2 Best Medical Schools in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the top destinations for studying medicine at a fair price in Europe. Located in a very distinct part of the continent, Lithuania offers high-quality tuition as well as a unique place to study. The academic programs are offered in Russian and Lithuanian and there is an increasing number of courses in English as well. In fact, Lithuanians are among the top multilingual nations in Europe.

In order to enroll in medical school in Lithuania, you will need to have studied sciences and biology to a high level in high school. Below are the best medical schools in Lithuania.

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How much does medical school cost in Lithuania?

Tuition fees in Lithuania are quite low, at c. 8,500 € per year for a six-year degree program.

How long will it take to study medicine in Lithuania?

It takes six years to obtain your MD degree in Lithuania.

Best Medical Schools in Lithuania

1. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Situated in Kaunas, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has been formed by merging the Kaunas University of Medicine and the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy. It is ideally located next to the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas Clinics and the Kaunas Red Cross Hospital, where students can conduct their practical training. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is considered the best medical school in Lithuania.

The Medical Academy was founded in 1919 and has been reformed several times, today offering the best medical tuition in the country. The Medicine program is offered both in Lithuanian and English, and follows the concept of integrated problem-based learning.

2. Vilnius University

Vilnius University in Lithuania’s capital is the oldest university in the Baltic states. Founded in 1579 as the Jesuit Academy of Vilnius by Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Stephen Bathory, the university has gone through various changes while Lithuania was annexed in the Soviet Union and up to this day. Since 1990, it resumed its status as one of the top universities in the country and the Baltic region.

The Faculty of Medicine offers a six-year program for an annual tuition fee of 5,100 €. The degree is recognized widely in the European Union and also by the World Health Organization. At this medical school in Lithuania, theoretical subjects are treated from the beginning of the program, of which 31% cover biomedical sciences and 58% clinical subjects and practice. The remaining 11% is made up of core university courses taught in the first 2 years at the university.


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