5 Best States to Study Medicine In

Being a doctor is one of the most respected professions anywhere in the world. Before becoming one, a student has to go through multiple levels of academic experience and practicum. Deciding to become a doctor may be a quick task for some, but schools are highly selective regarding their applicants. Aspiring doctors need to take the MCAT or Medical College Admission Test to determine the likelihood of their success in this esteemed career. After all, a medical school provides all the necessary knowledge and skills, so doctors in practice are equipped to act in life-and-death situations competently. There is simply no room for guessing or incompetence with people’s lives at stake.

Despite the strict requirements and tenuous work necessary to study Medicine, the benefits remain unparalleled. In the United States, doctors are among the country’s top earners. Aside from the apparent financial gains, doctors also have job security with an immensely fulfilling and satisfying work. More importantly, doctors have the opportunity to impact lives and contribute positively to global health issues.

The United States provides one of the world’s leading medical programs. Its top medical schools consistently rank high in world rankings, and even international students find the country an excellent destination for a Medical degree. Meanwhile, local students looking to pursue a career in Medicine fly across the country to their destination states. While there are many advantages of staying in another state to finish a degree, choosing one of the best states to study Medicine takes the experience to another level.

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Best States to Study Medicine In

1. Massachusetts

The state of Massachusetts, located in the northeastern U.S., makes one of the most preferred destinations for American students aspiring to become doctors. It has world-renowned hospitals, which ensures excellent practicum opportunities for medical students. Some of those are the Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The state is also rich in extracurricular activities. It has charming towns and booming cities ideal for short tours while destressing from studies. For students who love sports, the state is famous for having an intense sports culture, through its championship-winning teams such as the Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox.

Its world-class universities primarily attract students from all over the country. Some of its world-leading schools in Medicine are Harvard University, Tufts University, and Boston University. The carefully selected students of these schools are guaranteed a future of a successful and life-fulfilling career in the health services

2. Maryland

Moving to Maryland to study Medicine is an excellent decision for aspiring doctors. Its top schools, John Hopkins University and the University of Maryland, are more than enough to choose this state. The quality of education and state-of-the-art facilities make these schools undoubtedly top-tier in the country. Students are ensured with practice-based knowledge guided by its world-class faculty members.

Since studying Medicine may take years to finish, students choose to live in Maryland due to other reasons besides its schools. While relatively small, Maryland has five diverse regions ranging from its eastern shore to western shore and southern to central and suburban Maryland. These regions have their tourist attractions and provide different lifestyle choices and outdoor activities. Future doctors need not worry about job enrichment because Maryland also has world-leading hospitals such as the John Hopkins Hospital, the Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center, and the Hospital Grace Medical Center.

3. California

California is another favorite destination for aspiring medical students. It has a diverse population supported by equally dynamic industries such as Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Living in California promises students years filled with natural coastal beauty, energetic food culture, movies, and music. California also has one of the ideal climates in the country. No matter how consuming studying Medicine is for most students, California has the necessary means to get them back on track.

On top of these exciting perks of living in California, future doctors have the opportunity to study in its universities that are frequently on top of the world ranking charts. Some of the best schools of Medicine are the University of Southern California, Stanford University, and the University of California in Los Angeles. These schools offer a matchless quality of education that often puts students ahead in their chosen careers.

4. Connecticut

As one of the states with a high quality of life, Connecticut makes a favorable destination to study Medicine. Compared to other places already mentioned, Connecticut promises a subdued yet fun and culturally-oriented experience. It also has the ideal nature spots for outdoor-loving students. As the quality of life is high, Connecticut excels in providing education, healthcare, and community safety. Some of its globally competitive universities are Yale University, Quinnipiac Medical School, and the University of Connecticut.

Medical students have the opportunity to experience Connecticut’s high standards in health services. Some of the state’s best hospitals are Yale-New Haven Hospital, Hartford Hospital, and the St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. Simultaneously, these hospitals serve as an ideal training ground for medical students and open doors for a more dynamic career in global health services.

5. New York

Unquestionably included in the list of top states to study Medicine in is New York. The city that never sleeps shows utmost diversity where medical students are sure to meet and understand more about people’s differences, a priceless lesson in their chosen field. Also, convenience is the norm in New York. With many establishments open 24 hours, students need not worry about juggling schoolwork and running errands. The energetic state also has some of the country’s remarkable landmarks. A walk in the Grand Central Station or across the Empire State Building may seem casual yet inspiring. A quick trip to the Statue of Liberty or the St. Patrick’s Cathedral can be spiritually healing.

The state also has some of the country’s best Medical school. It is undeniable that aspiring doctors are drawn beyond the advantages of living in New York due to its universities, namely, the New York University, Columbia University, and Cornell University. Some of the country’s best hospitals are located in New York. Among these are the New York-Presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone Hospital, and Mount Sinai Hospital. These, along with numerous hospitals in the state, provide endless career opportunities to Medical practitioners.


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