7 Caribbean Medical Schools with Low MCAT Scores

Many students have been struggling on getting accepted in medical schools not only in the Caribbean but in any country that has required MCAT scores as an admission requirement for medical schools.

First and foremost, what is an MCAT? MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is a standardized test that has been administered decades ago to evaluate and assess the capability and basic knowledge of a medical college applicant. Because of such, most of the applicants could not get into any medical program along with the high score requirements of some medical schools in other countries. Some try several times before getting into their dream medical schools but some are unfortunate to get into anyone.

Thus, in this article, we have compiled ten medical schools in the Caribbean having the lowest GPA and MCAT score average for applicants to set their goal scores and if they plan on studying in the Caribbean. You will be surprised by how many medical schools in the Caribbean have low MCAT score averages, some even do not require to take the MCAT because they believe that assessment before learning is not necessary. Below is some information about the possible medical schools that you might take interest in. Please note that the average MCAT requirements

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Caribbean Medical Schools with low MCAT Scores

1. St. George’s University School of Medicine

In all parts of the Caribbean, the St. George’s University School of Medicine is known to be one of the medical school powerhouses. St. George’s University School of Medicine is also one of the Caribbean medical schools with low MCAT score requirements. It has given medical degrees to more than 18,000 students and became the number 1 provider of US residencies in 2020. Aside from this, the medical school has achieved to have a passing rate of 94% in the US Medical Licensure Exam which is a very huge feat considering the difficulty of many licensure exams.

Furthermore, the university has been accepting many students below their average MCAT scoress because they believe that the capabilities and skills of the students could not be assessed at the beginning of their journey of becoming a doctor. This is the reason why the average score of MCAT recorded and published on their websites is relatively lower compared to other universities.

2. American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Next on our list of Caribbean medical schools with low MCAT scores is the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. When it comes to the quality of education and state-of-the-art facilities, the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine is second to none. Despite the high-end qualities of the school and its properties, the medical school believes that passion is the reason that drives the student to become a good doctor, thus, the reason for the low MCAT average and requirement for the admission of Medical medical school.

The school believes that even if the student has the qualities of becoming a great doctor if he or she does not have a passion for continuing or pursuing a medical degree program, it will still not work without a drive to finish the program. With that said, because of the medical school’s step of lowering the required MCAT, dreamers of becoming doctors have increased and the quality of graduates has improved.

3. Caribbean Medical University

Caribbean Medical University, on the other hand, focuses on problem-based learning and made this their main teaching method. Although they still cover theoretical parts of the curriculum, they have fewer theoretical types of problems such as identifications and multiple choices but problems that are made to be answered in essay forms. This is the reason why assessments such as the MCAT do not fully matter when you apply for a medical program at the university.

4. Ross University School of Medicine

Just like CMU, Ross University School of Medicine focuses on the development of practical skills of the students while still not leaving the theoretical parts. This is also because they believe that assessment exams or tests are nothing compared to actual practice. Thus, the reason for the low MCAT requirement at this Caribbean medical school.

5. Trinity School of Medicine

For the Trinity School of Medicine, their motto is that “You are more than your MCAT score”. This blatantly shows how Trinity School of Medicine makes a stand about how theoretically, assessments that are done as a requirement for entering medical school to determine your future as a logical way of thinking. However, they believe that this will not define you and you could still show potential in other areas of medicine.

6. American University of Antigua

The American University of Antigua, on the other hand, does not consider Medical College Admission Test scores as a requirement for their admissions. The medical school does not, in any way, consider your assessment scores on any test, however, if you want to, you could still take the test but any medical program in the University only needs the primary requirements to enroll.

7. Saba University School of Medicine

  • Average MCAT Score: 510

Saba University School of Medicine requires all of its applicants for the medical degree program to take the MCAT. The average score of MCAT Score is 510, which is why we included Saba University in our list of Caribbean medical schools with low MCAT score. The test is just to assess if the student could manage to finish the degree without any difficulty or problem yet it will still be up to you if you want to continue the degree even if your MCAT scores are low.


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