All 39 Colleges and Universities in Sweden

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Sweden? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Sweden.

In our database, there are a total of 39 institutions in Sweden including Beckmans College of Design, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and Chalmers University of Technology . Out of those institutions, 33 are public and 6 are private. Some of the public institutions are Beckmans College of Design, Blekinge Institute of Technology, and Dalarna University. Some examples of private universities in Sweden are Chalmers University of Technology, Jonkoping University, and Marie Cederschiold College.

In these universities and colleges in Sweden, the total number of students is 543,439, and the total number of international students is 38,691.

1. Beckmans College of Design

The Beckmans College of Design is a university focused on the field of arts and design. This university was established in 1939 and is recognized because it houses around 126 students. This university is located in Lidingo and offers free tuition for normal studies. Students here are only required to pay for the materials needed for the education that is normally done once a year.

2. Blekinge Institute of Technology

The Blekinge Institute of Technology is one of the most well-known technological universities in the country. This university is located in the city of Karlskrona, and it was established in 1989. The main attractive programs at this university are sustainability management, business administration, and computer science, which are supported by some of the best-established facilities for theoretical and practical work.

3. Chalmers University of Technology

The Chalmers University of Technology proves that Swedish private institutions have as much to offer as their public counterparts. It does so by being one of the country's (and the world's) premier universities, placing in the top 200 global charts. The name Chalmers was derived from its first benefactor, William Chalmers, whose donation led to the university's establishment. Mr. Chalmers' generosity sprung forth a top-tier school centered on scientific excellence in technology and the natural sciences. Chalmers is also committed to research and innovation. It coordinates the Graphene Flagship, the EU's largest research initiative. Moreover, the university is working on creating a Swedish quantum computer. These efforts (and more) reflect Chalmers' motto: Avancez or moving forward.

4. Dalarna University

Dalarna University was established in 1977 as the main public university in the region of Falun, Sweden. This university offers all levels of study and is specialized in the fields of economics, applied English linguistics, and international tourism management, from which students can benefit from many support packages in the form of scholarships. The main objective of this university is to improve the literacy rate in the country by supporting formal education.

5. Halmstad University

Halmstad University is a traditional public university that was established in 1983. This university is well-known for providing and offering bachelor's and master's programs in a variety of fields of study, as well as the opportunity to continue their Ph.D. studies for some of the degrees offered. The main advantage that this university possesses is the fact that the tuition fees are affordable, and it also offers almost all programs in both English and Swedish.

6. Jonkoping University

Jonkoping University is dedicated to producing a generation of talented professionals who shall be at the top of their field. The institution provides internationalization, entrepreneurship, and collaboration opportunities, including student exchange programs, research, and more. These three aspects are critical in forwarding professions amid digitalization and globalization. Several specialized programs are offered annually, including marketing, management, design, and more.

7. Karlstad University

Karlstad University has a long history in the field of education. It started its journey as a campus for the University of Gothenburg but later became an independent university. It was recognized as a fully fledged university in 1999. The main advantages of this university are that it offers all levels of study in distinguished fields such as law, economics, and music, from which students can benefit from great educational experiences from renowned professors.

8. Karolinska Institute

The Karolinska Institute, sometimes known as the Royal Caroline Institute, is a research medical university located in the city of Solna, Sweden. This university is well-known amongst international students because of its incredible ratings and amazing facilities. This university accepts the brightest and most talented students, who after graduation go out to become experts in their chosen fields.  

9. Konstfack – University of Arts, Crafts and Design

The Konstfack, or University of Arts, Crafts, and Designis a one-of-a-kind university in Stockholm, Sweden. This university is focused on crafts and designs that equip students with the necessary skills in different fields, such as arts and fashion. The main objective of this university is to offer practical opportunities for students to showcase their natural talents and abilities.

10. Kristianstad University

Kristianstad University was established in 1977 based on the need for a university in the region of Kristianstad, Russia. This university was established as a public university mostly focused on the development of technology and the management of that technology while offering other courses like nursing, business administration, and law. The main idea and aim of this university are to achieve the highest level of educational infrastructure and to help students achieve brilliance in their careers.

11. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

For the QS World University Rankings 2023, the KTH (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan) Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm secured a spot in the elite 100 worldwide. This incredible feat can be attributed to the institution's high quality of education and research. Such impressive quality is made possible by over a century of expertise in engineering and technical disciplines. Thus, when you look into KTH's undergraduate and graduate programs, they are all centered around their specialized fields. This ensures students receive nothing less than premier training.

12. Linkoping University

Since 1975, Linkoping University has become essential to Swedish education history. Besides being the sixth university founded in the country, it was also the first to offer these programs in Sweden: industrial engineering, management, applied physics, electrical engineering, computer science, and computer engineering. After it has grown into a community of four campuses, the institution's drive to contribute more only intensifies. Thus, Linkoping University fiercely promotes innovation and research among its students. In doing so, students learn how to push boundaries and are creative in searching for solutions that address societal problems. Such skills make the university's graduates an asset in and out of Sweden.

13. Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University is a public university located in the city of Växjö, Sweden. Although it is a young university just founded in 2010, it is recognized as one of the best-performing universities in the country. Linnaeus was built on the principle of helping the country by providing top-quality education with affordable tuition fees and great facilities.

14. Lulea University of Technology

The Lulea University of Technology is one of the most established higher-degree universities in the world. This university was founded in 1971 and specializes in the field of technology. It focuses on teaching the most advanced technical procedures and provides modern equipment for students. Several of its programs are conducted in the English language.

15. Lund University

There are few universities in Scandinavia, much less Sweden, that could exceed the academic might of Lund University. This prestigious institution is sought-after in Europe, by locals and international students alike, for its diverse programs, quality education, and high employability of graduates. Such excellence can be attributed to centuries of experience, as Lund University is one of the oldest in Northern Europe. Moreover, it has committed itself to research, which advances society and knowledge. Research also provides opportunities for students to hone skills and better their intellect. All these, and more, affirm the university's reputation in Sweden and worldwide.

16. Malardalens University

Malardalens University is a world-renowned university that offers the best formal education possible. It was established in 1977 and is located in the city of Vasteras, Sweden. Within its modern campuses, the university offers programs in the fields of analytical finance, chamber music, and analytical engineering for both undergraduates and graduates.

17. Malmo University

Malmö University is one of the most well-known universities in its region. This university is a staple of formal education in Sweden. It is known for its affordable prices, open scholarships, and administrative programs that allow students to pursue exceptional academic careers. The university has valuable partnerships with over 240 prestigious universities, giving its students access to more opportunities for learning.

18. Marie Cederschiold College

The Marie Cederschiöld College is a young educational institution that focuses on medical programs. This university, known before as Ersta Sköndal Bräcke College, is an institution that is recognized for having affordable tuition fees and a lot of scholarship options for both domestic and international students.

19. Mid Sweden University

The name Mittuniversitetet, or Mid Sweden University in English, perfectly fits the institution that sits at the heart of Sweden. This two-campus university has campuses in Sundsvall and Östersund, which are geographically convenient. Beyond location, the high education quality and core values also draw students to Mittuniversitetet, whether they are local or foreign. The institution respects fundamental values, such as equality and diversity, foundational to optimized learning. Besides the values, location, and overall excellent education quality, Mid Sweden University ups the bar by providing international or English-taught programs. This makes the transition easier for international students and provides opportunities for locals to pursue English courses.

20. Newman Institute

The Newman Institute is a special institution because it focuses mostly on the quality of the programs instead of the quantity. This university offers various bachelor's and master's degree studies in the fields of theology and philosophy, from which students can gain skills and become experts in their relevant fields. The main objective of this university is to increase the number of programs and students so they can become more relevant.

21. Orebro University

Orebro University is a well-known public university in the Swedish town of Orebro. This university offers master's and doctoral degrees. The main achievement of this university is the incredible alumni that have come through this institution, including great individuals such as Lars Adaktusson, a member of the European Parliament, and Hans Karlsson, a Minister for Employment.

22. Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music, Stockholm, or, as it is known in the native language, Kungliga Musikhögskolan I Stockholm, is a music-oriented university that aims to develop and attain new musical talents from the new talented generation of students. This university was established in 1771 and is officially the oldest musical university in the country. It has served as a reference point for other universities that are currently developing.

23. Royal Institute of Art

The Royal Institute of Art is one of the oldest higher educational institutions and dates back to 1735. This university is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and it is an essential university in the field of fine arts. The main objective of this university is not to have a lot of students but to provide great educational opportunities for talented students.

24. Sodertorn University

The Södertörn University is a well-established public institution that houses over 13,000 domestic and international students that study in fields such as economics, management, and art history. The university is located in Huddinge, Sweden, and was established in 1966. This institution is mostly focused on providing master's degree studies comprised of great professors and excellent teaching facilities.

25. Sophiahemmet University

The Sophiahemmet University is a medical university located in Stockholm, Sweden. This university was established in 1884 and is a credible institution that offers its studies in the Swedish language. The main goal of this prestigious university is to establish better medical and nursing education and raise the medical level in the country.

26. Stockholm School of Economics

There are few schools where you can better learn the ins and outs of finance and business than the Stockholm School of Economics. This private institution is among the best worldwide. Indeed, referring to the QS World University Rankings 2022, SES placed 64th for economics and econometrics, 19th for master's in finance, and 30th for master's in management. These figures are only a glimpse of the excellence this business school offers. That's because, besides quality education, SES provides a valuable network and connection to the business community.

27. Stockholm University

Stockholm University is a public research institution in Stockholm, Sweden. This institution is one of the largest in Scandinavia, with over 33,000 domestic and international students. The main programs that are offered at this university are focused on psychology, art, and history, from which students can gather important information from some of the best professors in the nation.

28. Stockholm University of the Arts

The Stockholm University of the Arts is a special university in the heart of Sweden. This university is one of the youngest universities in Stockholm, and it is fully devoted to the development of art, with specializations in the field of dancing, directing, and cinematography. The main objective of this university is to develop art in the country and help talented students and artists.

29. Swedish Red Cross University

The Swedish Red Cross University is a part of a major organization that serves as a university in the city of Huddinge, Sweden. This institution was founded in 1867, and it is recognized as a nursing university that offers degrees in that field as well as a lot of courses and training that are related to medicine. The main objective of this university is to equip students with the appropriate knowledge so that they can continue to save lives after graduation.

30. Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences is one of the oldest physical and sports institutions in the country. This university is located in Stockholm, and it provides study programs for all available levels, where students can gain multiple scholarships in order to make their studies easier. The main attraction of this university is the state-of-the-art facilities that it uses for its studies, which are very attractive to both domestic and international students.

31. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is one of the best universities in Sweden, and it is ranked among the top 300 universities in the world. This university was established in 1977 and is located in the city of Uppsala, currently home to over 4,000 enrollees. The main areas of study available at this university include agriculture, animal science, and forest and landscape.

32. Umea University

Umea University is a public research institution that is located in Umea, in the mid-northern region of the beautiful country of Sweden. The university was established in 1965 and it is considered the fifth-oldest higher education institution within Sweden's borders. Aside from offering high-quality programs, the university is also known for having affordable tuition fees.

33. University of Boras

The University of Boras, also known as the University College of Boras, is a Swedish institution that primarily offers tertiary-level programs, from bachelor's to doctorate. It has access to crucial resources and facilities, including the Swedish School of Textiles. Thus, there is no surprise that most of the university's English-taught programs are related to fashion and textiles. Besides such subjects, the University of Boras also covers different disciplines through its faculties in engineering, business, caring science, social welfare, economics, IT, and more.  

34. University of Gavle

The University of Gävle is a public university that was established in 1977 in the region of Gavle, Russia. This university is known as the "University of Gävle" in the English language, but it is officially recognized as a "University College." The main objective of this university is to establish a cooperation relationship with all the domestic universities so that it can contribute to the development of the education system.

35. University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg is the third-oldest university in Sweden, having been established in 1891. This university is comprised of eight faculties and 38 departments offering a wide range of study options, including degree programs in the arts, sciences, and business. The merits of this university can be verified by the top-ranking pages in the world, identifying is as among the top 200 universities in 2022.

36. University of Skovde

The University of Skövde is a public institution that offers higher degree studies and specializes in one- and two-year master's degrees. This university offers programs in various fields of study, such as business, law, and game development, and the main advantage of this university is that the lectures are taught by renowned professors recognized as experts in the field of education.

37. University West

The University West is a young and modern university that was established in 1990 in the region of Trollhattan, Sweden. This university is focused on providing formal education in the fields of economics, finance, and management. The main focus of this university is to increase the number of programs and students in order to increase its ranking and become one of the best-ranked universities in the country.

38. Uppsala University

Experience is the greatest teacher, and with centuries worth of such, there is no doubt that Uppsala University has learned much about how to provide the best quality education in the Nordic region. It has played invaluable roles in Swedish history, started academic trends (like the white student cap), and influenced the lives of its thousands of alums, faculty, staff, and students. As Uppsala University forges on even better than before, we can only expect it to continue doing all those things (and more). As it proceeds into the future, the university prioritizes these things: quality, internationalization, infrastructure, talent attraction, career systems, support, and environment. Working towards these goals inevitably leads to better education, so there's no better time than now to join Uppsala University.

39. World Maritime University

The World Maritime University is a one-of-a-kind university that was established through the International Maritime Organization and is supported and covered by the United Nations. This institution was established in 1983 and specializes in master's degree studies in the fields of marine time affairs and ocean policies. The main objective of this educational institution is to spread the goals and aims of the organization.