6 Cheapest Universities in Sweden for International Students

Sweden is one of the biggest countries in the European Union and is part of the Scandinavian countries.

It is connected to Denmark and bordered by Finland and Norway. Just as its neighbors in Northern Europe, Sweden has universal healthcare and affordable education, including tertiary education.

Besides this, they are known for being a highly technological and innovative country, as this is where many important inventions have been made, like the pacemaker or Skype.

In this article, we will be looking at the cheapest universities in Sweden for international students!

How do I apply to Universities in Sweden?

International students need to go through a multi-step process in order to study in Sweden. Preparing to study in Sweden can be difficult, so we’ve prepared a guide on How to Study in Sweden for International Students. If you want to know the application requirements, application procedure, and student visa process, read the guide!


How can I afford my studies in Sweden?

There are many international students who study in Sweden even if they are from poor families. They do this by a combination of attending affordable universities, getting scholarships, working, etc. Check out How to Study in Sweden for Free (Complete Guide) to learn more!


What Should I Study in Sweden?

There are many options in Sweden for international students. Here are some of the most recommended options:


5 Useful Facts about Higher Education in Sweden

1. Sweden is a multicultural country

It is estimated that around 2 million people in Sweden have a foreign background, which is huge considering that their population is of 10 million inhabitants approx. This means that the Swedish are used to sharing with people from other countries and interacting with other cultures.

This has not only influenced their society but also their education. Universities warmly receive international students and have adapted programs for them.


2. English-taught programs are pretty common in Swedish Universities

Although Swedish is their official language and there are five national minority languages, universities have many English-taught programs. Actually, most people in Sweden have a good level of English. And not only English! Other languages like Spanish and German are also spoken by some, and some universities have programs in other languages besides English.

3. You can choose between universities and university colleges

In Sweden, bachelor’s degree programs last for three years (180 credits), and master’s degree programs last from one to two years (between 60 and 120 credits). The duration of Ph.D. programs depends on the field of studies and the university.

Sweden has two types of higher education institutions: university colleges, where you can get a bachelor and/or a master’s degree, and universities, where you can get a bachelor’s, a master and/or a doctorate degree.

4. Depending on your nationality, your education could be completely free

International students from Switzerland, the EEA, the European Union, or the Nordic countries won’t have to pay tuition fees.

If you are from any other country, tuition fees usually go from USD 8,000 to USD 15,000 per academic year at cheap Swedish universities. The only exception is for programs in the fields of architecture and design, which can cost between USD 19,000 to USD 28,000 per year.

Bear in mind that their official currency is the Swedish krona (KEK). KEK 100 is around USD 10.


5. The application process should be started as soon as possible

Admissions in Swedish universities will vary according to the university. Some programs, like the ones in the fields of medicine and design, have extra steps. We suggest you to stay alert when you start the application process, since getting a student visa could take a while, and you’ll need a letter of acceptance in order to get it.

Also, each application includes a flat fee of SEK 900 (around USD 900).


Cheap and Free Universities in Other Countries

There are many cheap universities in other countries. Here are some of the great options!

Cheap Universities in Sweden

1. Uppsala University

  • Tuition Fee: From USD 5,300 to USD 7,700 Per Semester.

We start our list of affordable universities in Sweden for international students with Uppsala University. Founded in 1477, which makes it the oldest university among all Nordic countries, Uppsala University is the third best-ranked university in Sweden, with 116th place in the QS World University Ranking. This multidisciplinary institution focuses on research, which is evident if we check their profits: more than half of them go to research.

It has nine faculties that are divided into three domains: Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Medicine and Pharmacy. It also has a teaching hospital, a modern laboratory used for proton therapy (a cancer treatment) and research, a biomedical center, and an observatory. More than 40,000 students receive education in their facilities.

Regarding tuition fees, each program has its own costs. Fees go from SEK 50,000 and SEK 72,500 per semester for both bachelor and master programs. Visit their website to learn more about admissions, financial assistance, and scholarships available!

2. KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

The second best-ranked university in Sweden is the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) with 98th place in the QS World University Ranking. It started its operations almost two centuries ago and is the perfect choice for those who’d like to get a degree in the field of technology.

Its five campuses located in the city of Stockholm host 3,600 students approx. It is divided into five schools of engineering and management, engineering sciences, architecture and the built environment, electrical engineering and computer science, and engineering sciences in chemistry, biotechnology, and health.

As for tuition fees, a complete bachelor’s degree program costs SEK 366,000 (around USD 13,000 per academic year) except for architecture and thus making our list of cheapest universities in Sweden. They provide information about the cost of the full programs.

In the case of master’s degree programs, you’ll have to go to their website to check the price of each one. Prices start at SEK 310,000 for a complete master’s degree program, which would be around SEK 103,000 (USD 10,800 approx.) per academic year.

If you need financial aid, four types of scholarships for master’s degree programs are available.

3. Lund University

The next university on our list of affordable universities in Sweden is Lund University. The best-ranked Swedish university with the 92nd place in the QS World University Ranking and also one of the oldest in the country is Lund University.

More than 40,000 students receive education in its three campuses. The main one is located in the city of Lund, and the other two are in the cities of Malmö and Helsingborg. Its facilities include a hospital, multiple research centers, and a synchrotron radiation laboratory. They are currently building the European Spallation Source (ESS) which will be a research facility and a source of a pulsed neutron.

It has eight faculties of law, engineering, social sciences, economics and management, humanities and theology, fine and performing arts, medicine, and science. It also has a school of aviation.

Tuition fees vary according to the program and the level of study. Check their website and discover the prices for full programs. For the bachelor level of studies, prices start at SEK 300,000 for the complete program (around USD 10,500 per academic year).

4. Malmö University

We move from one of the oldest Swedish universities to the newest one. Malmö University started as a university college in 1998 and received accreditation to become a university in 2018.

Located in the city of Malmö, this institution has over 12,000 students. It is divided into five faculties of culture and society, technology and society, education and society, health and society, and dentistry.

This cheap university in Sweden is partnered with 240 universities around the world and develops dozens of research projects each year. International students are given housing options when starting their programs.

Tuition fees here are SEK 235,000 for the complete programs (around USD 8,300 per academic year). The only exception is for the interaction design program, which costs SEK 425,000 in total (USD 15,000 approx. per academic year). Scholarships are only available for master’s degree programs.

5. Dalarna University College

  • Tuition Fee: From USD 4,600 to USD 7,450 Per Semester

Moving to university colleges, which are usually cheaper options, the Dalarna University College was established less than 50 years ago, in 1977. It has two campuses in Borlänge and Falun.

With around 16,000 students, this university college offers one bachelor’s degree program and 11 master’s degree programs that are fully taught in English. They also offer a Ph.D. in Microdata Analysis thanks to a special accreditation given by the higher education regulatory agency in Sweden.

It is divided into three schools of humanities and media studies, education health and social businesses, and technology and business studies. In the Borlänge campus, they carry out research in the areas of microdata analysis and complex systems.

Tuition fees per semester go from SEK 43,500 to SEK 70,000. This affordable university in Sweden also offers scholarships that cover from 10% to 50% of the fees.

6. Mälardalen University College (MDH)

Also founded in 1977, Mälardalen University College (MDH) focuses on providing education related to the improvement of society, sustainable development, and the implementation of environmentally friendly sources of energy. In fact, this institution was the first one awarded with an environmental certification according to international standards.

This cheap Swedish university has two campuses with four schools of innovation design and engineering, education, culture and communication, healthcare and social welfare, and sustainable development of society and technology. Around 16,000 students chose one of these schools.

MDH offers different international programs that are fully taught in English. These include two bachelor’s degree programs and 14 master’s degree programs.

Their education also focuses on research, which is performed in fields like health and welfare, innovation and product manufacturing, or educational sciences and mathematics.

Tuition fees here depend on the field of studies, which are divided into four categories. Prices go from SEK 98,500 to SEK 260,000 per academic year. They also offer the option of studying specific courses online. In case you need financial aid, they offer a fully-funded scholarship for master’s degree programs only.


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