-funded Chevening Scholarship grant for international students is great for students. Have an opportunity to continue your graduate studies by applying for a one-year master’s degree at UK universities. You should consider applying for Chevening Scholarship if you like to continue your master’s degree.

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Scholarship Awards for Chevening Scholarship

UK universities are well-known for their high standard process in application and competitiveness. Their passion for developing worldwide leaders reflects on how they handle the application of the scholarship.

The Chevening Scholarship offers more than 1,500 scholarships worldwide. They offer fully-funded assistance. The recipients are also entitled to monthly personal support (or a stipend) that covers their accommodation and living expenses. This monthly support works depending on the recipient’s status. £917 will be given per month when the recipient is outside London and £1134 per month if the recipient is inside London.

In addition to that, the recipients will be given an arrival allowance, events travel top-up allowance and an allowance for the expense of preparation of a thesis or dissertation. Moreover, they are allowed to travel to and from their country of residence as long as it is an approved route.

This scholarship creates an opportunity for its recipient to build a relationship with each other, alumni, the FCDO, and its partner organizations. While studying in the UK, the recipient will access exclusive experiences in the UK’s field of academe and culture.

Eligibility Criteria for Chevening Scholarship

Foreign citizens who are in a Chevening-eligible country or region are allowed to apply for a Chevening Scholarship. They must have a complete undergraduate degree to enable them to enter a postgraduate program. Two years (2,800 hours) of work experience are also required.

The candidates must process their application into three various eligible UK university courses. Before the July deadline, they must receive a scholarship offer from one of their chosen university. They must submit their education records, letter of recommendation, and one UK university offer. It will fully enable them to receive the Chevening Scholarship.

The applicants should choose their courses carefully as they can’t change them once they applied. The submission of the application should be direct to their chosen university. The program must be full-time, start in the autumn term, and lead to a master’s degree requisite.

An applicant who does not achieve all of the eligibility criteria will be deemed ineligible.

Chevening Scholarship Deadlines

Chevening Scholarship application must be done through the official site’s online application system. The application should be submitted before early November at midday (12:00 GMT). The applicants can check the important dates of the application through the Chevening application timeline.

The Chevening application timeline will give the applicants an insight into the overview and selection process of the application. The application process also takes a minimum of eight months that is why it is best to monitor them through the application timeline.

The result of the application will be announced in early June.

How do I apply for Chevening Scholarship?

The request for an application to the Chevening Scholarship must be done through an online application system. It can be accessed through the “apply” button on the applicant’s country Chevening page.

Acquire all the necessary documents for the application such as education records, references, and their final UK university offer. These are the essential documents to enable them in the scholarship grant. The applicants can pass these documents by updating their application in the online application system.

When choosing the courses, they must do it carefully. They will not be able to edit their preferred courses once they submitted their application unless they are permitted to change them during the interview process. The application must be submitted straight to their selected university. It is recommended to process the application for the universities as soon as possible to secure a spot for the scholarship.

After that, they must wait for the result of their application. Once they received an email about the scholarship offer, they are one step ahead in achieving their goal.

To increase the possibility of getting an offer, they can choose to select three similar areas of studies at three various universities. These courses must have the same content and match their present and future career goals.

If the preferred course of the applicant does not appear in the online application system, they must submit their missing course query. It should be done before October (12:00 GMT) for it to be acknowledged before the closing of the application.

References are essential in the Chevening selection process and applicants must choose their referees carefully. An applicant can only submit a two reference letter once their application progress to the next stage. This should be submitted before the given deadline.

The selection committee may contact the candidate’s referees for verification. If the applicant is invited for an interview, the British embassy or high commission in the applicant’s country of residence may request the original copy of the references.

The referees play an integral role in the application status of the applicant. It is the sole reason why the candidate must choose their referee carefully. The referees should know the applicant well, either in academic or professional status.

Another requirement in applying for the Chevening Scholarship is work experience. The Chevening Scholarship requires its candidates to have a minimum of two years of work experience. There are different kinds of employments eligible for the application. It can be full-time or part-time employment, voluntary, or internship.

Work experiences completed before, during, or after the applicant’s undergraduate studies are counted as eligible. However, compulsory employment to reach the undergraduate course are not eligible. The candidates can present a maximum of fifteen work experience.

For guidance in calculating the total working hours, the applicant can check this link.


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