6 Best Medical Schools in Greece

With its long history of medical ethics dating back to antiquity, Greece is an interesting place to study medicine, fusing the old with the new and modern at the same time. As a student in Greece, you’ll not only be located in the cradle of Western civilization – you’ll also have the opportunity to travel and discover numerous top tourist destinations. If you decide to study in medical schools in Greece – all these places are filled with history and tradition.

Studying medicine in Greece is a cost-effective way to fulfill the educational requirements to become a medical doctor. Living costs are low even in the big cities, and the tuition fees are scrapped or very low, depending on your citizenship. There is a great interconnected network with other European universities and research centers as well, which you can take advantage of as a student or resident.

Here are the best medical schools in Greece below.

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How much does it cost to study medicine in Greece?

In Greece, medical schools are free – based on a longstanding tradition that all Greek citizens are entitled to free education. This extends to foreign students who live and work in the country as well. Non-EU citizens have to pay tuition fees of c. 1500 € per year. This all depends at each university, however.

The cost of living in Greece is much cheaper than in other European countries, which makes it an attractive destination for studying when combined with lower than average tuition fees.

How long does it take to get a medical degree in Greece?

Most students carry on studying well beyond the minimum requirement, but the Medical degree can be obtained in six years. This is considered an undergraduate degree, so you will be enrolling directly as at year 1 at university.

Top Medical Schools in Greece

1. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – Faculty of Health Sciences, Medical School

The Medical School within the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is the highest-ranked medical school in Greece. It began operating in 1837 and today counts 2,500 undergraduate students, 3,000 postgraduate students, and 3,000 Ph.D. candidates.

Admission can only be gained by sitting the State Panhellenic Examinations – a set of exams that take place at the same time across all of Greece, with the aim of enrolling in medical school. There are different requirements whether you are a Greek student or non-Greek.

2. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Medicine

The School of Medicine at the Aristotle University in Thessaloniki is one of the most well-established and respected schools of medicine in Greece. It was founded in 1942, at the time when Greece was under German occupation, and its history is closely linked to that of anti-German resistance by its staff and students at the time.

Nowadays, the Medical School at Aristotle University focuses on delivering general practitioners in Greece and worldwide. The curriculum covers two years of basic science tuition, after which from the third year, students begin clinical practice to various extents. Other than the medical degree, the school also offers Master’s programs in Medical Informatics, Modern Medical Practices, Regulation, Bioethics, etc.

3. University of Crete – School of Medicine

One of the top medical schools in Greece is the Medical School at the University of Crete, which has been operating since 1983. It is situated near the Cretan capital, Heraklion, and covers an immense campus of 24,000 square meters. It also has its own University Hospital.

It is known as one of the centers of excellence for Biomedical Sciences. Several members of faculty are known internationally and work in various positions of importance in pan-European and worldwide organizations linked to scientific associations or health work. Moreover, the University Hospital offers first-hand practice for students of the skills learned through their academic tuition. It also welcomes nursing students from the Technological Educational Institute of Heraklion and medical residents completing their post-degree residency.

4. University of Patras School of Health Sciences – Faculty of Medicine

The School of Health Sciences at the University of Patras began life in 1977 as the Medicine School, being renamed in 1983. It has a Faculty of Medicine and a Department of Pharmacy. Equipped with a state-of-the-art campus and a university hospital, it is a high-performing Greek medical school continuously expanding with new laboratories and research units currently being built.

They aim to educate general practitioners and help them develop the medical skills needed to treat patients effectively and efficiently. They also wish to instill in students the ethical principles and values that they consider essential to practice as a medical professional.

5. Harokopio University Athens – School of Health Science and Education

The Harokopio University is a public institution with a smaller attendance than the much bigger National University. You will still be located at the heart of Athens and a stone’s throw away from the Acropolis while taking advantage of a modern campus and high-end research facilities.

Their School of Health Science & Education offers a department of nutrition and dietetics, established in 1992 and aiming to improve health through research, teaching, and leadership in human nutrition. You can follow an undergraduate 4-year program in nutrition and dietetics, and then go on to follow the postgraduate program in applied nutrition and dietetics, nutrition and health, or the doctoral program leading to a Ph.D.

6. University of Ioannina – Faculty of Medicine

We end our list of best medical schools in Greece with the Faculty of Medicine at Ioannina. Studying here gives you access to 42 clinics and labs and a wide range of experienced and highly admired professors. This university has a cooperation agreement with the University of Illinois at Chicago and impressive campus infrastructure. For three years in a row, the CWTS Leiden Ranking has named Ioannina 1st among all Medical Faculties in Greek Tertiary Education.

Beyond studying for a medical degree, here you can expand your knowledge with postgraduate studies in fields such as molecular biology and technology, medical chemistry, pathology nursing etc.


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