All 26 Colleges and Universities in Denmark

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Denmark? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Denmark.

In our database, there are a total of 26 institutions in Denmark including Aalborg University, Aarhus School of Architecture, and Aarhus University . Out of those institutions, 24 are public and 2 are private. Some of the public institutions are Aalborg University, Aarhus School of Architecture, and Aarhus University.

In these universities and colleges in Denmark, the total number of students is 212,200, and the total number of international students is 2,375.

1. Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a mission-oriented university that anchors its policies and principles with its goal of creating an academic community that offers strong research insight. It plays a significant role in the country's development, providing solutions to current and future global challenges. Through inclusive and transformative education, the university seeks to provide a solid commitment to producing experienced and well-knowledgeable graduates in their respective fields.

2. Aarhus School of Architecture

Aarhus School of Architecture is a public university in Aarhus, Denmark dedicated to training future architects that possess the creativity, skills, and passion to create a better and more sustainable society. The university offers bachelor's and master's programs that combine traditional and basic architectural concepts with modern and innovative techniques. Students at the university are involved in various practical and problem-based projects that help develop their professional skills. 

3. Aarhus University

Aarhus University is a leading public academic and research institution in Denmark and is among the top universities in Europe and the world. It is comprised of five faculties that offer excellent programs driven by high-quality research. The university is known for its strong international influence, diverse and multicultural student body, and welcoming and inclusive environment for international students. 

4. Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus is among Denmark's largest business schools and is dedicated to developing industry-ready individuals with broad business knowledge, strong professional skills, and an international perspective. The academy maintains close ties to reputable companies so students to gain real-life industry experience and exposure to organizational challenges and realities. It also conducts joint research projects with its partners to contribute innovative solutions that can improve company policies, processes, and systems. 

5. Business Academy MidtVest

Business Academy MidtVest is a modern academy that focuses on growth and innovation. The institute ensures that all its programs are being taught with a touch of reality on what's truly happening in the business world. As a business institution, it puts heavy emphasis on courses related to marketing, sales, communication, and economics.

6. Business Academy Southwest

Business Academy Southwest aims to educate students that can satisfy the demands of modern industries. Its goal is to produce future employees known for their competency, wisdom, and professionalism. As a business academy, it transforms lives by offering rigorous academic coursework and assessments that truly challenge the critical thinking and skills of the students.

7. Copenhagen Business Academy

Copenhagen Business Academy is hands-on when it comes to teaching students through a unique combination of theory and practical application. The students get to have opportunities to work in case studies and solve challenges in the actual field, allowing them to heighten their learning experience. More than that, the academy also supports collaborations with other educational institutions.

8. Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School is the best training ground for students who want to chase a career in the business industry. The institution is filled with professionals and educators that have deep experience in the actual field. Its curriculum is full of rigorous assessments and practical training that allow students to create ways to face challenges in the business community.

9. Danish Academy of Business and Technology

The Danish Academy of Business and Technology is spread out across the country, with eight campuses offering various programs to all students. It highly promotes research and development and strives to integrate advanced technology into its learning approach. The academy is known for its practical-oriented courses that truly challenge the critical thinking and skills of students enrolled.

10. Danish National Academy of Music

The Danish National Academy of Music is a public institution for music and performing arts in Odense, Denmark. The academy has played an active role in promoting the region's culture and music, including organizing more than 200 music events every year. It offers a variety of musical programs in classical and contemporary music, composition, and film making. 

11. Danish National School of Performing Arts

The Danish National School of Performing Arts is a haven for students that are passionate about arts, media, and design. The school provides thorough training that allows its students to gain adequate experience in their respective fields. Other than its advanced teaching method, it also collaborates with various enterprises and prominent people in the industry in order to give countless opportunities to its aspiring students.

12. Danish School of Media and Journalism

The Danish School of Media and Journalism is the place for people who share the same passion for media arts. It trains people on how to level up their creativity and how to adapt to the ever-changing world of the multimedia industry. The institute has several partnerships with various media companies in and out of Denmark, allowing its students to gain adequate exposure to the real field early in their studies.

13. Design School Kolding

Design School Kolding is one of the top design schools in Europe. It provides aspiring designers with high-level training on the technical, creative, and practical aspects of design and its specializations. The institution also aims to make a positive impact on society through the application of design in different systems and products that help make people's lives better and more sustainable. 

14. IBA International Business Academy

IBA International Business Academy is confident in offering high-quality study programs because of its qualified teaching staff and internationally-aligned standards. The academy has been a great producer of intelligent graduates who have a wide range of experience, knowledge, and skills and can work excellently in various social and cultural environments.

15. IT University of Copenhagen

IT University of Copenhagen was established with the goal of delivering state-of-the-art education to individuals passionate about the fields of digital design, computer science, and information technology. It creates profound knowledge in the industry that paves for the development of ground-breaking technology that will benefit humanity. The university collaborates with various public sectors and international researchers in order to ignite the strong entrepreneurial spirit of its students.

16. KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology is a public university in Copenhagen that provides world-class education and training in different areas of design, business, and technology. The university collaborates closely with industries and businesses to conduct various research and innovation projects involving both students and faculty. Programs at the university offer a blend of theoretical and practical learning with a focus on imparting an entrepreneurial and global mindset to its students. 

17. Roskilde University

Roskilde University was established with the hope of finding new ways to disseminate knowledge. At present, the university has been the epitome of academic excellence and inclusive education as it offers transparency and democracy in knowledge-sharing. Its primary goal is to contribute to society through innovative and experimental research activities.

18. Royal Academy of Music Aarhus

Royal Academy of Music Aarhus is an institution for music studies that operates under the guidance of the Danish Ministry of Culture. It offers a diverse range of musical courses in different genres and regularly invites successful artists and musicians to conduct clinics and lectures for its students. The academy produces more than 500 music events in Denmark and is also actively involved in various international cooperation projects. 

19. Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation

Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation was established to develop students that can catalyze changes in society through their skills and talent. The academy has a productive teaching strategy that allows students to become professionals in their respective fields. It also maintains an inclusive academic community where students and staff can collaborate together for a more balanced and worthwhile world.

20. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Established in 1754, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts has been training professional artists for over 260 years. The academy offers fine arts degrees at the bachelor's and master's levels designed to equip students with practical skills, creativity, and strong technical knowledge in different aspects of art to prepare them for successful careers in the art industry. Several laboratories with industry-quality materials and equipment for various artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and graphic designs are also available at the academy. 

21. Royal Danish Academy of Music

The Royal Danish Academy of Music is Denmark's oldest and largest institution for music education. It offers top-notch training for future artists and offers a wide range of musical specializations. It also strives to facilitate an interactive environment that allows students to explore and express their creativity through various musical events and concerts. 

22. Technical University of Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark is a public institution in Kongens Lyngby globally distinguished for its innovative academic and research programs in engineering. The university actively partners with different organizations and companies in Denmark and overseas in conducting projects that allow students to develop their technical and professional skills and share industry knowledge acquired through research for these organizations to improve their processes. It is also known for its technologically advanced facilities, laboratories, libraries, and computers. 

23. University College Lillebaelt

University College Lillebaelt is considered the seventh largest educational institution in Denmark, with over 11,000 students distributed around its campuses. The university offers various courses and programs and warmly welcomes exchange students from all over the world. It hopes to become a focal point for growth and welfare and to create solutions that can make a huge difference in society.

24. University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is a world-class public university that has offered a high level of creativity and critical thinking to students worldwide since its establishment. It is the home of numerous researchers who contribute to the advancement of technology and offer solutions to societal concerns. The university provides a community for like-minded individuals to develop their skills and talents.

25. University of Southern Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark is a comprehensive educational institution that offers various courses in the field of medicine, engineering, and business, among others. The university has been the center of academic excellence, where students are given equal opportunities to stand out in their respective fields. As a huge institution, the university seeks to connect with more foreign organizations in order to provide its students with adequate means to achieve global competence and experience.

26. Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

The Zealand Institute of Business and Technology is one of Denmark's top institutions for business education. The school is passionate about preparing its students for successful careers in the business industry by immersing them in the region's business environment. Through internships and other practical learning programs, students of the institute gain real-life experience, industry insights, and employable skills while helping companies improve their processes and services.