Charles University Scholarships for International Students

Charles University is a public research university that is Czech Republic’s oldest and largest. It was founded in 1348 in the capital city of Prague. Since its establishment, the university has become one of the top universities in the Czech Republic and Europe. According to the QS World Rankings, it holds the 196th spot worldwide.

Charles University is home to a considerable number of international students, and the university offers some scholarships that they can apply for. These scholarships aim to promote the university’s status as a global university and make the community more culturally diverse.

Below is a list of some scholarships available for international students at Charles University.

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Charles University Scholarships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships at Charles University

1. Development Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: a lump sum of CZK 75000 (€3000)
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be an incoming student or a current student not in their last year at Charles University
    • should be a citizen of any developing country
    • must have evidence of their financial need
  • Scholarship Link

The Development Scholarship is funded by Charles University towards students of developing countries. This includes countries classed by the United Nations as Third World or countries that are currently undergoing political or economic transitions. This scholarship is a way to support financially-struggling students to afford living costs in the Czech Republic.

You are eligible for the Development Scholarship if you are an incoming student or a current student not in your last year. You may apply up to your second year of your bachelor’s degree and up to your first year for a master’s degree. This is a scholarship for living expenses only, so you will still have to fund your tuition fee at your expense.

To apply for this Charles University scholarship, you must compile several documents: a complete application form that can be downloaded here; a personal statement no more than 1000 words describing your financial need and your future aspirations; two recommendation letters from previous teachers, advisers, employers, etc., and one recommendation letter from a Charles University instructor. If you’re applying for your first year, you must also apply for admission before you apply for the scholarship.

All documents must be original. They must also be written in English or else accompanied by certified translations. Submit all requirements to the address and by the deadline indicated on the scholarship page. Your application will not be processed until the school receives all of your original documents.

You will be evaluated based on your financial needs and academic merits. You will also be given priority if you have not studied abroad before. You will find out the result of your scholarship application one month after the start of the winter semester.

2. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: fully-waived tuition fee for the entire degree period
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be an incoming undergraduate or postgraduate student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Scholarships
    • must have an excellent grasp of the English language
    • must have an impressive academic record
  • Scholarship Links

Charles University awards several scholarships every year to deserving incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. These students must be enrolling in any eligible course from this department. At the present moment, the university offers scholarships for a Bachelor’s Program in Computer Science, and for Master’s Programs in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, Mathematics, and Physics. For more information on a specific course, please click any of the scholarship links.

Applying for the scholarship is done at the same time you apply for admission. Using the school’s online application portal, you must upload the following documents in English: a curriculum vitae with your academic and work histories; a motivational essay detailing why you want to study at Charles University; a list of publications, if applicable, and academic transcripts. You must also submit a short application to the admission team’s email—the address can be found on any of the scholarship links. This is just to let the admissions team know you are applying for this Charles University scholarship. You must also arrange for two professional references to send letters of recommendation to the same email address.

You will know the outcome of your application one month after the application deadline. You will be receiving a scholarship offer at the same time as your admissions letter and should accept it by the date stated on the offer. You cannot receive any other scholarship in conjunction with this one. Additionally, you are expected to study full-time and finish your program in three years (bachelor’s) or two years (master’s). Failure to comply will have your scholarship withdrawn for the remainder of your study period.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Charles University

1. Support for Talented Ph.D. Researchers (STARS)

  • Scholarship Amount: monthly payment of CZK 20500 (€800)
  • Eligibility Criteria: must have a master’s degree related to sciences, medicine, pharmacology, or any other related course
  • Scholarship Link

The Support for Talented Ph.D. Researchers (STARS) Program is offered to doctoral students by the Faculty of Science. This Charles University scholarship aims to find talented and innovative individuals to not only study at Charles University but to participate in research projects the university is undertaking for the year. It is an opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest in the country, gain some work experience in a premier research facility and earn some income.

At the start of every year, the Faculty of Science opens calls for research projects in any of the five following fields: biology, chemistry, geology, geography, and environmental studies. Each project will have its own page with further details on the research work, who is leading the research work, and what kind of researcher they are looking for.

Skim through all of the projects and find up to three research projects that are relevant to your line of work. Apply for all three individually using the online application form linked on the project page. There, they will be asking you about your educational background, employment history, and other relevant information. Expect to upload copies of your academic transcripts, comprehensive resume, certificates and awards, recommendation letters, and other documents to support your application. This scholarship is very competitive, so make sure to include as many relevant details as you can to show you’re qualified for the job.

You will have two months from the opening date to complete your application. If you have been shortlisted by the project supervisor, you will be invited to an interview to further discuss your skills and qualifications.

All recipients of this scholarship will be receiving supervision, advanced scientific courses, access to the Faculty of Science’s laboratories and facilities, training, and Czech language courses. Additionally, your net income will increase every year you are part of the STARS Program.

For a list of all available scholarships at Charles University, please click here.


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