Cardiff University Scholarships for International Students

Known for having luscious, green, rolling valleys and as many as three sheep to every one person, Wales is an idyllic, quaint place to study. However, it also has a thriving nightlife for those who like to mix excitement and energy with quiet.

With 33,260 students from over 130 countries, the University of Cardiff certainly appeals to international students. This could be in part to many scholarships for international students at the University of Cardiff. There are loads on offer to help with tuition fees. The below list highlights some of the best ones available.

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Cardiff University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Cardiff University

1. Vice Chancellor’s International scholarship

This scholarship at Cardiff University is available to both bachelor and postgraduate students and from a wide range of countries. For most countries, the amount is £2,000 and is deducted from tuition fees. But, if you are lucky enough to hold citizenship in Bangladesh, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, or Pakistan, then you are eligible for the enhanced amount of £5,000.

The unique benefit of this scholarship is that you do not even have to apply. There are no long registration forms, personal statements, or trying to get hold of referees. Students will be automatically awarded if they meet the terms and conditions.

2. Vice Chancellor’s EU Scholarship Scheme

If you reside in a country in the European Union, consider applying for this scholarship. There is the opportunity to get £15,000 deduced from your tuition fees for three years.

This Cardiff University scholarship is offered to citizens of over 30 countries in Europe. If you are unsure about your country’s status, a list of available countries can be found here. Ensure you also check out the list of eligible undergraduate programs above. Although there are a lot of courses featured, not all courses offered by the university can receive this scholarship.

3. Vice – Chancellor’s China Scholarship Scheme (GAOKAO Awards)

  • Scholarship Amount: £5,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: have sat the GAOKAO exam, met or exceeded the English Language requirement
  • Scholarship Link

If you are a citizen of China and are looking to study in Wales, then this scholarship at Cardiff University gives you the chance to knock £5,000 off your tuition fees. There are only three of the GAOKAO scholarships available and the university will award them to exceptional students who are enrolling in an undergraduate program.

Hopeful candidates must complete an application form, give evidence of their final grades, and submit a personal statement of no more than 500 words. As Cardiff University claims they are looking for the best students, the personal statement must evidence why the candidate is outstanding.

If you are from China but have not studied the GAOKAO, do not worry. You may still be eligible for a £2,000 scholarship through the International Scholarship mentioned above.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Cardiff University

1. Alumni Discount Pilot Scheme

  • Scholarship Amount: £2,000 reduction in fees
  • Eligibility Criteria: hold an undergraduate degree at Cardiff University, be studying on an eligible program
  • Degree Offered: Master’s degree
  • Scholarship Link

Did you complete an undergraduate degree at Cardiff University? Did you love it so much you want to study for a postgraduate degree there? If so, consider applying for the Alumni Discount Scholarship.

If your master’s degree application evidence that you meet the criteria for this award, then the £2,000 reduction is automatically taken from your tuition fees. So, you do not even need to apply! However, not all postgraduate courses are available with this scheme so be sure to check the scholarship link above.

2. Chevening and Global Wales Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: Fully funded master’s degree, payment of travel, monthly stipend to cover accommodation and living expenses
  • Eligibility Criteria: be a citizen of a Chevening-eligible country, hold an undergraduate degree equivalent to a UK 2:1 honors, have at least two years of work experience.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s degree
  • Scholarship Link

Chevening is the UK’s international scholarships program and is intended to develop future global leaders. It is a prestigious scholarship that gives you the chance to study and live in the UK for free!

Chevening is looking to award the opportunity to students with ambition, strong leadership qualities, and previous academic success. Students must also have fulfilled two years of work experience (or 2,800 hours) to be considered.

As part of receiving this scholarship available at Cardiff University, you must upload an application form, references, and educational documents through the Chevening website. Successful applicants will then be interviewed.

If you are not sure if your country is partnered with Chevening, there is a list here.

3. Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: £10,000 tuition fee deduction
  • Eligibility Criteria: be a citizen of Vietnam, India, the USA, or a country within the European Union
  • Degree Offered: Master’s or PhD
  • Scholarship Link

There are 24 scholarships funded by the Global Wales Programme and each is worth £10,000. Not only do recipients get the tuition fee deduction, but they will also join a network of elite international students where they can attend events throughout the year.

Although the list of countries that the scholarship available at Cardiff University is offered to is long, it does not include all countries. Be sure to check if you are a citizen of one of the countries listed here.

The University of Cardiff offers some more scholarships. You can find the extensive list on their website’s International Scholarships page. If your country is not listed above, be sure to look at the entire list as there are some scholarships targeted at citizens of specific countries.


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