Best Medical School in Kuwait – University of Kuwait

Students looking for a program in medicine in Kuwait will need to apply to the University of Kuwait Faculty of Medicine. This is the only medical school in Kuwait.

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How long will it take to study medicine in Kuwait?

The program at the University of Kuwait lasts a total of seven years, including a pre-professional first year, a 3-year medical curriculum teaching period, and a 3-year period of the clinical program.

Best Medical Schools in Kuwait

1. University of Kuwait Faculty of Medicine

The University of Kuwait is based in Kuwait City and was established originally in 1966. The Faculty of Medicine was only inaugurated in 1973, however, aiming to provide the best quality medical education for professionals in Kuwait and the Gulf region. University of Kuwait Faculty of Medicine is considered the best medical school in Kuwait.

The Faculty’s mission is to promote professional excellence, unfold knowledge of human life processes in health and illness, encourage preventive health behavior and promote healthy lifestyles, blend scholarship and service, follow a path of lifelong learning, and share knowledge for the benefit of the community.

The medical degrees on offer are the Bachelor of Medical Sciences (B.Med.Sc.) and the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (B.M.B.Ch.). The curriculum is split into an initial year of “preprofessional program”, followed by 3 years of medical curriculum at the end of which the B.Med.Sc. degree can be conferred. After these 4 years, students proceed to the final phase of the degree, which lasts three years – the clinical program. It is after these full 7 years that you would become a doctor.


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