6 Cheapest Universities in Kuwait for International Students

Kuwait is a country in the Middle East with a global reputation for its rich heritage and culture. This makes it a very viable option for pursuing higher studies, particularly when considering the fact that the Kuwait Ministry of Education vowed to increase the opportunities for education in the country.

The rich petroleum industry of the country creates one of the most powerful economies and a strong commercial edge in the Middle East as well, which further gives students very potent career options as well.

Despite the country’s high economic standing in the region, it also comes with some of the cheapest university options in the Middle East.

The cost of living itself is very minimal, especially compared to other countries such as the UAE.

In this article, we introduce some of the cheapest universities in Kuwait that are definitely worth considering.

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What are the language requirements to study in Kuwait?

While the main language of the country is Arabic, the majority of universities teach in English as well. English is also used as an admission requirement in the case of some universities.


Can international students work part-time?

Due to visa restrictions, international students are ineligible to be working along with their studies. However, certain universities have work opportunities available as part of their programs and courses.


What is the cost of living?

This largely depends on the student’s lifestyle and location of study. In general, students can expect to pay between KWD 200 to 540 per month (USD 600-1600) depending on the location of the university.


Cheap Universities in Kuwait

1. American University of Kuwait

The American University of Kuwait is a private liberal arts college that is located in the capital of Kuwait City. This cheap university in Kuwait was founded in 2003 and follows the American system of higher education. It has grown into an elite college that provides courses and degrees of study for over 2000 students.

Furthermore, the university is a sister college of the prestigious Dartmouth College of the United States. Students are based in one of the most vibrant areas of Kuwait City which is Salmiya and have access to some of the most modern facilities in the country.

A range of degrees is offered at the undergraduate level ranging from accounting and marketing to engineering and social/behavioral sciences.

In addition, the university is also one of the only institutions to offer the student worker program where students are recruited to departments to assist with the administration.


2. Kuwait University

Our next candidate in the cheapest universities in Kuwait is Kuwait University, a public university that was originally established in 1966 and was the first public institution of higher education in the country.

The main campus is located in Kuwait City and currently has a student population of more than 40,000 students. The academic organization of the university is separated into 17 colleges of study that collectively have around 76 undergraduate programs and 71 postgraduate programs.

These span across a range of fields including medicine, social science, engineering, and the humanities. The university is further comprised of 6 campuses that focus on the aforementioned fields of study.

It follows a credit base system similar to western education systems and further implements an honors system with a grade point average basis.

Additionally, the university offers numerous scholarships for students from both Arab and non-Arab origins, specifically those who meet the university requirements.


3. Kuwait College of Science and Technology

Another private institution of higher education is the Kuwait College of Science and Technology which is based in the Doha District.

It is one of the most recent additions to the higher education system of Kuwait and was founded in 2016. The campus of this affordable university in Kuwait has modern facilities for both academic teachings as well as extracurricular activities such as sports. It follows a rapid development process and the academic staff and student populations increase drastically by the year.

Undergraduate programs are offered in the fields of computer engineering, information technology, and communications engineering. Foundation programs are also offered for prospective students with the need to develop their grounds in English, mathematics, and other subjects.

4. American University of the Middle East

Founded in 2008, the American University of the Middle East is a private institution that is located in the governorate of Egalia. Despite its recent inception, the university has expanded into one of the largest private colleges in the country that provides studies for more than 10,000 students.

A variety of undergraduate majors are offered by the university through the College of Engineering & Technology and the College of Business Administration. As its name suggests, these courses follow the American system of education.

Additionally, the university is affiliated with the Purdue University of Indiana in the United States.

5. Gulf University for Science and Technology

The Gulf University for Science & Technology (GUST) is a private university that is located in West Mishref. Founded in 2002, this cheap university in Kuwait was initially established as an extension of Kuwait University to support the educational demands of the region at the time.

Eventually, it expanded into becoming a partner university to the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Academically, the university is composed of the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business Administration. A wide variety of degrees are offered under these colleges.


6. Alongquin College Kuwait

We end our list of cheapest universities in Kuwait with Algonquin College, a private college of higher education based in Jahra, Kuwait. It was founded in 2015 and was established with the intention of providing education in the fields of information technology studies and business.

It further operates under the administration of its official college in Ottawa. The college is one of the few institutions in the country that follows a community college system.

Most of the courses offered by Alongquin include diplomas and short-year courses in Business and IT. Should students meet the requirements, there are options to transfer into 4-year degree programs as well.


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